Optimize Play with a Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

For enthusiasts of the famed casino staple, the reach for a blackjack strategy card is a move towards sharper, more informed gameplay. Harnessing the optimal blackjack strategy becomes less of a gamble and more of a calculated progression into the realms of smart, tactical gambling. Adept players look beyond mere chance, equipping themselves with tools that embody the best blackjack strategy. Herein lies the blackjack basic strategy chart—your codex to diminishing the ubiquitous house edge and debugging the intricate circuitry of potential plays—a real game-changer for novices and seasoned players alike.

The journey to consistently articulate a winning blackjack strategy is paved with the wisdom of calculated risks and moves that are anything but arbitrary. In the dynamic landscape of blackjack, such charts serve as a beacon—illuminating the twist and turns of a game that balances on the edge of skill and fortune. And as the cards unfold, those who invoke strategy integrate an arsenal that is formidable against the casual bet and intuitive guess-work.

Embrace the grandeur of a well-planned victory as you delve into the intricacies of blackjack strategy, predicting outcomes not with a crystal ball, but with a strategist’s mindset.


Key Takeaways

  • A blackjack basic strategy chart reduces house edge to a mere 0.5% under optimal conditions.
  • Use the chart to inform decisions like hitting, standing, doubling down, splitting, or surrendering in various scenarios.
  • Online blackjack players benefit from consistently reshuffled decks, nullifying traditional card counting while underscoring strategy chart relevance.
  • Charts are tailored to different game variations, addressing nuances between single-deck and multi-deck blackjack.
  • Digital and printable versions of strategy charts ensure that players can have a reference at hand, whether playing online or at land-based casinos.
  • Understanding and applying the chart’s guidance is key to elevating one’s game beyond luck to statistically informed decision-making.

The Importance of a Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

Gamblers across the globe rally around the blackjack table, each with different levels of skill and strategy. For those looking to improve their play and take a firmer hold on their odds, the blackjack basic strategy chart is an essential tool. Underpinning this trusty aid is the potent combination of statistical analysis and probability theory, etched into a simple card — the basic strategy blackjack card. With a well-conceived strategy, players step up to the blackjack table armed not just with a hope to win, but with a plan to play intelligently and effectively.

Understanding the House Edge and Basic Strategy

Why exactly is a blackjack chart so vital to a player’s arsenal? It boils down to the concept of the house edge — the percentage of bets that the casino expects to keep over time. Blackjack, while offering some of the best odds in the casino world, still carries a house advantage. However, employing a blackjack basic strategy chart can whittle down that edge. It guides players through every conceivable hand, advising when to hit, stand, split, or double down to minimize losses and amplify winning potential.

The Role of Probability and Decision-Making in Blackjack

The heart of blackjack is in decision-making, with each choice carrying a consequence that can pivot the game. Here’s where the beauty of probability steps in. By considering the composition of a player’s hand against the dealer’s upcard, the blackjack chart carves out a path to make statistically favorable decisions. The difference between a guess and a calculated move could be the line between a win and a loss. It empowers players to act less on impulse and more on analysis, bridging the gap to becoming a shrewd blackjack strategist.

Deciphering the Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

Mastering the blackjack basic strategy chart is a rite of passage for any serious player. This vital instrument serves as a guide through the labyrinthine scenarios one encounters during blackjack gameplay. The cornerstone of its utility lies in a structured approach to different hand compositions. Whether you’re looking at a hard hand, soft hand, or contemplating whether to split pairs, the chart is the ultimate advisor. To realize the full potential of your gaming prowess, an understanding of how to interpret this tool is imperative.

At the heart of the blackjack strategy chart printable, you will find sections designed specifically for various game situations. Each segment recommends actions such as hitting, standing, doubling down, or splitting; all determined by rigorous statistical analysis and probability calculations. However, no single chart is a one-size-fits-all; they vary depending on whether you are playing a game where the dealer hits or stands on a soft 17, or whether you are at a table using a single deck or multiple decks.

