Grand Falls Casino Guide: Gaming, Entertainment & Amenities

At the heart of the Midwest’s leisure landscape, Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort emerges as an eclectic haven that goes beyond traditional gaming halls. Nestled just 20 minutes east of Sioux Falls in Larchwood, Iowa, it is making a grand statement as a vibrant venue offering a full suite of entertainment and relaxation opportunities. Grand Falls Casino Resort is an ideal escape for those seeking a blend of thrill and tranquility. Here, the essence of Grand Falls Casino entertainment extends from the vibrant casino floor to the serenity of lush golf greens and the indulgent spa services.

With meticulous attention to guest experiences, Grand Falls Casino in Grand Falls provides an array of indulgences, all wrapped in the warm embrace of Midwestern hospitality. Whether it’s a weekend of relaxing sojourns, a gathering to celebrate life’s milestones, or simply an evening of fine dining and exciting gaming, Grand Falls Casino Iowa stands ready to offer an unforgettable experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort offers a wide range of entertainment and amenities beyond just casino gaming.
  • Located conveniently near Sioux Falls, the resort is perfect for both weekend getaways and special events.
  • A luxurious spa, championship golf course, and indoor and outdoor pools provide relaxation opportunities for guests.
  • Fine dining and late-night bites are among the culinary delights awaiting visitors.
  • The resort prides itself on hosting a variety of events with comprehensive on-site amenities.
  • This Iowa destination is committed to providing personalized experiences for all guests.

Welcome to Grand Falls Casino: A Hidden Gem in Larchwood

Discover a venue where luxury and leisure coalesce to create unforgettable moments—the Grand Falls Casino hotel. A distinguished establishment where sophistication meets comfort, Grand Falls Casino Iowa plays host to a myriad of events, weddings, and corporate gatherings. Tucked away in the serene town of Larchwood, this casino is a treasured escape offering guests an experience akin to none other.

At the core of the resort’s allure is the majestic Grand Ballroom. This opulent space is where dreams materialize, and every detail is meticulously crafted to reflect the clients’ vision. The dedicated event staff works diligently to ensure that every nuance, from the décor to the ambient lighting, harmonizes to set the stage for a memorable event.

Event Space Accommodations Special Features
Grand Ballroom Elegant seating with luxurious linen and dinnerware Accommodating staff dedicated to customizing your event
Event Center Configurable breakout rooms for business events 12,000-square-foot meeting space suited for large gatherings
Terrace Level Intimate setting ideal for smaller celebrations Picturesque indoor and outdoor spaces for personal soirees

For those seeking nocturnal delights, the night does not conclude with the end of your event. Venture forth into the vibrant casino in Grand Falls or visit the resort’s various eateries for a delectable late-night bite. The array of amenities, including tables, chairs, and fine dinnerware, alongside Grand Falls’ exquisite culinary options, ensures that every moment is laden with ease and luxury.

“We’re unique in the fact that we can host events of any size.” – Greta Stewart, Marketing Director

Whether reveling in a grand celebration or seeking a serene getaway, Grand Falls Casino hotel welcomes you to indulge in an elite experience that captures the essence of Iowan charm and grandeur.

Unrivaled Gaming Experience at Grand Falls Casino Iowa

As the gem of Larchwood, Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort extends an invitation to explore its lavish gaming arena, setting the stage for a thrilling and memorable encounter. The pulsating energy of the casino floor beckons players to dive into a world of vibrant lights and resounding jackpots, offering a gaming paradise for those in pursuit of chance and excitement.

Thrills on the Casino Floor

The casino at Grand Falls Casino Resort presents an extensive variety of gaming delights. Here, guests are ushered into a domain where slot machines chime in harmony with the cheers of fortunate winners, and table games offer a tableau of strategy and fortune. The opulent setting sets the tone for an elite gaming experience that’s both exhilarating and gratifying.

Experience Poker Room Dynamics

Genuine poker enthusiasts will find solace in the vibrant poker room, where skills are tested and friendships forged across the felt. It’s a place where the poker room dynamics shine—a nexus where strategy and psychology intertwine. Grand Falls’ commitment to integrity and fair play assures a transparent and fair gaming experience, with the management ensuring adherence to the highest standards of casino regulations.

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Luxury Accommodations: Stay in Style

The Grand Falls Casino hotel exemplifies a retreat of elegance and comfort. Those in pursuit of both repose and sophistication will find their needs impeccably catered to. Each guest room and suite at Grand Falls Casino Iowa epitomizes luxury and is meticulously designed to surpass expectations commonly held for smaller casino properties.

