Rivers Casino Portsmouth: Gaming & Entertainment Hub

Set to be a gleaming jewel along Victory Boulevard, the Rivers Casino Portsmouth is emerging as a premier gaming and entertainment complex. Envisioned and realized by the renowned Rush Street Gaming, this illustrious project represents a substantial investment upwards of $300 million, dedicated to elevating Portsmouth entertainment. As the doors prepare to open, patrons will be invited to immerse themselves in an expansive venue that promises to satiate the desires of entertainment-seekers and avid gamers alike.

The sprawling complex is destined to house a vibrant casino, a cutting-edge BetRivers sportsbook, an array of premier restaurants, not to mention an elegant hotel and a versatile event center capable of accommodating a myriad of events from grand concerts to intimate weddings. Each element is intricately designed, showcasing a sophisticated promenade, sumptuous dining settings under a canopy of trellis, and a dynamic live entertainment lounge to engage and enamor visitors.

Reflecting a commitment to the socio-economic uplift of Portsmouth, the highly anticipated venue is set to create a surge in employment, offering over 1,300 new permanent job opportunities, and an additional 1,400 jobs throughout its construction phase. The casino has already initiated strong community ties, hosting job forums and establishing partnerships with educational institutions to cultivate a skilled local workforce, reflective of the Portsmouth spirit.


Key Takeaways

  • Opulent gaming and entertainment destination located on Victory Boulevard.
  • A $300+ million investment by Rush Street Gaming into the Portsmouth economy.
  • State-of-the-art casino floor alongside a top-tier sportsbook and diverse dining options.
  • Event center designed for a breadth of events, enhancing Portsmouth’s cultural landscape.
  • Significant job creation with both permanent and construction roles, fostering local community growth.
  • Education and training collaborations aimed at preparing Portsmouth residents for future employment.
  • Rivers Casino Portsmouth, set to become a leader in gaming and hospitality in Virginia.

Explore the Excitement of Rivers Casino Portsmouth

Welcome to the revolutionary phase of entertainment and gaming on the East Coast—Rivers Casino Portsmouth. This trailblazing establishment is projected to bring an unparalleled vibrancy and exhilarating casino experience to the heart of Portsmouth, Virginia. A dynamic addition to the city’s entertainment landscape, Rivers Casino Portsmouth is on the path to setting new standards in gaming and nightlife in the region.

A Premier Destination for Gaming Enthusiasts

For those seeking the thrill of high-stakes games or the joy of a casual bet, the casino in Portsmouth offers a sanctuary. With an extensive collection of Portsmouth casino games, including the latest slots and classic table games, Rivers Casino Portsmouth caters to players of all levels. The premium venue, borne out of the community’s overwhelming support, is meticulously orchestrated to deliver an exceptional gaming experience, enhanced by Rush Street Gaming’s commitment to excellence.

An Economic Powerhouse for Portsmouth

The arrival of Rivers Casino Portsmouth symbolizes much more than just entertainment. It heralds a significant Portsmouth economic development initiative, bolstering the city’s resurgence as a local economy boost. With the creation of numerous job opportunities and the expected infusion of tax revenues, Rivers Casino Portsmouth is set to play a pivotal role in revitalizing the local economy, positively impacting Portsmouth and its residents for years to come.

  • Direct job creation with over 1,300 permanent positions and 1,400 construction jobs
  • Approximately $1.3 million in monthly tax revenue, marking a significant boost to the city’s finances
  • Strategic partnerships with educational institutions for workforce training and job placement
  • Projected increase in tourism, accelerating the city’s status as a sought-after destination

Envisioned as the cornerstone of Portsmouth’s bright future, Rush Street Gaming has not just invested in a casino, but in the fabric of the community, fostering a positive economic ripple effect. As the city continues to recover from the pandemic’s impact, Rivers Casino Portsmouth stands as a beacon of growth, committed to elevating the standard of living and entertainment for its residents.