Effectively utilizing the chart also entails grappling with its lexicon of abbreviations and color codes which signify recommended actions in different scenarios. Misinterpretation here could lead to costly mistakes. In this spirit, let’s take a moment to demystify the chart with a structured breakdown :

Player’s Hand Dealer’s Upcard ≤ 6 Dealer’s Upcard ≥ 7
Hard Totals (12-16) Stand Hit
Soft Totals (A,2-A,6) Double Down Hit
Pairs (8,8; A,A) Split Split
Hard 17+ Stand
Soft 18+ Double Down or Stand Stand

Once familiar with the core concepts, players are able to translate the notations into actionable strategies at the table. This vital comprehension not only fosters confidence but elevates the game from a casual pastime to a disciplined practice of skill and insight.

For newcomers and experienced players alike, a blackjack strategy chart printable serves as an indispensable tactical companion. Its presence, whether in crisp paper form by the player’s side or in a digital format, accessible with the flick of a finger, ensures that the wisdom of countless statistical simulations informs every decision made at the blackjack table.

Embrace the dynamics of the game by familiarizing yourself with the chart; it’s the first step on a transformative journey from average player to blackjack connoisseur. With its help, every move made is a brushstroke in the art of strategic gaming. Precision in your play awaits.

Applying the Blackjack Chart to Your Game

The role of a blackjack strategy table is pivotal in the game of blackjack, guiding players towards making the optimal moves. This table outlines whether to hit, stand, double down, or split, thus instrumental in enforcing an optimal blackjack strategy. Let’s delve into the specifics of applying this table to enhance your gameplay.

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When to Hit, Stand, Double Down, or Split

The foundation of blackjack strategy lies in knowing the right move at the right time. A player’s actions in blackjack hinge on the total value of their hand and the dealer’s upcard. The resonating principle is to hit when the hand value is below 11 and to stand when it’s 17 or higher. But the nuances of doubling down and splitting require a more detailed examination as dictated by the strategy chart:

Player’s Hand Action When Dealer’s Upcard is 2-6 Action When Dealer’s Upcard is 7-Ace
8 or lower Hit Hit
9 Hit Double Down
10-11 Double Down Hit/Double Down*
12-16 (Hard Total) Stand Hit
17 or higher (Hard Total) Stand
Soft 17 or lower Hit Hit
Soft 18 Stand Hit
Soft 19 or higher Stand
Pairs (e.g., 8-8, A-A) Split Split

*Depending on the casino’s rules on doubling after splitting.

Adjustments to Strategy Based on Table Rules

Factors such as the number of decks in play, the dealer’s actions on a soft 17, and permitted player actions like doubling down, affect the applicability of a blackjack strategy chart. Variations in these rules necessitate corresponding adjustments in strategy. For example, players may need to be more conservative with doubling down if the game restricts this option after a split. Similarly, when the dealer is required to hit on a soft 17, it may slightly alter the recommended actions players should take. These adjustments are essential for maintaining the integrity of your optimal blackjack strategy.

By adhering to the recommendations within these charts and understanding when to modify your approach based on specific table rules, you set yourself up for a more controlled and potentially profitable blackjack experience.

Blackjack Variations and Their Corresponding Strategy Charts

As a classic card game, blackjack delights with a variety of game variations, each requiring a unique approach to strategy. Players looking to master their game will find having the right blackjack strategy card for the specific game variant they are playing to be of paramount importance. Indeed, adjusting your gameplay with a blackjack basic strategy chart that corresponds to the particular set of rules in play can significantly reduce the house edge, amplifying your potential for success.

Differences such as whether the dealer hits or stands on soft 17, the surrender option, and the way that doubling down and splitting is handled, can alter the strategic decisions you make. A single deck game, for example, presents different probabilities compared to a game using multiple decks, thus necessitating distinct maneuvering as depicted in specialized strategy charts. Let’s explore these variations and the nuanced strategies that cater to them.

Blackjack Variation Key Distinctions to Strategy Recommended Chart
Single Deck Favorable for doubling down and splitting certain hands due to fewer cards in play Single Deck Basic Strategy Chart
Double Deck Similar to Single Deck but with slight variations in split and double down decisions Double Deck Basic Strategy Chart
4-8 Decks More complex due to greater number of cards, alters probabilities of dealer/hand outcomes Multi-Deck Strategy Chart
Dealer Stands on Soft 17 Can affect the decision to stand or hit on certain player soft totals Chart where Dealer Stands on Soft 17
Dealer Hits on Soft 17 Usually means a slightly more aggressive strategy as it increases the house edge Chart where Dealer Hits on Soft 17
Other Rule Variations Rules around surrender, re-splitting aces and doubling vary the strategy. Specialty charts for rule specifics

Access to the optimal blackjack basic strategy chart empowers players to make educated and statistically sound choices tailored to the specific conditions of each game. With detailed charts at hand, a player’s confidence and odds can both see significant improvement.

