Little River Casino Resort: Gaming & Entertainment Hub

Nestled at the strategic crossroads of US31 and M22, Little River Casino Resort beckons visitors to the picturesque town of Manistee, Michigan. With its doors first thrown open in 1999, this casino in Little River has evolved from a quaint establishment with 600 slot machines to a thriving entertainment mecca boasting over 1,100 slot and video poker machines.

The allure of Little River Casino Resort lies not just in its expansive gaming options, but also in its commitment to providing a whole spectrum of Little River Casino entertainment. A full-fledged lodge-style hotel with 292 well-designed rooms, a variety of dining options, and a 1,600-seat event center for live shows, ensures that the resort is a comprehensive destination for both thrill-seekers and those in pursuit of relaxation.


Key Takeaways

  • Little River Casino Resort is a prime entertainment and gaming destination in northwest Michigan.
  • The resort’s considerable growth includes an impressive array of over 1,100 slot and video poker machines.
  • Guests can immerse themselves in a variety of table games, with new additions keeping the experience fresh.
  • Accommodations at Little River Casino Resort are designed to reflect the beauty of the natural surroundings.
  • Owned by the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, the resort offers a culturally rich and hospitable escape for those 18 and above.
  • Nationally headlining acts frequent the resort’s event center, adding to the diverse spectrum of entertainment available.

Welcome to Little River Casino Resort

As you cross the threshold into Little River Casino Resort, you are greeted with more than just the excitement of gaming; you enter a haven that echoes with the beauty of the Michigan landscape. Merely a stone’s throw away from where US31 meets M22, in the scenic town of Manistee, this resort stands as a testament to comprehensive entertainment, deluxe accommodation, and mindful hospitality.

A Premier Destination in Northwest Michigan

The Little River Casino Resort reigns as a beacon of fun and relaxation in northwest Michigan. Here, day turns to night effortlessly amidst the sound of jackpot bells and the laughter of guests enjoying themselves. With Little River Casino gaming experiences that range from the latest slot machines to classic table games, each visit promises a new adventure in this vibrant atmosphere.

Experience Comfort in a Natural Setting

Comfort is paramount within the Little River Casino hotel premises, where 292 lodge-style rooms await to envelop visitors in the essence of nature. Each well-appointed room serves as a private retreat after a day full of excitement. For the intrepid, a 95-space RV Park provides a unique way to experience all the amenities of the resort while staying true to the call of the road.

An Introduction to the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians

Oversight and operational guidance for the Little River Casino Resort proudly rest in the hands of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. This relationship infuses the resort with a culturally rich perspective and a commitment to genuine hospitality, ensuring that every guest is treated with reverence and community spirit.

The Evolution of Little River Casino Gaming

Charting the growth of Little River Casino Resort reveals a remarkable journey from a modest gambling venue to a benchmark of casino entertainment in Michigan. This ascent is characterized by significant expansion in gaming amenities and a dedication to creating a top-tier experience for visitors. At Little River Casino Resort, every shuffle of the deck and spin of the reels tells a story of success and entertainment evolution.

From Humble Beginnings to a Gaming Powerhouse

When the Little River Casino first opened its doors, it did so with a vision of bringing joy and excitement through gaming. The casino swiftly expanded its operations, transitioning from a fledgling establishment into a robust gaming powerhouse. This transformation has firmly positioned Little River Casino Resort as a cornerstone of Michigan’s entertainment landscape, offering an unparalleled gaming adventure.

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Discover Over 1,100 Slot and Video Poker Machines

Little River Casino gaming delights with a diverse range of over 1,100 slot and video poker machines. These carefully curated gaming options ensure that every trip to the casino is filled with excitement and the chance for a winning streak. The machines, fitted with the latest technology, provide an exceptional gaming environment that is continuously updated with new and engaging titles.

A Variety of Table Games for Every Player

The casino’s table game offerings bring Little River Casino gaming full circle, with a variety of games to suit every level of skill and interest. Whether it’s the thrill of blackjack, the anticipation of roulette, or the strategy of poker, players are met with a broad spectrum of table games. Each game is conducted under the guidance of professional dealers, enhancing the authenticity and enjoyment of the gaming experience.