Redefining the standards of elegance, the hotel accommodations are a testament to the resort’s commitment to utmost comfort and unyielding service quality. With amenities that speak volumes of the care put into every aspect of the guest experience, visitors are enveloped in an ambiance that is at once welcoming and exquisitely refined.

Room Type Features Amenities
Deluxe King King-size bed, high-quality furnishings High-speed Internet, refrigerator, fitness center access
Double Queen Deluxe Two queen beds, spacious design Housekeeping, coffee/tea maker, in-room safe
Grandview Suites Scenic views, separate living area Private balcony, whirlpool tub, walk-in shower

Whether visiting for business or leisure, the Grand Falls Casino hotel ensures that each moment of your stay is accompanied by modern conveniences and understated grandeur. The warm ambience and thoughtful amenities allow guests to immerse fully in the opulent surrounds of Grand Falls Casino Iowa, all while being assured that every need is just a request away.

With a devotion to guest satisfaction, the staff at Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort go above and beyond to deliver experiences that are not only memorable but deeply personalized. This is evident in the hotel’s pristine conditions, upbeat services, and dynamic lodging options that resonate with each visitor’s unique preferences.

“Our mission is to make every stay a rendezvous with luxury, where ease meets elegance.” – Grand Falls Casino Iowa Hospitality Team

High-Stakes Fun on a Championship Golf Course

Amidst the buzz of slot machines and the shuffle of cards, there lies a different kind of green at the Grand Falls Casino Resort—a resplendent golf haven designed by none other than Rees Jones. Known as “The Open Doctor” for his reworks of courses for major championships, Jones’ work at Grand Falls Casino provides golf enthusiasts with an exceptional 18-hole journey, set against the picturesque backdrop of Iowa’s pastoral beauty.

Designed by Rees Jones

The Grand Falls Casino golf course is a testament to Jones’ ability to sculpt a challenging yet fair golfing experience. His distinguished career features designs that have hosted the world’s premier golf competitions. At Grand Falls, he brings his expertise to an astounding course that captivates both the seasoned and the novice golfer.

Every tee, fairway, and green has been carefully crafted to complement the natural contours of the land, creating a course that is as beautiful as it is challenging. The meticulous design provides players with an intricate game that rewards precision and strategy, attributes that are quintessential to the sport.

The Breathtaking 18-Hole Challenge

Spanning more than 7,100 yards, the Grand Falls Casino golf course harmoniously melds with the naturally undulating terrain, culminating in the signature 17th hole where a dramatic 30-foot waterfall cascades into a crystal blue lake. This focal point is not just a stunning visual feat but also plays a crucial role in the play, adding an extra layer of challenge to the round.

As golfers confront the fairways, they are treated to an array of services that include a full-service Golf Shop offering the latest gear, as well as rental clubs for those looking to travel light. The thoughtfully placed amenities and courteous staff ensure a seamless golfing adventure at this prime Grand Falls Casino resort destination.

Hole Number Par Yards Features
1-9 36 3,600 (approx.) Gentle hills and challenging bunkers
10-17 35 3,400 (approx.) Water hazards and natural obstacles
18 4 480 Iconic waterfall finish

Whether you aim to refine your game amid the tranquil Iowa landscape or simply wish to indulge in a luxurious round of golf, the championship course at Grand Falls Casino Resort awaits. For those visiting the resort, the opportunity to traverse this exceptional course is an invitation to immerse in the grand tradition of golf—a tradition that is vibrantly alive in the heart of the Midwest.

A Taste of Elegance at Ruthie’s Steak & Seafood

At Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort, a culinary adventure awaits at Ruthie’s Steak & Seafood. This upscale dining venue epitomizes Grand Falls Casino dining excellence, with its refined atmosphere that caters to those with a penchant for gourmet experiences. As the aroma of sizzling steaks and the essence of fresh seafood permeate the air, diners are transported to a world of sophisticated flavors and opulent surroundings.

Ruthie’s is renowned for its meticulous selection of premium ingredients, each contributing to a symphony of taste that resonates with diners long after the meal concludes. Known not only for its delectable dishes but also as a centerpiece of Grand Falls Casino entertainment, the restaurant presents a perfect backdrop for celebrating life’s special moments.

Culinary Highlights Local Ingredients Beverage Pairings
Certified Angus Beef and Imported A5 Wagyu House-made butter and artisan sauces Extensive wine list and signature cocktails
Fresh Seafood Varieties: Crab, Lobster, Fish Farm-to-table produce Curated list of fine spirits and aperitifs
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The tranquil ambience of Ruthie’s Steak & Seafood offers guests an intimate setting, underscored by soft candlelight and warm service. As one devours a dish crafted from the choicest cuts of beef or the day’s catch, it’s evident why Ruthie’s is a gem within the resort’s culinary crown. The restaurant strives for nothing short of culinary perfection, making it a must-visit for food connoisseurs dwelling in or visiting the Larchwood area.