The dynamic nature of blackjack necessitates a flexible approach for those aiming to lay down the right cards. So whether you’re a greenhorn still getting to grips with the game’s fabric or a battle-scarred veteran planning the next round, know your charts, and refine your gameplay, for therein lies the kernel of blackjack triumph.

Insights into the Math Behind Optimal Blackjack Strategy

The search for an optimal blackjack strategy is deeply rooted in mathematical foundations. A precise amalgamation of probability theory and statistical evidence converges to form the cornerstone of every decision reflected in a well-crafted blackjack chart. The power of numbers is unmistakable as it guides players through the intricate dance of choosing when to hit, stand, double down, or split.

Statistical Logic of Basic Strategy Decisions

At the core of the blackjack basic strategy chart lies a hive of statistical logic. Each move recommended on this chart has emerged from a profound analysis of millions of computer simulations. These simulations relentlessly replayed every conceivable blackjack scenario to distill the essence of a strategy that minimizes risk and optimizes return. The basic strategy is a tool underscored by statistical rigor, serving as the player’s silent strategist amidst the clatter of chips and the shuffle of cards.

Why Certain Moves Are Suggested in the Strategy Chart

It’s not mere chance that predicates the suggested moves within the confines of a blackjack strategy chart but rather the stringent laws of probability. For instance, choosing to double down on an 11 places the odds in favor of the player, standing as a beacon of high potential for a winning hand. Similarly, the advice to split Aces is proffered as it provides a dual prospect to strike blackjack, a move that can dramatically alter the dynamics of the game. These recommendations are calculated pathways to a strategic summit, each stemming from the aspiration to tip the scales in favor of the player while respectfully acknowledging the presence of the house edge.

Becoming Fluent in Blackjack Strategy Chart Usage

To excel in blackjack and implement the best blackjack strategy, one must transcend basic knowledge and achieve fluency in the use of a blackjack strategy chart. This fluency is rooted in an intimate understanding of the chart, ultimately transforming it from a simple guide to an intuitive part of decision-making. As players embark on this journey toward strategic mastery, there are key practices to follow that can enhance their ability to use the chart effectively in any blackjack scenario.

Memorization Techniques for Long-Term Strategy Retention

The road to retaining the intricacies of a blackjack strategy chart printable is paved with memory-enhancing techniques. One might engage in repetitive review, quizzing themselves on different hand combinations and the corresponding strategic plays. Employing mnemonic devices can turn complex data into memorable patterns, and visualization methods can help in recalling the chart’s layout during gameplay. This process of frequent rehearsal gradually embeds the strategic wisdom of the chart into one’s mental framework.

Practice Makes Perfect: Implementing the Blackjack Chart

The practical application of a blackjack strategy chart in actual game settings is fundamental to its mastery. Through real money and free play modes, players have the opportunity to transfer knowledge from chart to table. It is in the active decision-making of gameplay that the chart’s recommendations are truly tested and ingrained – a crucible in which the understanding of when to hit, stand, double down, or split is refined. With consistent application, players enhance their strategic intuition, making the chart not just a tool, but an extension of their gaming sensibility.

Aspiring blackjack experts are advised to simulate numerous scenarios, comparing their choices to the chart’s prescriptions. This exercise reveals nuances in strategy that may not be apparent through study alone. By engaging in hands-on practice, one can confront unique situations, learning to adapt the best blackjack strategy to a variety of gameplay contexts.

Increasing Winning Odds with the Blackjack Strategy Chart

The quest for a winning blackjack strategy often leads players to the storied blackjack strategy card, a guide that has been meticulously crafted to heighten one’s chances of victory at the blackjack table. Adherence to this chart equips a player with a definitive set of actions, optimized through mathematical precision, to turn the tide of each hand in their favor.

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Achieving success in blackjack is not merely about luck; it’s about making intelligent choices that lean on the side of statistical advantage. It’s an exercise in disciplined decision-making where factors such as the dealer’s upcard and the composition of a player’s hand come into play. The blackjack strategy card distills this complexity into accessible and actionable advice that, when followed, paves the way to a lucrative outcome.