Rivers Casino Portsmouth’s Lavish Gaming Floor

The centerpiece of the newly minted Rivers Casino Portsmouth is its lavish gaming floor, where the sparkle of lights and the chime of slots create an atmosphere of excitement and opulence. Reflecting the brand excellence synonymous with Rush Street Gaming, the floor extends an extensive array of rivers casino Portsmouth slots and a suite of table games that promise to indulge both novice bettors and professional gamblers.

Emphasizing a commitment to providing premier casino entertainment, the casino’s gaming floor was conceived and brought to life by industry giants Jeffrey Beers International and DMAC Architecture. These designers have intertwined luxury and vibrancy to create an immersive environment that stands out as a top workplace in the region, appealing to those seeking employment in a dynamic industry.

The casino prides itself not just as an entertainment center, but as the best place to work for casino professionals. Their forward-thinking environment prioritizes skilled, passionate employees ready to deliver unparalleled service—and the world-class gaming floor is a testament to this commitment.

Feature Description
Slot Variety Over 1,200 state-of-the-art slot machines, from classic reels to the latest video slots
Table Games An impressive mix of gaming tables, including blackjack, poker, roulette, and more
Interactive Technology Advanced touch-screen interfaces and innovative game mechanics for a contemporary experience
Luxurious Ambiance Elegant décor that captivates and entertains, ensuring every visit is memorable
Employment Opportunities Rush Street Gaming is dedicated to creating a diverse workforce, establishing Rivers Casino as a top workplace
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Each aspect of Rivers Casino Portsmouth has been carefully curated to ensure guests not only enjoy gaming but also savor the elegance and excitement that this establishment has to offer. The promise of exciting gameplay, matched with a commitment to employee satisfaction, ensures that the casino will continue to reign as a staple of Portsmouth’s entertainment and job market landscape.

An Array of Dining Experiences at Rivers Casino Portsmouth

Dining at Rivers Casino Portsmouth elevates the traditional casino experience, intertwining a love of gaming with a passion for culinary delights. A visit to the dining establishments within the casino complex is a voyage for the taste buds, a fine dining experience that underscores the establishment’s commitment to luxury and sophistication. Rivers Casino Portsmouth dining is designed to please every palate, ranging from upscale gourmet meals to hearty, satisfying cafe fare.

Gourmet Options at Admiral’s Steak & Seafood

Admiral’s Steak & Seafood beckons the discerning diner with its expertly curated menu that now proudly includes delectable sushi creations. This adds an inspired touch to an already extravagant selection of carefully prepared seafood and steak options. Embodying elegance, the ambiance is as refined as the fare, ensuring that guests are transported into a world of gourmet indulgence.

Local Flavors at Crossings Café

For those who seek familiarity with a twist, Crossings Café satisfies with its mouth-watering prime rib special—a hardwood-smoked masterpiece. This local favorite exemplifies casual dining with a soul-satisfying menu that accentuates flavors from the Portsmouth area, presenting a comforting retreat for both local guests and travelers.

To elaborate on the array of remarkable dining offerings at Rivers Casino Portsmouth:

Dining Option Atmosphere Cuisine Highlights Available Times
Admiral’s Steak & Seafood Upscale and Elegant High-End Steaks, Fresh Seafood, Artisan Sushi Thursday – Sunday, 5 PM – 11 PM
Crossings Café Casual and Welcoming Prime Rib Special, Assorted Local Favorites Daily, Breakfast to Late Night

Whether it’s the sumptuous cuts at Admiral’s Steak & Seafood or the comforting classics at Crossings Café, dining at Rivers Casino Portsmouth encompasses a spectrum of tastes, making it a vital component of the overall experience at the riverside escape.

Unmatched Entertainment at Rivers Casino’s Event Center

With a commitment to becoming the benchmark for Portsmouth casino entertainment, Rivers Casino Portsmouth has curated a selection of entertainment that resonates with both the local vibe and international music scenes. The venue sparks a cultural renaissance that harmoniously blends the glamour of high-profile performances with the charm of local artistry.

Headlining Acts like The Commodores and Billy Ocean

The Event Center is not just a venue; it’s a grand stage that welcomes the musical elite. Acts like The Commodores and Billy Ocean bring a touch of timeless music to Portsmouth, turning every concert into a sensational journey through their classic hits. Such headline events nourish the soul with melodies that have transcended generations, confirming Rivers Casino’s status as a premium destination for spellbinding shows.