Little River Casino promotions are central to the resort’s approach in offering a rewarding experience for its guests. Regularly updated and thoughtfully designed, these promotions provide enhanced opportunities to play and win. Whether it’s a seasonal event or a daily special, the promotions at Little River Casino Resort add an extra dash of excitement to the gaming floor.

Slot Machines Video Poker Table Games
Over 600 classic and contemporary titles State-of-the-art video poker options Variety of traditional and modern games
Innovative features and bonuses Multiple game variations available Professional live dealers

Little River Casino Hotel: Luxury Lodging Options

After an exhilarating day at the casino, guests of Little River Casino Resort can retreat to the comforts of the Little River Casino lodge. The hotel, an extension of the casino’s vibrant atmosphere, offers a serene escape that beautifully reflects the tranquility of the surrounding Manistee region.

Tranquil Lodge-Style Accommodations

The Little River Casino hotel is not just a place to rest; it’s an integral part of the resort experience. With 292 exclusively designed lodge-style rooms, guests are treated to an ambiance that captures the rustic charm and peaceful essence of northern Michigan. Each room caters to travelers’ needs with plush bedding, modern amenities, and captivating views that promise relaxation and rejuvenation.

Luxurious Amenities for a Comfortable Stay

Upholding its reputation for luxury, the Little River Casino lodge doesn’t stop at just good night’s sleep. The hotel boasts an array of top-tier amenities, ensuring every aspect of the guest’s stay is catered to. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing swim in the indoor or outdoor pools, designed for year-round enjoyment, or dine in one of the resort’s exquisite restaurants. For the full pampering experience, the resort’s Nectar Spa & Salon offers a range of services to restore the body and mind.

Little River Casino: Top Promotions and Rewards

Experience the height of gaming exhilaration at Little River Casino Resort with an extensive array of Little River Casino promotions designed to enrich every visit. These promotions not only offer the thrill of gaming but also provide guests with an opportunity to reap the rewards of loyalty and continuous play.

Little River Casino events and promotions are thoughtfully crafted to cater to a variety of players, ensuring that everyone, from the casual gamer to the seasoned enthusiast, finds value and entertainment. Tailored to enhance the gaming journey, these promotions range from prize drawings to bonus play days and everything in between.

  • Exclusive Member Rewards
  • Monthly Promotional Games
  • Special Event Drawings
  • Seasonal Specials with Significant Prizes

By participating in the Little River Casino promotions, guests immerse themselves in a gaming adventure that extends beyond the norm, embracing the chance to win big and enjoy special privileges. The resort dedicates itself to creating a dynamic environment where promotions are not just incentives; they’re a cornerstone of the Little River Casino experience.

Mark your calendars and join the excitement, as the schedule brims with Little River Casino events that promise rich rewards and unforgettable moments. For those who have yet to become members, signing up is a gateway to an array of exclusive benefits that significantly augment the gaming thrill.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a day trip, taking advantage of these promotions can markedly magnify the joy and potential winnings. Embrace the rush of anticipation and the cheer of victory that come hand-in-hand with the exceptional Little River Casino promotions and events crafted for guests’ utmost enjoyment.

Savor the Flavors: Dining at Little River Casino Resort

Whether you’re taking a break from the excitement of the slots or looking for a fine dining experience, Little River Casino Resort presents an array of casino dining options for every appetite. From succulent steaks to casual fare, the resort’s restaurants serve up dishes crafted to satisfy discerning palates and hungry casino-goers alike. Not sure where to begin? Let us guide you through the dining delights that await at Little River Casino Resort.

Gourmet Cuisine to Quick Bites

Indulge in a culinary journey at the resort’s premier dining establishments. Opt for an elegant atmosphere where gourmet menus feature prime cuts and the freshest seafood, or keep it casual at a bistro where the flavors are hearty and the service is quick. Every dining venue at Little River Casino Resort is committed to exceeding your expectations with quality ingredients and creative presentations.

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Restaurants That Cater to Every Palate

Diversity is key to the dining experiences at Little River Casino Resort. Whether you’re craving Italian, Asian, or classic American, there is a restaurant ready to take you on a flavorful expedition. The chefs at Little River take pride in their culinary creations, ensuring each guest’s dining experience is memorable.