Let’s consider the breadth of strategic moves suggested by the chart. Beyond the basics of deciding when to hit or stand, the chart delves into the more nuanced aspects of blackjack such as doubling down—a move potent with the promise of doubling a player’s bet in favorable conditions. It also addresses when to gracefully bow out through surrender, a less frequently offered but valuable option to salvage half a player’s stake under dire circumstances.

Hand Value Action (Dealer’s Upcard 2-6) Action (Dealer’s Upcard 7-Ace)
Soft 15-16 Double Down Hit
Soft 17 Double Down Hit or Double Down*
Hard 9 Hit Double Down
Hard 10-11 Double Down Hit
Aces Split
Surrender 16 Surrender if allowed Hit

The distilled wisdom of the blackjack strategy chart, when employed correctly, can effectively decrease the house’s edge, setting the stage for a more balanced duel between player and dealer. Having this virtual mentor by your side—whether you’re at a quaint brick-and-mortar establishment draped in the velvety hues of old-school gambling glamour or in the bright pixel-perfect world of an online casino—is pivotal to mastering the art of blackjack.

To walk away from the blackjack table not just content but potentially richer requires more than a cursory understanding of the game. It demands an acute appreciation of the blackjack strategy card, a willingness to learn its language, and the resolve to abide by its counsel. For those who do, an increase in winning odds is not just possible—it’s probable.

Understanding Blackjack Strategy Operations

When diving into the world of blackjack, strategic intricacies like knowing when to split or double down can subtlety boost your winning potential. Mastering these blackjack strategy operations are fundamental, as they involve evaluative decisions that can pivot the game in your favor. Comprehensively grasping these concepts is a step toward leveraging the best blackjack strategy to maximize your success at the table.

When Should You Split or Double?

Senior strategists of the game frequently deliberate on whether to split pairs or double down during a hand. These decisions are critical and are often illuminated by referring to a blackjack basic strategy chart. Whether to undertake such actions hinges on the player’s hand values and the dealer’s visible card. For example, always split Aces and eights—a foundational tip etched into the fabric of blackjack tactics—as these hands have the potential for substantial returns.

Player’s Hand Value Split when Dealer’s Upcard is 2-6 Split when Dealer’s Upcard is 7-Ace Double Down when Dealer’s Upcard is 2-6 Double Down when Dealer’s Upcard is 7-Ace
Aces or eights Yes Yes No No
Nines Yes No Sometimes* No
Sevens Yes No No No
Fives No No Yes No

*Double down on nines when the dealer’s upcard is 3-6.

The Truth About Insurance and Surrender in Blackjack

Insurance seems appealing as a protective measure when the dealer reveals an ace. However, the blackjack basic strategy chart frequently advises against it because this side bet is not statistically beneficial in the long run. Ultimately, insurance is a gamble within a gamble that savvy players tend to avoid. Similarly, the option of surrender—which allows you to forfeit your hand to reclaim half of your bet—is often underused. While its availability might differ among venues, strategic consideration of surrender is advisable only in select situations, such as when holding a 16 against the dealer’s ace.

The judicious application of these strategic maneuvers, guided by the insights of the best blackjack strategy, invariably leads to a more confident and calculated approach to the game of blackjack. While the outcome of each hand is subject to chance, an informed player relies on knowledge and strategy to steer towards victory.

The Consequences of Deviating from Blackjack Strategy

The allure of blackjack lies in its strategic depth, providing players the ability to diminish the inherent advantage of the house. By meticulously applying the principles contained within the basic strategy blackjack card, players position themselves to make mathematically sound decisions, which serves to uphold an optimal blackjack strategy. Yet, there exists a perennial temptation to deviate from this charted course, often leading to considerable detriments.

When players opt to stray from the recommendations of a blackjack strategy chart, they inadvertently increase the house edge—an act akin to relinquishing their weapons in a battle of wits. Each hand in blackjack offers a fork in the road, and choosing the path unendorsed by basic strategy can compound into a journey fraught with unnecessary risk and diminished returns.

