Northern Quest Casino: Premier Gaming Experience

For those in search of the quintessential luxury casino experience in Spokane, Northern Quest Casino stands out as the premiere destination. Nestled in the vibrant heart of the Pacific Northwest, this Spokane casino is more than a gaming venue — it’s a bastion of excitement for enthusiasts and novices alike. Boasting an extensive array of games, it offers unparalleled thrills that earn it the title of the best casino near me for local and visiting patrons.

With its sophisticated décor and an all-encompassing approach to entertainment, Northern Quest ushers in a premier gaming experience replete with the indulgence and luxury one seeks from top-tier entertainment venues. Step into a world where the clink of chips mingles with the buzz of anticipation and each visit promises an adventure rich with possibility.


Key Takeaways

  • Luxurious gaming at a prime Spokane casino.
  • Top-tier entertainment venue with a varied schedule of events.
  • Unparalleled premier gaming experience with state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Easily accessible casino near me with comprehensive amenities.
  • Immersive atmosphere synonymous with a grand luxury casino.

A Luxurious Destination: Northern Quest Resort & Casino

Stepping into Northern Quest Resort & Casino means entering an environment where luxury and comfort converge to create an unmatched experience. Recognized as the best casino in Washington, this establishment is an illustrious beacon in the diverse landscape of the state’s entertainment offerings. Here, one can bask in the acclaim of the prestigious AAA Four Diamond Award and the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star rating, which speak volumes about its dedication to excellence.

The location itself, a mere 10-minute drive from bustling downtown Spokane, allows for seamless access to this grand luxury casino resort. Beyond the thrilling casino floor, Northern Quest boasts a collection of amenities that truly accentuates its standing. Luxurious rooms provide solace from the lively atmosphere, while the La Rive Spa offers respite for relaxation and rejuvenation with their Four-Star services.

For those with a refined palate, Masselow’s Steakhouse presents an AAA Four Diamond dining experience where every meal is a masterpiece. It’s just one of the myriad dining options available on-site. Whether looking for an upscale evening or a casual bite, Northern Quest Resort & Casino caters to every taste and occasion.

The unmistakable essence of opulence is present in every corner of the resort, and it’s no surprise that Northern Quest is heralded as the pinnacle of Spokane’s leisure industry. The careful blend of hospitality and refinement ensures that a stay or visit here resonates as an experience second to none.

The Evolution of Northern Quest Casino

From its humble beginnings in late 2000, the Spokane casino known as Northern Quest has undergone an astonishing metamorphosis. Initiated by the visionary Kalispel Tribe of Indians, the casino took flight as a small venue, anchored in the aspirations of a community seeking prosperity. Today, through perpetual evolution, the casino has burgeoned into a premier resort, a testament to the Tribe’s relentless stride for excellence.

This journey of transformation stands as a narrative of growth and ambition. Through more than a dozen expansions, this Northern Quest expansion has not only scaled in size but also in diversification, heightening the entertainment experience for every guest that walks through its doors. A luxury hotel now towers as part of the resort’s profile, securing Northern Quest’s reputation as a prestigious casino resort.

  • Launch year: 2000
  • Initial form: A modest, box-shaped structure
  • Current status: An expansive, luxury hotel with over 1,600 slot machines and 37 table games
  • Entertainment accolades: Host to a robust lineup of live entertainment

The once small-time casino has evolved into an award-winning entertainment destination.

Year Milestone Expansion Highlight
2000 Opening Initial structure, laying the foundation
… Several years … Continual Growth More than a dozen expansions including gaming and dining venues
2023 – Onwards Future Development Pending additional expansions and enhancements to guest experiences

At every stage, Northern Quest has kept both the guest experience and community benefit at the forefront of its developments, ensuring that with each phase of the expansion, it not only serves as the preeminent face of the region’s entertainment but also benefits the Kalispel community and its economic sustainment.

Entertainment Beyond Gaming: Live Music and More

Northern Quest Casino thrives as a vibrant entertainment venue, transcending the realms of gaming to offer a plethora of live music experiences. Elevating the cultural scene of Spokane, the casino is synonymous with unforgettable entertainment, highlighted by its acclaimed BECU Live — an exceptional outdoor summer concert venue. This iconic stage has become a beacon for live music events, showering guests with performances that resonate under the open skies.