Cuisine Ambiance Experience
Gourmet Elegant/Formal An upscale dining with a focus on fine wines and sophisticated dishes
American Casual/Comfortable Hearty meals in a relaxed setting ideal for family-friendly dining
Fast Food Laid-back Quick bites to eat between games, serving sandwiches, snacks, and more
International Themed/Varied Authentic flavors from around the world, offering a unique taste adventure

At Little River Casino Resort, dining is integral to the entertainment experience, offering guests not just a chance to win big, but also to dine splendidly. The next time you walk through our doors, remember that an extraordinary array of casino dining options awaits to delight your senses.

Enticing Little River Casino Entertainment and Events

Stepping into the lively world of Little River Casino Resort, guests are immediately captivated by a flurry of top-notch entertainment options that animate every visit. From thrilling Little River Casino concerts to laughter-filled nights at the stand-up comedy shows, this entertainment hub is never short on exhilarating experiences.

Nationally Headlining Acts at the Event Center

Guests seeking a premium live entertainment experience will find the resort’s 1,600-seat event center to be the heartbeat of the Little River Casino entertainment scene. By hosting nationally recognized artists and comedians, it stands as a prestigious venue for an unforgettable evening of performances. These headliners bring with them a sense of grandeur, making each Little River Casino concert an event to remember.

A Calendar Filled with Exciting Casino Events

Turning the pages of the Little River Casino events calendar reveals a tapestry of exceptional happenings and gatherings. The variety is vast and vibrant, including seasonal festivals, exclusive gaming competitions, and special themed nights that ensure there’s always a new and exciting event scheduled for both newcomers and regular patrons. This consistent influx of events not only enriches the casino’s atmosphere but also cements Little River Casino’s status as a regional epicenter of entertainment and leisure.

For those who appreciate the finer aspects of entertainment, each visit to Little River Casino Resort is a promise of an enlivening experience, where each note in a concert and each laugh at a comedy show adds to the ever-growing legacy of this premier entertainment destination.

Luxury and Relaxation at Nectar Spa & Salon

In the heart of Little River Casino Resort lies a serene oasis dedicated to the art of pampering and relaxation: the esteemed Nectar Spa & Salon. Catering to both the body and soul, this luxurious spa embodies the ultimate retreat for guests seeking a break from the vibrant energy of casino life. Upon entering Nectar Spa & Salon, one is whisked away to a realm where tranquility reigns supreme, and every service is infused with the essence of pure indulgence.

At Nectar Spa & Salon, every detail is meticulously crafted to foster an environment of total well-being. The Spa offers a comprehensive suite of services that range from soothing massages to rejuvenating facials, body treatments, and an array of salon services. Expert therapists and stylists ensure that each guest’s experience is personalized, relying on high-quality products and techniques to deliver noticeable and satisfying results.

Those ready to indulge in the full Nectar Spa & Salon experience will discover a menu of treatments that cater to diverse preferences. Here, you can embrace the soothing touch of a Swedish massage, the restorative pressure of a deep tissue massage, or the innovative allure of hot stone therapy. Meanwhile, skin care enthusiasts will delight in the variety of facial treatments designed to enhance glow and vitality.

  • Swedish Massage: A classic technique for stress relief and relaxation
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Focused pressure to relieve tension and muscle soreness
  • Hot Stone Therapy: Warm stones to improve circulation and calm the mind
  • Custom Facials: Tailored skin care for radiant, replenished complexions
  • Body Treatments: Wraps and scrubs to nourish and detoxify the skin

The Nectar Spa & Salon’s commitment to excellence is evident not only in their range of services but also in the serene atmosphere they provide. The harmonious blend of natural elements and modern comforts creates a cocoon of luxury where time seems to stand still, allowing guests to unwind and revitalize their senses. It’s a space where every moment is an opportunity to breathe deeply, letting the stresses of the outside world melt away.

Whether one is seeking a solitary escape, a romantic couple’s retreat, or an indulgent group experience, Nectar Spa & Salon ensures that guests leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to face the world or the excitement of the casino floor with renewed vigor. The juxtaposition of such blissful seclusion within a bustling casino resort highlights the exceptional nature of Little River Casino Resort’s offerings, where luxury and leisure coexist harmoniously.

An RV Getaway: Exploring the Open Road

For travelers who find their home on the move, the Little River Casino RV Park offers a unique blend of freedom and convenience. Nestled within the picturesque settings of Manistee, the RV Park provides guests with an alternative way to enjoy the amenities and excitement of the casino in Little River, while still cherishing the nomadic lifestyle.