Local Talent Showcased at The Sound Bar

At the heart of Portsmouth’s music scene pulses The Sound Bar, a platform where the energy of local DJs and bands electrifies the nightlife. By providing a space for upcoming artists to shine, The Sound Bar becomes an incubator for talent, boosting the profiles of local musicians and offering guests an authentic taste of Portsmouth’s artistic spirit.

Upcoming Events at Rivers Casino Portsmouth Featured Acts Local Talent
The Event Center Highlights The Commodores, Billy Ocean
Regular Performances DJs and Bands Every Weekend
Special Showcases “The Come Up Live” Hosted By 95.7 R&B
Live Music Nights The Sound Bar Regulars

Rivers Casino’s Event Center and The Sound Bar are set to transform Portsmouth into a pulsating hub of melody and rhythm. There’s an undeniable charm in the blend of renowned legends sharing the spotlight with the stars of the local music scene. This balance provides a full spectrum of sounds, ensuring that every visit to the Portsmouth’s latest entertainment epicenter will be a memorable one.

The Thrills of Sports Betting at BetRivers Sportsbook

Among the main attractions at Rivers Casino Portsmouth is the BetRivers Sportsbook, an establishment that promises to be a go-to locale for sports betting enthusiasts. Here, visitors will find a sophisticated setting where they can engage in sports betting with the luxury of high-end facilities. The energy of the crowd, combined with the anticipation of live sports, forms a perfect storm of excitement and entertainment.

Designed to enhance the sports watching and wagering experience, BetRivers Sportsbook offers a tailored environment with club seating perfect for groups, high-definition screens for an optimal viewing experience, and a full-service bar to cater to all refreshment needs. The self-service kiosks complement the expertly staffed betting windows to facilitate quick and easy wagers, accommodating both seasoned bettors and newcomers to sports betting.

Recognizing the importance of events in fostering an exciting atmosphere, BetRivers Sportsbook hosts viewing parties for regular season football, making each game a community event filled with camaraderie and competitive spirit. But the experience doesn’t stop with football; the venue also screens top-tier sporting events, including UFC, MMA, and Boxing pay-per-view events, which are quintessential Portsmouth casino events, drawing crowds and creating an electrifying environment.

Accommodating sports aficionados who prefer an upscale ambiance, the sportsbook caters to individual preferences with exclusive game day specials, enhancing the fervor of fandom. With an agenda that features high-stakes games and matches, BetRivers makes sure that every significant sporting event is an opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the thrill of the game, backed by the chance to win big.

Feature Details
Club Seating Comfortable, group-friendly seating for an engaging sports viewing experience
High-Definition Screens Multiple large screens offering crisp, clear views of every game and match
Self-Service Kiosks User-friendly betting stations allowing for quick and autonomous betting
Full-Service Bar A wide variety of beverages to complement the sports betting experience
Football Viewing Parties Regular season gatherings with game day specials, plus screens dedicated to Sunday football
Pay-Per-View Screenings Exclusive screenings of UFC, MMA, and Boxing events

At BetRivers Sportsbook within Rivers Casino Portsmouth, every detail is meticulously curated to ensure that sports enthusiasts are treated to an incomparable experience—a blend of the adrenaline rush of gambling with the impassioned narratives of competitive sports.

Rivers Casino Portsmouth: A New Era for Virginia’s Gaming Scene

The advent of Rivers Casino Portsmouth symbolizes a transformative uplift not just in Portsmouth’s skyline, but in the very core of Virginia’s gaming scene. This venture, spearheaded by Rush Street Gaming, is a beacon of flair and ambition, setting a new precedent for what it means to integrate a gaming and entertainment complex with the economic and cultural fabric of a city.

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A Visionary Project by Rush Street Gaming

Rush Street Gaming, a name synonymous with pioneering the gaming landscape across the United States, unfolds its latest chapter in Portsmouth, Virginia. With their illustrious track record of successful casino development, their newest brainchild, Rivers Casino Portsmouth, is anticipated to be a masterpiece of entertainment and hospitality—a testament to their commitment to enhancing communities through sustainable and responsible gaming.