“Ruthie’s is the perfect place for anyone who would like to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, special occasion, or just have a nice sit-down meal in a more refined atmosphere.” – Greta Stewart, Marketing Director

Whether seeking a luxurious evening out or an unforgettable dining experience to compliment a day of excitement and entertainment, Ruthie’s Steak & Seafood at Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort stands ready to elevate your palate with every visit.

Indulge in Relaxation at Grand Falls Casino Spa

Escape to a sanctuary of serenity at the Grand Falls Casino spa, your ultimate destination for relaxation and revitalization. Blending luxurious comfort with serene ambience, the spa at Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort offers a retreat from the everyday, inviting guests to experience wellness and tranquility.

Pampering at Its Finest

At the heart of the Grand Falls Casino amenities is the spa’s commitment to providing an unparalleled experience of pampering. Whether seeking to unwind after a day at the casino or looking to rejuvenate the mind and body, guests are greeted with an array of treatments designed to soothe and revitalize. Each therapy is expertly tailored to meet individual needs, ensuring a personalized journey to relaxation.

Full Range of Spa Services for Rejuvenation

With a full suite of spa services, the Grand Falls Casino spa is equipped to address every aspect of guest wellbeing. From deep-tissue massages that release tension to gentle facials that refresh and restore the skin, the spa’s skilled professionals work diligently to deliver total rejuvenation. Manicures, pedicures, and waxing services complete the comprehensive offering, ensuring that guests leave feeling pampered from head to toe.

Service Description Benefits
Massage Therapy Customized massage sessions Relaxation, muscle tension relief
Facial Treatments Skincare tailored to individual needs Radiance, skin hydration
Body Treatments Scrubs and wraps for body detox Exfoliation, skin nourishment
Nail Services Manicures and pedicures Beauty, nail health

The facilities at Grand Falls Casino spa are thoughtfully designed to cultivate an environment of peace and harmony. Guests are invited to extend their relaxation beyond treatments with amenities like the sauna, steam room, and a range of activities in a calming setting—setting the stage for a truly therapeutic escape.

“For those who need a moment of relaxation or desire a full day of pampering, our spa is a sanctuary designed with your comfort and tranquility in mind.” – Grand Falls Casino Spa

Entertainment and Events: Grand Falls Casino Style

Immersing oneself in the vibrant energy of Grand Falls Casino events epitomizes the quintessence of high-spirited enjoyment. It’s here where the allure of live shows combines with a dynamic nightlife to provide an all-encompassing entertainment experience. The resort beckons those seeking exhilarating amusement with offerings that extend far beyond the gaming tables and slot machines, promising to infuse every visit with memorable exhilaration.

The variety of Grand Falls Casino entertainment options ensures that there’s something for patrons of all interests. Whether it’s the magnetic pull of a live band, the laughter and applause from a comedy show, or the sophisticated sipping in the evening lounge, each detail is crafted to contribute to the casino’s effervescent atmosphere. These entertainment facets, when experienced after an afternoon or evening of gaming, round off the day with style and spirited grace.

Animated conversations, the clinking of glasses, and the steady hum of excitement form the backdrop to the Grand Falls Casino’s evenings. Here, guests are invited to dip into an ocean of entertainment opportunities, where each night blooms with the potential for joy and the unexpected. The events calendar is brimming with a variety of performances and gatherings designed to enchant and delight visitors.

Entertainment Options Features Experience
Live Shows Diverse genres and performances Engaging and electrifying live entertainment
Nightlife and Lounges Sophisticated settings Casual yet chic environments for unwinding
Special Event Nights Themed parties and celebrations Unique and festive evenings filled with fun

The essence of these Grand Falls Casino events lies not only in the caliber of the entertainment provided but in the realization that with each event, guests are partaking in the exclusive Grand Falls Casino lifestyle. This lifestyle celebrates joy, connection, and the merry pursuit of unforgettable nights—where every smile, every toast, and every round of applause resonates with the casino’s ethos of sheer merriment.

“Each visit to Grand Falls Casino is designed to be an experience of joy and high-energy entertainment, inviting our guests to leave with stories they can’t wait to share.” – Grand Falls Casino Entertainment Team

Grand Falls Casino: A Venue for Every Celebration

At Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort, the grandeur of your celebrations is matched by the versatility and elegance of its event spaces. Known not simply for its vibrant ambiance but also as a hub for extraordinary gatherings, this resort takes pride in offering personalized and memorable experiences for every type of event. From the electrifying atmosphere of Grand Falls Casino events to the intimate soirees, every celebration becomes an unforgettable chapter in your story.