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95-Space RV Park for the Adventurous Travelers

The sprawling 95 spaces available at the Little River Casino RV Park are thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of the contemporary road warrior. Whether it’s a brief stopover or an extended stay, each space is equipped to serve as the perfect basecamp for exploring the beauty of northwest Michigan and indulging in casino entertainment.

All the Comforts of Home on the Road

Combining the allure of nature with the thrills of gaming, the RV Park at Little River Casino Resort isn’t just a parking spot; it’s a fully-realized living space. With all the signature comforts one expects, from full hook-ups to essential facilities, the park ensures that the adventurous spirit doesn’t have to forsake convenience for the sake of exploration.

Every slot at this accommodating park allows for seamless transitions from the rugged beauty of the open road to the vibrant life within Little River Casino Resort. Guests can enjoy a day in the great outdoors or engage in the high-energy entertainment that the casino is known for, all within a few steps of their home away from home.

Amenities Accessibility Entertainment Comfort
Full-service hook-ups Close proximity to casino Access to casino gaming and events Peaceful, natural surroundings
Modern facilities Easy in and out privileges Seasonal outdoor activities Spaces equipped for large RVs
Pet-friendly environment Paved roads and lighting Live entertainment options Quiet hours for undisturbed rest

The Little River Casino RV Park not only embraces the spirit of the road but enhances it with a touch of luxury and adrenaline. Eager to embrace your next road trip adventure? Little River awaits with open arms, offering a casino experience that’s just as mobile as you are.

Conclusion: Your Next Visit to Little River Casino Resort

The inviting ambiance of the Little River Casino Resort extends beyond the gaming floor and permeates every aspect of your stay in Manistee. As a premier destination, the resort promises a compelling blend of vibrant gaming activity, plush accommodations at the Little River Casino hotel, and an eclectic mix of Little River Casino entertainment. The combination of these aspects crafts a visit that’s brimming with the potential for memorable moments and experiences catered to every taste.

Revel in the dynamic casino environment where the latest slots and classic table games eagerly await your presence. Unwind in the lodge comforts, where each room reflects the scenic splendor of northwest Michigan. Whether your visit is driven by the quest for high-stakes thrills or the pursuit of tranquil repose, this resort accommodates with elegance and precision.

Embrace the manifold options of leisure and pleasure at the Little River Casino Resort. Here, the familiarity of returning guests converges with the first-time awe of new explorers to forge connections bound by delight and satisfaction. As you plan your next getaway, consider the manifold ways Little River pledges to make every visit outstanding and ensure your resort experience is not just gratifying, but also truly unforgettable.


What is the address and location of Little River Casino Resort?

Little River Casino Resort is located at the junction of US31 and M22 in Manistee, Michigan.

What gaming options are available at Little River Casino Resort?

The casino features over 1,100 slot and video poker machines, as well as a variety of table games, catering to all levels of gaming enthusiasts.

Are there any age restrictions for entering the casino?

Yes, guests must be 18 years or older to play on the casino floor at Little River Casino Resort.

What type of accommodations does Little River Casino Hotel offer?

The hotel boasts 292 lodge-style rooms with luxurious amenities to ensure guests have a comfortable and serene stay.

Does Little River Casino Resort offer any promotions or rewards?

Yes, the casino provides a range of promotions and rewards for players to enhance their gaming experience and opportunities for winning.

Are there dining options available at the resort?

Yes, the resort offers a variety of dining venues, from gourmet restaurants to casual eateries, satisfying a range of taste preferences.

What kind of entertainment can guests expect at Little River Casino Resort?

The resort hosts an array of entertainment options, including concerts, comedy shows, and events at their 1,600-seat event center.

Is there a spa at the Little River Casino Resort?

Yes, guests can enjoy the Nectar Spa & Salon which provides a full selection of spa and salon services for those seeking relaxation and pampering.

Does Little River Casino Resort accommodate RV travelers?

Yes, the resort has a 95-space RV Park equipped with full-service amenities for those who enjoy traveling on the open road while having access to casino entertainment.

How can someone find out about upcoming events and concerts at Little River Casino?

Information on upcoming events and concerts can be found on the Little River Casino Resort website or by contacting their guest services for the latest entertainment calendar.

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