Action Expected Outcome Basic Strategy Adherence
Hitting on a Hard 17+ Increased likelihood of a bust Stand
Standing on a Soft 17 Missed opportunity for a stronger hand Hit or Double Down
Avoiding Doubling Down on 11 Potential for under-maximized winnings Double Down
Splitting 10-value cards Breaking up a strong hand Stand

Notably, while some gamers may boast of an occasional stroke of luck when bucking the trend, the stark reality is that deviations from optimal blackjack strategy typically result in a lesser likelihood of victory. The blackjack strategy chart distills myriad situational probabilities into actionable advice designed explicitly to align with a player’s best interests.

Adherence to this strategic blueprint does not guarantee success on every hand—for chance still plays its capricious role—but it does guarantee that over time, the player will not unwittingly contribute to an elevation of the house advantage. The journey toward mastery of the blackjack table is, therefore, one punctuated by disciplined application of proven strategems over the temptation of impulsive play.

In essence, fidelity to the basic strategy blackjack card is a commitment to the intellectual rigor of the game, a signpost to measured, calculated approaches over the whims of unguided intuition. Blackjack—when played strategically—is a nuanced dialogue between player and dealer, one where the former can assert a modicum of control over their destiny through adherence to mathematical principles.

For those who aim to not just enjoy but also excel in the game of blackjack, a firm grasp of the basic strategy chart and its correct application serves as the fulcrum upon which the balance of favorable outcomes may tilt in their favor. It’s a pursuit that rewards the astute player with the prospect of sessions marked by informed choices that stand the test of probability and the flow of the cards.

Using a Blackjack Strategy Chart for Real Money Play

Turning the odds in your favor at the blackjack table involves more than just luck; it necessitates a dependable blueprint for action—an optimal blackjack strategy. This is where the blackjack strategy card comes into play, particularly in high-stakes environments where real money is on the line. Whether you’re nestled in the corner of a bustling casino or seated comfortably at your computer, a blackjack strategy chart promises a steadfast ally in your gaming pursuits.

In the realms of virtual and physical casinos, the tenets of blackjack remain the same, but the way strategy is employed may differ. Online players enjoy the latitude to refer to their strategy charts without the rush, allowing each move to be measured and deliberate. Conversely, the atmosphere of a land-based casino is imbued with immediacy, which can be intimidating for players, potentially leading to hasty decisions.

Armed with a blackjack basic strategy chart, the player is empowered with the collective wisdom of gambling experts and statisticians, each hand informed by a proven playbook.

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How Strategy Translates in Online Vs. Land-Based Casinos

Online blackjack offers the comfort of time and space, enabling players to utilize their blackjack strategy chart printable resources with ease. In contrast, the vibrant casino floors require quick-thinking and often a memorized version of the strategy chart to navigate through the game effectively. The crux of mastering blackjack in both settings lies in familiarity with the basic strategy’s intricacies and the ability to adapt it swiftly to the pace of the land-based gameplay.

Keeping the Chart Handy: Printable and Digital Options

For consistent success, accessibility to the strategy chart is key. Players frequenting brick-and-mortar casinos may opt for a neatly folded blackjack strategy card, discreetly consulting it amidst the game’s hustle. Meanwhile, online enthusiasts might prefer the screen-illuminated version, cycling through moves with the advantage of a paused moment. Regardless of the format, the essence of a strategic edge remains crystallized within the chart’s guidelines, emphasizing the importance of preparation and presence of mind during each round.

Moreover, the readily available digital or printable blackjack strategy chart ensures players are no longer reliant on memory alone. These well-designed aides serve as an immediate reference, facilitating informed choices that align with the most statistically advantageous paths dictated by the game’s complex probability landscape.

Whether a novice aiming for a gradual ascent or a seasoned player refining their technique, the utility of a blackjack strategy chart in real money play is an undeniable advantage, bridging the gap between chance and mastery.

Conclusion: Mastering the Strategy for Blackjack Success

As we conclude, it is evident that refining your approach to blackjack through the best blackjack strategy is more than a smart move; it is an essential strategy for any player looking to not only enjoy but triumph in this classic game. Deploying a blackjack basic strategy chart is the cornerstone of minimising the house advantage and exponentially enhancing your winning odds. These charts, steeped in the laws of probability and mathematical logic, are instrumental for making informed decisions that go beyond guesswork to calculated precision.