Anticipated Impact and Excitement in Virginia’s Gaming Scene

Positioned to rejuvenate the Virginia gaming scene, Rivers Casino Portsmouth introduces a plethora of gaming delights, including slots, table games, and state-of-the-art sports betting at BetRivers Sportsbook. The enthusiasm and anticipation have rippled far beyond the immediate community, signaling an imminent surge in tourism and local engagement. The implications go beyond the gaming floors, harboring potential for substantial economic impact through job creation and a boost in local revenue streams, marking a golden era for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Progressive Jackpots and Promotions for Members

Heightening the thrill in the vibrant city of Portsmouth, Rivers Casino Portsmouth introduces an array of enticing casino promotions designed to reward and excite every type of gamer. A centerpiece of these offerings is the Electronic Gaming Pit, an innovative hybrid where technology meets the timeless charm of table gaming. Here, Rush Rewards members can immerse themselves in a futuristic gambling experience, convening where the best of traditional play meets the pinnacle of game design innovation.

Electronic Gaming Pit Innovations

The Electronic Gaming Pit at Rivers Casino Portsmouth stands as a shining example of cutting-edge entertainment within the casino world. This section merges electronic convenience with the exhilaration of live-dealer interaction, ensuring an engaging experience for visitors. Gamers can explore variations of their favorite table games—blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more—offered via state-of-the-art electronic terminals that operate 24/7.

Exclusive Benefits for Rush Rewards Members

Member-exclusive incentives are a hallmark of Rivers Casino Portsmouth, and the Rush Rewards program offers a bounty of benefits. Key among these rewards are the jackpot drawing promotions, specifically tailored to give members an edge when playing. Frequent players have the chance to score big, taking their gaming experience to new heights with potentially life-changing jackpots.

Rewards Feature Details
Jackpot Party Drawing Rush Rewards members who have won taxable jackpots can enter into a jackpot drawing with a pool of $10,000 in prizes.
50+ Young at Heart Members aged 50 and above can earn points for free slot play every Tuesday.
Holiday Rush Gift Shoppe Points earned through Sunday gaming can be converted into holiday dollars, redeemable for luxury gifts.
Electronic Gaming Pit Perks Exciting gameplay with 28 new electronic table games available around the clock.

Rush Rewards members enjoy not just the vibrant atmosphere of Portsmouth’s premier casino but also a wealth of promotions and personalized rewards. These promotions are meticulously crafted to amplify the excitement on every visit. Whether it’s a jackpot draw or the daily thrills of gaming, Rivers Casino Portsmouth delights its patrons with a multitude of enriching and thrilling opportunities to win.

A Deep Commitment to Community: Rivers Gives

At the heart of Rivers Casino Portsmouth is not just the pursuit of entertainment but also a profound dedication to community welfare. The “Rivers Gives” initiative captures the essence of this commitment through philanthropy, a robust community engagement initiative, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact. The comprehensive approach of Rivers Gives puts corporate social responsibility at the forefront of its operations, illustrating that success is not only measured in revenue but also in acts of giving and volunteerism.

As part of its philanthropic journey, Rivers Casino Portsmouth actively supports the HER Shelter, an instrumental organization in the Hampton Roads area, delivering necessary assistance to survivors of domestic violence. Participating in this noble cause, the casino extends its involvement beyond the glittering casino floors into the lives of individuals in need, reinforcing its commitment to the community.

Alongside supporting essential services like the HER Shelter, the Rivers Gives initiative also encompasses various other activities aimed at strengthening local bonds and fostering an environment of mutual support. From contributing to educational programs to taking part in community cleanup initiatives, Rivers Casino Portsmouth is genuinely engaged in enriching the fabric of the community it calls home.