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Premier Live Music Events

With a lineup that boasts national talent across varying musical genres, BECU Live has positioned itself as the epicenter for premier live music shows. Here, sophisticated sound meets the clear, starlit nights to create magical concert-going experiences. Music lovers converge at this destination, knowing that each rhythm and note played is part of a larger symphony of premier entertainment.

BECU Live Outdoor Concert Venue

BECU Live’s commitment to entertainment is evident with its expansive outdoor setup, welcoming throngs of fans each summer. Its well-designed space and high-tech acoustics facilitate an environment where every attendee can intimately connect with the artistry on stage. It’s not just a venue; it’s a summer tradition burnished into the memories of concertgoers who return year after year, drawn by the allure of live performances and communal jubilation.

Northern Quest’s Commitment to Community

The Kalispel Tribe of Indians, proprietors of the esteemed Northern Quest Casino, has forged its reputation not only through impeccable service and gaming experiences but also through an unwavering dedication to community support within Spokane County. This commitment is vividly reflected in their substantial charitable contributions, surpassing $20 million over the past two decades. These altruistic efforts are rooted in the Tribe’s history and culture, resonating deeply with values of solidarity and mutual aid—a legacy that is carried forward by their contemporary pursuits and philanthropic footprint.

In line with their ancestral principles, the Kalispel Tribe’s generosity has primarily focused on bolstering key areas that are vital to societal prosperity, including social services, healthcare, education, and environmental conservation. Through these focused endeavors, they have not only touched countless lives but have also positioned the Northern Quest Casino as a beacon of community engagement and welfare—far exceeding the typical scope one might search for when looking up a “casino near me.”

The following table illustrates the diversity and impact of the Kalispel Tribe’s donations in Spokane County, highlighting the beneficiaries of their vision for a stronger and healthier community:

Beneficiary Sector Total Contributions (Over 20 Years) Impact Highlights
Social Services $5 Million+ Supporting programs aimed at community building and assistance.
Healthcare $5 Million+ Enhancing medical care accessibility and quality.
Education $5 Million+ Funding scholarships and educational initiatives.
Arts & Culture $2.5 Million+ Preserving heritage and fostering cultural enrichment.
Environmental Conservation $2.5 Million+ Initiatives to sustain and restore natural landscapes.

This extensive record of giving not only sheds light on the Kalispel Tribe’s ethos but also cements Northern Quest Casino’s stature as a pillar of generosity. As Spokane County continues to thrive, the community support from the Kalispel Tribe remains an instrumental force, demonstrating a praiseworthy model of corporate citizenship intertwined with deep cultural significance.

Dining Excellence at Northern Quest

At Northern Quest Resort & Casino, culinary expertise is on full display, offering guests an array of tantalizing dining options. From the esteemed Masselow’s Steakhouse to the diverse flavors of East Pan Asian Cuisine, the resort provides an exquisite dining experience for every palate. Each restaurant upholds the commitment to Northern Quest dining excellence, whether it’s a luxurious meal or a casual dining affair.

Masselow’s Steakhouse: AAA Four Diamond Dining

For those who appreciate fine dining, Masselow’s Steakhouse represents the pinnacle of gourmet indulgence within the luxury casino. As the recipient of the AAA Four Diamond award, the steakhouse showcases an exceptional menu featuring the finest cuts of meat, skillfully prepared to perfection. The ambience is one of understated elegance, creating an intimate setting that is both impressive and welcoming.

Varied Culinary Delights: From Epic to East Pan Asian Cuisine

No stay at Northern Quest is complete without journeying through its varied culinary landscape. East Pan Asian Cuisine offers a gateway to the flavors of the East, with dishes crafted from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. At the Epic sports bar, guests can enjoy a vibrant, laid-back atmosphere, providing the perfect backdrop for catching the big game or unwinding with friends over a hearty meal. Each venue within the luxury casino underscores the diversity and quality of Northern Quest dining options.