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Host Unforgettable Events

The Event Center at Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort is a premier destination for anyone looking to host an event that is both dynamic and sophisticated. With its generous 12,000 square feet of adaptable space, including configurable breakout rooms, the Event Center is perfectly equipped to accommodate corporate meetings, grand parties, and joyous celebrations of all sizes. The state-of-the-art facilities and professional staff ensure that each event unfolds flawlessly and leaves a lasting impression on your attendees.

Versatile Event Spaces for Every Occasion

Whether celebrating love, achievements, or milestones, the Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort offers a variety of spaces tailored to fit the unique needs and size of your event. The Grand Ballroom exudes opulence and is meticulously set up to bring your dream event to life, while the Terrace Level provides a charming setting for smaller, more intimate gatherings. With on-site catering, luxurious hotel accommodations, and experienced event staff, each space is transformed to reflect the essence of your vision, creating celebrations that resonate.

Event Space Capacity Ambiance Special Features
Event Center Large-scale events Modular and modern Comprehensive A/V technology
Grand Ballroom Flexible Luxurious and refined Customizable setups and decor
Terrace Level Smaller groups Intimate and cozy Access to outdoor areas

Revel in the assurance that every aspect, from the grandiose to the delicate, is handled with the utmost attention to detail at Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort. It’s not just an event; it’s an experience crafted to enchant and be etched in the hearts of all who partake.


In the tapestry of Iowa’s leisure destinations, Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort stands as a distinguished weave, offering an all-encompassing escape sought by many. It’s a domain where the thrill of the casino meets the reprieve offered by a championship golf course and sumptuous spa treatments, crafting an unmatchable allure for every visitor. The resort’s prime objective is delivering an exceptional experience that is as varied as the guests’ reasons for visiting, whether it’s the roll of the dice or the quiet of the spa.

The true beauty of Grand Falls Casino Resort lies in its capacity to meld luxury with a broad array of amenities, catering to an audience that seeks more than just a casino. From the tee to the dining table, from the comfort of a deluxe suite to the excitement of a live event, the resort encapsulates the quintessence of indulgence and entertainment. It’s a distinctive retreat that invites guests to savor every moment of their stay.

Amid Iowa’s pastoral landscapes, Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort shines as a beacon of enjoyment and refined living, making it an unrivaled destination for those who demand an elite caliber of service and variety. As it continues to draw guests from near and afar, the resort promises a personalized slice of heaven where luxury is the standard, ensuring that every visit is memorable, every celebration illustrious, and every stay nothing short of extraordinary.


What entertainment options are available at Grand Falls Casino Resort?

Grand Falls Casino Resort offers a diverse range of entertainment options, including live shows, a vibrant nightlife scene with an evening lounge, and a variety of gaming experiences on the casino floor.

Can I book a hotel room at Grand Falls Casino in Grand Falls, Iowa?

Yes, you can book a room at the Grand Falls Casino hotel, which offers luxurious accommodations and contemporary amenities for guests.

What gaming experiences can I expect at Grand Falls Casino Iowa?

Visitors to Grand Falls Casino can enjoy an unrivaled gaming experience with thrilling slot machines, table games, and a dynamic poker room. The Casino ensures fair play and an exciting atmosphere.

Is there a golf course at Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort?

Yes, Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort features a highly ranked 18-hole golf course designed by Rees Jones. The course provides a challenging game for golfers amidst a breathtaking landscape.

What dining options are available at the resort?

The resort features several dining options, including Ruthie’s Steak & Seafood, which offers an elegant dining experience with an extensive wine list and dishes made from local ingredients.

What spa services are offered at Grand Falls Casino Spa?

Grand Falls Casino Spa offers a full range of services, from massages to manicures, along with specialized treatment advice and access to a sauna and steam room for ultimate relaxation.

Are there event and meeting spaces at Grand Falls Casino?

Yes, Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort includes flexible event spaces such as the Event Center and the Grand Ballroom for hosting corporate parties, private celebrations, and other gatherings. They also offer on-site catering and accommodation services.

Where is Grand Falls Casino located?

Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort is located near Larchwood, Iowa, just 20 minutes east of Sioux Falls.

Does Grand Falls Casino Resort have a campground?

The resort provides a range of accommodations, including a campground for guests preferring an outdoor stay experience with the convenience of casino nearby.

Can I host a large outdoor event at the Grand Falls Casino?

Yes, Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort offers both indoor and outdoor event spaces, capable of accommodating large outdoor events, ensuring you have the perfect setting for your occasion.

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