Philanthropic Effort Objective Community Impact
Support for HER Shelter Aiding survivors of domestic violence Providing life-changing services and advocacy
Educational Program Contributions Fostering learning and skill development Ensuring ongoing professional growth and opportunity
Community Cleanup Participation Improving neighborhood environments Enhancing local living conditions and pride
Charitable Donations and Drives Sourcing and distributing essential supplies Assisting those economically impacted in the community

The relentless efforts in philanthropy and the embodiment of a community-centric ethos underscore Rivers Casino Portsmouth’s role as more than just an entertainment center; they are a beacon of hope and support in the region. By aligning its objectives with the values of service and compassion, Rivers Casino continues to cultivate a culture where enterprise and empathy go hand in hand.

Introducing Exciting Casino Events and Tournaments

The vibrant energy of Portsmouth casino events comes to life at Rivers Casino Portsmouth, offering a diverse range of gaming contests and promotions. From the lively Poker Room to holiday-themed celebrations, this entertainment hub sets the stage for an array of compelling tournaments and festivities throughout the year.

Poker Room Promotions and Prizes

Card enthusiasts will take delight in the Poker Room’s energetic atmosphere, enhanced by a collection of poker room promotions poised to reward both skill and fortune. Players can engage in fierce competition while enjoying promotions designed to enrich the playing experience.

Promotion Description Potential Prize
High Hand Giveaway Win additional cash for the highest qualifying poker hand during specific intervals. $200 per 30-minute period
$500 Royal Flush Instantly win a prize for achieving a Royal Flush using both hole cards. $500
$100,000 Bad Beat Jackpot A chance to win a share of the jackpot if your strong hand is beaten by an even stronger hand. Portion of $100,000

Special Holiday Promotions and Drawings

As the festive season approaches, Rivers Casino Portsmouth unveils its holiday promotions, presenting guests with an opportunity to celebrate wins in a unique and joyous manner. Special event tournaments and seasonal giveaways offer a delightful twist to the traditional gaming experience.

Holiday Event Date Special Feature
Holiday Rush Gift Shoppe September 3 – November 26 Earn points for luxury holiday gifts
Jackpot Party Drawing September 28 $10,000 in free slot play to be divided
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In every shuffle of the cards and roll of the dice, the thrill of Portsmouth’s special event tournaments captivates both casual players and seasoned gamblers. Be it through grand jackpots or celebratory draws, the casino cultivates a haven of high spirits and grand winnings.

Rivers Casino Portsmouth and Portsmouth’s Economic Revitalization

The introduction of Rivers Casino Portsmouth has marked a significant milestone in Portsmouth’s economic revitalization. The project, a hallmark of contemporary development, stands out not just for its gaming and entertainment offerings, but also for its profound impact on local resident employment and tourism growth. Its opening heralds a new chapter in the city’s journey towards becoming a hub of leisure and activity in Virginia.

Creating Jobs and Opportunities for Local Residents

At the forefront of this economic surge is the creation of job opportunities for the local community. Rush Street Gaming, the developer behind Rivers Casino Portsmouth, understands that a casino’s success extends beyond its gaming floors to the vitality it imparts to the local job market. The annual payroll for the new establishment is estimated to be $62 million, and the emphasis on local hiring promises to strengthen the financial fabric of Portsmouth families. With over 1,300 permanent jobs and 1,300 temporary construction jobs slated to be filled, the casino underlines an era of opportunity and economic dynamism for Portsmouth residents.

Employment Type Number of Jobs Projected Annual Payroll
Permanent Positions 1,300+ $62 million+
Construction Jobs 1,300

Driving Tourism With a Versatile Entertainment Hub

The allure of the casino extends beyond its gaming floors and into the realm of tourism. Rivers Casino Portsmouth is engineered to be a versatile entertainment hub, where visitors can indulge in diverse attractions, including live music, dining, and sports betting. This multifaceted approach is expected to drive tourism growth as visitors from near and far flock to experience what this innovative space has to offer. The promise of new tourist dollars benefits local businesses and services, amplifying Portsmouth’s reputation as a vibrant and exciting destination.

As Portsmouth continues on its path of growth, Rivers Casino Portsmouth stands as a testament to the city’s resilience and vision. It is not only elevating the standard of entertainment but also fueling an economic renaissance that is sure to leave a lasting imprint on the community’s prosperity and pride.