  • Masselow’s Steakhouse: AAA Four Diamond luxurious dining
  • East Pan Asian Cuisine: A fusion of local ingredients and Eastern flavors
  • Epic: Casual sports bar with an energetic ambience

Luxury and Relaxation at La Rive Spa

Embark on a journey to serenity and indulgence at La Rive Spa, the gem within the Northern Quest Resort & Casino. Here, relaxation transcends the traditional, offering a haven of wellbeing that’s revered not just in Spokane, but across Washington State. Framed within the opulent confines of this luxury casino, La Rive Spa is an escape where tranquility reigns supreme and bespoke pampering is a ritual.

As a Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star rated spa, La Rive Spa rivals the best, presenting guests with a selection of tailored treatments designed to rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit. From holistic therapy sessions to invigorating body treatments, the spa’s offerings are curated to provide a world-class day spa experience.

Amid the grandeur of Northern Quest, La Rive Spa stands out as an oasis, seamlessly blending the excitement of casino life with the respite of a luxury wellness retreat. It is here that the high stakes of gaming give way to the high art of relaxation, catered to by an expert team committed to delivering an experience of unparalleled finesse.

Discover the unrivaled experience that can only be found in one of the most coveted spas. Explore the depths of relaxation at La Rive Spa, where every detail is attended to with the utmost care, ensuring that each guest emerges renewed and exhilarated—ready to continue their premier adventure within the confines of Northern Quest Resort & Casino.

“Kalispel Hospitality”: A Core Value at Northern Quest

At the heart of the Northern Quest Casino experience is a value deeply rooted in the legacy of the Kalispel Tribe—Kalispel Hospitality. Distinct in its essence, this timeless cultural treasure shapes the vibrant soul of a premier Spokane casino. Each guest, whether stepping onto the expansive gaming floor for a round of blackjack or savoring the flavors of fine dining, is embraced by a warm, genuine welcome—a hallmark of the Kalispel Tribe’s enduring commitment to unmatched service.

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It’s this philosophy of care and respect that sets Northern Quest Casino apart, fostering a premier gaming experience that is both personal and memorable. Kalispel Hospitality isn’t merely a standard of service; it’s an intrinsic part of an intricate tapestry woven from the very spirit of the Inland Northwest’s most esteemed casino resort.

“Kalispel Hospitality comes from the genuine efforts of our team members to make every guest feel special.” – Northern Quest General Manager, Nick Pierre

With each visit, guests are not just returning to a Spokane casino, they’re coming home to an atmosphere where excitement and graciousness live in perfect balance. The result is not just any entertainment destination—it’s a sanctuary of joy where every moment is curated to leave a lasting impression.

The table below reflects the various facets of Kalispel Hospitality guests might encounter during their stay at Northern Quest, capturing the essence of a truly special visit:

Hotel Touchpoint Kalispel Hospitality
Guest Arrival Warm greetings and complimentary valet parking to set the tone for an exceptional stay
Accommodations Luxuriously appointed rooms where every detail is met with both comfort and elegance
Dining From casual eats to fine dining, each meal is served with pride and careful attention to flavor and presentation
Entertainment Top-notch performances and engaging casino action, ensuring an enjoyable visit for everyone
Wellness La Rive Spa’s sanctuary of relaxation, offering a peaceful retreat with a spectrum of rejuvenating services

Fostering connections, celebrating camaraderie, and ensuring joy in every encounter is not just a service mission—it’s a heartfelt dedication to every person who walks through the doors. In embodying the enriching spirit of Kalispel Hospitality, Northern Quest Casino transcends the conventional, crafting an unparalleled galaxy of sensations that is the jewel of Spokane casino offerings.

Gaming Machines and Table Games Galore

At the heart of the Spokane casino experience, Northern Quest Casino prides itself on offering a dazzling array of gaming machines and table games. This premier gaming destination caters to every enthusiast with a variety of options to engage in the electric atmosphere of chance and excitement.

An Abundance of Slot Machines

The casino floor echoes with the sounds of wins and celebrations, as an extensive selection of the latest slots capture the attention of guests. From timeless classics to innovative and state-of-the-art gaming machines, players have a multitude of themes and formats to choose from. The pursuit of jackpots has never been more thrilling with these top-notch, cutting-edge slots.