Whether you are in the lively ambiance of a land-based casino or the comfort of an online game room, the principles of the optimal blackjack strategy apply uniformly. With consistent application, diligent practice, and a detailed understanding of when to hit, stand, double down, or split, you align yourself with the strategic foresight necessary to navigate through the various turns of the game. A player’s commitment to applying the winning blackjack strategy shapes a path ridden with potential success and heady victories.

Perhaps the true essence of a win in blackjack lies in the player’s dedication to honing their strategic prowess and the persistent utilization of the strategy chart, transforming each round of play into an intellectual endeavor. So, here’s to fostering that acumen—immersing in the thrill of the game while standing steadfast against the chance, armed with knowledge, strategy, and a keen eye for advantageous play.


What is a blackjack basic strategy chart?

A blackjack basic strategy chart is a tool that outlines the most statistically advantageous actions a player can take in any given hand of blackjack, based on their cards and the dealer’s visible card. It guides decisions like when to hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender, aiming to minimize the house edge and enhance the chances of winning.

How does the basic strategy in blackjack reduce the house edge?

By making decisions that are statistically optimal, the basic strategy helps to lower the house edge to as low as 0.5% under the ideal conditions. This significantly increases a player’s likelihood of winning in comparison to making decisions based on hunches or intuition.

Can I use a blackjack strategy chart in real casinos?

Yes, most casinos permit the use of a strategy card at the table as long as it does not slow down the game. Players should familiarize themselves with the chart beforehand to ensure quick and confident decision-making during play.

How do different blackjack variations affect the basic strategy chart?

Different blackjack variations may have unique rules, such as the number of decks used, whether the dealer stands or hits on a soft 17, and other variables. These differences necessitate tailored strategy charts to provide the best guidance for reducing the house edge in each specific game variant.

Why are there different sections on a blackjack strategy chart?

A blackjack strategy chart is divided into sections for hard hands (hands without an Ace or with an Ace counted as 1), soft hands (hands with an Ace counted as 11), and pairs. Each type of hand has its own set of potential moves, and the chart provides the optimal strategy for each scenario.

How accurate are blackjack strategy charts?

Blackjack strategy charts are developed from computer simulations and mathematical probabilities, which have analyzed millions of hands. While not guaranteeing a win every time, they offer the most statistically accurate moves for any situation, making them highly reliable guides for gameplay.

Are blackjack strategy charts considered cheating?

No, using a blackjack strategy chart is not considered cheating. Casinos are aware that the charts merely guide players on statistically optimal moves and, as such, they still retain a house edge. Most casinos allow and even sell strategy cards in their gift shops.

Is card counting necessary when using a basic strategy chart for blackjack?

Card counting is a separate advanced technique used to gain an edge in blackjack. A basic strategy chart does not require card counting to be effective and can be used successfully on its own to aid decisions during play.

How do I know when to hit or stand?

The basic strategy chart will indicate when to hit or stand based on your hand’s value and the dealer’s up card. As a general rule, players should hit on hands valued below 12 and stand on a hand of 17 or more, with some exceptions as outlined in the strategy chart.

Why do basic strategy charts advise against taking insurance?

Basic strategy charts advise against insurance because it’s a side bet that has a high house advantage, which statistically does not favor the player over time. The payoff for insurance, typically 2 to 1, does not match the actual odds of the dealer having a blackjack, making it an unprofitable bet in the long run.

Do I always need to follow the basic strategy chart’s recommendations?

While it is not mandatory to always follow the chart, straying from the basic strategy will typically increase the house edge and decrease your chances of winning. The chart’s recommendations are based on statistical probabilities and are designed to produce the best possible outcomes over time.

Can online players use a basic strategy chart effectively?

Yes, online blackjack players can benefit greatly from using a strategy chart. Since online play often lacks the pressure of time constraints found in land-based casinos, players can take the time to consult their strategy chart and make well-informed decisions.

What are some techniques to memorize the blackjack strategy chart?

Some effective techniques for memorizing the blackjack strategy chart include flashcards, repetitive practice, playing online games where you can reference the chart, and even mnemonic devices. Over time, frequent use and experience will help players commit the chart to memory.

Are printable versions of the blackjack strategy chart available?

Yes, you can find printable versions of the blackjack strategy chart online in PDF or image formats. These are convenient for players who wish to have a physical reference they can bring to a land-based casino or keep beside them during online play.

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