As Rivers Casino Portsmouth prepares to open its doors, it stands as a beacon for Portsmouth revitalization, promising to transform the city into a bustling entertainment hub. With its visionary offerings, the gaming complex is poised to elevate the gaming and leisure experience not just for the residents of Portsmouth, but for the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. This establishment is not merely an addition to the city’s skyline; it is set to become a cultural and economic landmark that will bring new life into the area, contributing to the ongoing narrative of growth and prosperity.

The promise of Rivers Casino Portsmouth is multifaceted—beyond the rolling dice and flashing slot machines lies the commitment to community sustainability and economic development. Gamers and non-gamers alike can look forward to a venue that melds the thrill of gaming with luxury dining, live entertainment, and premium relaxation spaces, all nestled along the scenic riverfront of Portsmouth. Such comprehensive integration of amenities is unprecedented in the region, establishing Rivers Casino as a destination of choice for anyone seeking excitement and entertainment.

As a new chapter dawns on Virginia’s gaming scene, Rivers Casino Portsmouth is at the forefront, championing not only state-of-the-art leisure options but also fostering job creation, local investment, and community engagement. It is the epitome of how a gaming complex can gracefully merge commercial aspirations with a deep-rooted commitment to the place and people that surround it. With its imminent opening, the casino invites one and all to partake in an experience that promises to resonate far beyond the echoes of joyous celebrations and jackpot wins—it invites us all to be a part of Portsmouth’s vibrant renaissance.


Where is Rivers Casino Portsmouth located?

Rivers Casino Portsmouth is located on Victory Boulevard in the city of Portsmouth, Virginia.

What types of gaming are available at Rivers Casino Portsmouth?

Rivers Casino Portsmouth offers a wide range of gaming options, including slot machines, table games, electronic table games at the Electronic Gaming Pit, and sports betting at the BetRivers Sportsbook.

Are there dining options within Rivers Casino Portsmouth?

Yes, Rivers Casino Portsmouth offers a variety of dining experiences, from the gourmet dishes at Admiral’s Steak & Seafood to the casual offerings at Crossings Café.

Does Rivers Casino Portsmouth feature live entertainment?

Absolutely, Rivers Casino Portsmouth’s Event Center hosts headlining acts, while The Sound Bar showcases local DJs and bands.

What are the job opportunities at Rivers Casino Portsmouth?

Rivers Casino Portsmouth is expected to create 1,300 permanent jobs, with a focus on hiring local residents to support the community’s economic revitalization.

Are there any special events or tournaments at Rivers Casino Portsmouth?

Yes, the casino features a range of events and tournaments including Poker Room promotions, jackpot drawings, and seasonal festivities like the Holiday Rush Gift Shoppe.

How does Rivers Casino Portsmouth contribute to the local economy?

Through its development, Rivers Casino Portsmouth is estimated to generate $1.3 million in monthly tax revenue for Portsmouth and offers significant employment opportunities, which contribute to the local economy’s boost.

Can you participate in sports betting at Rivers Casino Portsmouth?

Yes, the BetRivers Sportsbook within Rivers Casino Portsmouth provides comprehensive sports betting facilities with club seating, high-definition screens, and interactive kiosks.

What community initiatives is Rivers Casino Portsmouth involved in?

Rivers Casino supports the local community through its “Rivers Gives” initiative, including volunteerism, corporate giving, and partnerships with local organizations such as HER Shelter.

Are there any membership benefits at Rivers Casino Portsmouth?

Members of the Rush Rewards program at Rivers Casino Portsmouth can enjoy exclusive benefits, including special promotions, progressive jackpots, and member-only events.

How does Rivers Casino Portsmouth aim to serve as an entertainment hub for the community?

By offering a mix of gaming, dining, and live entertainment options, Rivers Casino Portsmouth aims to become a premier destination for both residents and tourists, fostering a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for all visitors.

When is Rivers Casino Portsmouth expected to open?

Rivers Casino Portsmouth is on track to open its doors to the public, but specific details on the opening date can be obtained by checking the casino’s official website or contacting their customer service.

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