A Variety of Table Games

For those drawn to the strategy and sophistication of traditional gaming, Northern Quest offers an impressive assortment of table games. Each game promises not only a chance to showcase skills but also the opportunity for social interaction and the classic casino experience. From the roll of dice in craps to the turn of a card in blackjack, the diversity in table games is unmatched, assuring that every visit is filled with potential and variety.

Experience the Best Casino in Washington

Renowned as the best casino in Washington, Northern Quest Casino beckons players to enter a realm where thrill meets luxury at every turn. This luxury casino resort offers more than a mere chance to win—it presents an all-encompassing premier gaming experience unlike any other.

Apart from the glamour of high-stakes games and flashing slot machines, Northern Quest impresses with its plethora of amenities. The comforts of the Four Diamond resort hotel, coupled with the casino’s truly top-tier hospitality, create an inviting atmosphere where every guest is treated to unparalleled service.

Whether you’re drawn by the allure of lady luck or the rich tapestry of entertainment options, Northern Quest fulfills the promise of excitement. Guests can dine in luxury at venues like the award-winning Masselow’s Steakhouse, or relish the casual vibe at spots like EPIC sports bar, ensuring that tastes of all kinds are delighted and desires sated.

At Northern Quest Casino, it isn’t just about the games—it’s about creating memories that last a lifetime. Here’s a snapshot of the experiences waiting for you at Washington’s prime gaming destination:

  • Over 1,600 state-of-the-art slot machines ready to test your luck
  • A selection of 37 table games, from blackjack to roulette, to skillfully engage your strategic mind
  • Lavish rooms and suites where comfort and luxury are the standard
  • Fine dining establishments including the exquisite Masselow’s Steakhouse
  • A full-service spa for a touch of relaxation amidst the excitement

In every aspect, Northern Quest exceeds expectations, solidifying its stature as the most coveted casino in the region. Step into the splendor of the Northern Quest Resort & Casino and ready yourself for a gaming journey that far surpasses the ordinary.

Hosting Events at Northern Quest

For those seeking an unforgettable event experience, Northern Quest Resort & Casino offers versatile venues perfect for any occasion. With the majestic Kalispel Ballroom and the interactive Topgolf Swing Suite, the resort marries elegance and innovation, setting the stage for notable Northern Quest events that stand out in Spokane’s social calendar.

The Kalispel Ballroom for Grand Celebrations

The Kalispel Ballroom at Northern Quest is the embodiment of sophistication and scale, ideal for say, a grand wedding reception or a lavish corporate gala. Its expansive space, which can host up to 1,300 guests, is complemented by the casino resort’s exceptional catering services. The culinary team, known for their excellence, tailor menus that add an extra layer of finesse to each celebration hosted within this elegant venue.

Boasting 22,000 square feet of event space, the Ballroom’s modern amenities and seamless service make it not just a venue, but a treasured memory waiting to be made. The following table highlights the features of the Kalispel Ballroom that ensure every event is both grand and gracefully executed:

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Feature Description
Capacity Up to 1,300 guests
Size 22,000 square feet of adaptable space
Culinary Service Award-winning chef and custom menus
Ambience Luxurious decor and state-of-the-art lighting
Access Complimentary valet parking for guests

Topgolf Swing Suite: An Innovative Entertainment Venue

Adding a dynamic edge to the event roster at Northern Quest is the Topgolf Swing Suite, a premier destination for both golf enthusiasts and those looking for an interactive group entertainment option. This innovative venue merges the social fun of a top-tier golf experience with the comfort of a private lounge, making it a hit for parties or casual gatherings.

Equipped with a selection of virtual games and a simulator that’s a golfer’s dream, the Swing Suite is more than just an inclusion to Spokane’s gaming landscape—it’s a standout feature that serves as a cherry on top of the Northern Quest events scene.

As guests revel in the challenge of virtual courses or unwind with a drink in this upscale setting, the Topgolf Swing Suite exemplifies the casino resort’s dedication to diverse and delightful entertainment experiences.


In the realm of premier gaming experiences, Northern Quest Casino has established itself as an illustrious leader, providing an array of entertainment that far surpasses the typical expectations of a luxury casino. Revelers seeking the allure of a high-stakes atmosphere or the solace of lavish accommodations find their desires met and exceeded at this Spokane icon. Its extensive selection of games, combined with exemplary culinary offerings, ensures a visit that is nothing short of extraordinary.

More than just a Spokane casino, Northern Quest represents the continued evolution and dedication of the Kalispel Tribe of Indians to deliver unparalleled hospitality and service. Their commitment to excellence is reflected not only in the thriving casino floors and fine dining venues but also in their substantial contributions to community upliftment. This distinctive fusion of luxury and community awareness shapes a resort experience that is both indulgent and grounded in purpose.

Ultimately, Northern Quest Casino stands as a testament to a blend of tradition and innovation. It is a resplendent jewel in Eastern Washington, inviting guests from near and far to delve into a rich tapestry of experiences. Here, every moment is meticulously crafted to ensure that each guest’s visit becomes a cherished memory, reinforcing Northern Quest’s status as the pinnacle of the Pacific Northwest’s entertainment and hospitality scene.


What makes Northern Quest Casino a premier gaming experience?

Northern Quest Casino is renowned for its vast selection of gaming options, including the latest in gaming machines, thrilling table games, and a vibrant atmosphere that caters to every taste, making it the premier Spokane casino and entertainment venue.

How does Northern Quest Resort & Casino stand out as a luxury casino resort?

Northern Quest Resort & Casino sets itself apart as the best casino in Washington by offering luxurious accommodations, the AAA Four Diamond Award-winning Masselow’s Steakhouse, and world-class spa services, all earning it prestigious recognition like the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star rating.

Can you tell me more about the Kalispel Tribe of Indians and their role in the Northern Quest expansion?

The Kalispel Tribe of Indians established Northern Quest Casino, driving its transformation from a small venue to a major casino resort in the Pacific Northwest. The casino has seen significant expansion over the years, now including a luxury hotel, over 1,600 slot machines, 37 table games, and a robust lineup of live entertainment.

What live music events and venues does Northern Quest Casino offer?

Northern Quest Casino features the BECU Live outdoor summer concert venue, which hosts a range of live music events, drawing national artists from various musical genres, providing guests with unforgettable entertainment experiences.

How does Northern Quest Casino contribute to the Spokane community?

Over the past two decades, Northern Quest Casino has donated over $20 million to local charities and non-profit organizations in Spokane County, reflecting the Kalispel Tribe’s commitment to social services, healthcare, education, and environmental conservation.

What dining experiences does Northern Quest offer to guests?

Northern Quest Casino prides itself on dining excellence with varied culinary delights, from the AAA Four Diamond Masselow’s Steakhouse to diverse offerings such as Epic sports bar and East Pan Asian Cuisine, ensuring a luxury dining experience for every palate.

What spa services are available at Northern Quest Resort & Casino?

Guests can indulge in luxury and relaxation at La Rive Spa, a world-class day spa that boasts a Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star rating and offers an array of wellness and pampering services.

What is “Kalispel Hospitality” at Northern Quest Casino?

“Kalispel Hospitality” is the foundational value of Northern Quest Casino, guaranteeing a warm, welcoming, and exceptional service experience for every guest, reflecting the Kalispel Tribe’s legacy of dedication to hospitality.

What gaming options are available at Northern Quest Casino?

Northern Quest Casino offers an enjoyable gaming experience with an abundance of slot machines and a variety of table games equipped with the latest technology to satisfy both novice and seasoned gamers alike.

Why is Northern Quest Casino considered the best casino in Washington?

Northern Quest Casino is celebrated as the best casino in Washington due to its unmatched combination of premium gaming, luxurious accommodations, diverse dining and entertainment options, and the overall quality of the guest experience.

Can I host an event at Northern Quest Casino?

Yes, Northern Quest Casino provides exceptional venues for hosting events, including the elegant Kalispel Ballroom for large gatherings and the innovative Topgolf Swing Suite, along with award-winning culinary services and an array of entertainment options suitable for every occasion.

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