Grand Casino Mille Lacs – Premier Gaming in MN

Nestled in the heart of Minnesota’s scenic landscape, Grand Casino Mille Lacs emerges as a pinnacle of entertainment and gaming delight. Located approximately 80 miles from the bustling city of Minneapolis, this esteemed Minnesota casino invites guests to immerse themselves in a superior gaming experience enhanced by an eclectic array of entertainment options and plush hotel accommodations. Owned with pride by the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, the establishment represents a cornerstone of hospitality and excitement for visitors seeking a harmonious fusion of classic games and modern comforts.

With a relentless commitment to quality, Grand Casino Mille Lacs is designed to satisfy every inclination. Whether it’s spinning reels, a hand of poker, or a relaxing stay in one of the resort’s luxurious suites, this destination embodies the essence of what it means to escape, play, and revel in the Minnesota spirit.


Key Takeaways

  • Grand Casino Mille Lacs is a distinguished gaming and entertainment destination in Minnesota.
  • The casino offers a vast range of gaming experiences, from slots to table games.
  • Guests can enjoy various entertainment options within steps of the gaming floor.
  • Luxurious hotel accommodations at the Mille Lacs Hotel feature 494 rooms and suites.
  • Owned by the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, the casino reflects a connection to regional heritage and culture.

A Look into Grand Casino Mille Lacs’ Establishment

Embracing its role as a bastion of Minnesota entertainment, Grand Casino Mille Lacs is steeped in the rich heritage bestowed by its owner, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. This established gaming and leisure destination reflects the culture and pride of the Ojibwe people, bringing both locals and travelers together for a taste of Minnesota’s renowned hospitality and vibrant gaming scene.

Owned by the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe

The casino’s commitment to excellence goes beyond the thrill of the gaming floor. Managed and operated with the wisdom and involvement of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, the casino has become an essential venue for both entertainment and economic development within the region. It anchors the community as a hub of social and cultural activity, setting a precedent for community-operated gaming institutions across the nation.

Facilities and Amenities Beyond Gaming

A stone’s throw from the bustling gaming floor lies a sanctuary of comfort and elegance—the Mille Lacs Hotel. This crown jewel features 494 exquisitely designed hotel suites, equipped with modern conveniences that cater to families, couples, and solo adventurers alike. The allure of the casino extends to an encompassing realm of amenities designed with the guest experience in mind.

Delving deeper into the heart of Grand Casino Mille Lacs reveals an infrastructure that offers more than just a chance at Lady Luck. Here, guests discover a wide spectrum of dining experiences, retail options promising keepsakes of their visit, and an opulent spa that promises relaxation and rejuvenation after a day at the gaming tables. As an all-encompassing Minnesota entertainment complex, Grand Casino Mille Lacs guarantees an experience tailored to delight every sense and create unforgettable memories.

  1. 494 Hotel Rooms and Suites: A testament to the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe’s commitment to luxury and comfort, offering a respite from the adrenaline of the gaming floor.
  2. Array of Dining Options: From gourmet cuisine to quick bites, culinary adventures await every palate.
  3. Child Care Services: Ensures a family-friendly environment, providing peace of mind for guests as they immerse themselves in the gaming experience.
  4. State-of-the-Art Fitness Center: Promoting health and wellness, a modern facility available 24/7 to all guests.
  5. Electric Car Charging Stations: Catering to the eco-conscious traveler, a thoughtful touch reflecting the progression of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe’s forward-thinking ethos.

These core components of Grand Casino Mille Lacs coalesce to create more than just a visit—they contribute to a prodigious legacy and a beacon of Minnesota entertainment that resonates well beyond the slots and card tables.

Exploring the Vast Gaming Floor at Grand Casino Mille Lacs

Recognized as a premier gaming destination, Grand Casino Mille Lacs offers an unparalleled casino gaming experience that caters to fans of chance and strategy alike. With nearly 1,800 state-of-the-art slot machines, this entertainment hub attracts visitors ready to hear the sounds of winning bells and see the flashing lights announcing jackpots.

The extensive gaming floor is meticulously designed to create an atmosphere where excitement and variety reign supreme. It’s here that patrons can find a myriad of entertainment options, engaging in everything from the adrenaline rush of multi-line video slots to the anticipation of classic three-reel games. High-stake pull tab games are also popular, offering visitors daily-changing prize opportunities and raising the stakes for high rollers and casual players alike.

At Grand Casino Mille Lacs, the expansive gaming floor is more than a place to play—it’s an invitation to indulge in a world-class gaming experience that seamlessly integrates the thrill of gaming with the comfort of a top-tier entertainment destination.

  • Classic and Video Slots: A diverse selection elevates the slot experience, satisfying both nostalgic preferences and modern desires.
  • Poker Machines: Hands are dealt with anticipation at the numerous poker stations, where strategy and luck meet.
  • Pull Tab Games: Easy to play and addictively fun, pull tabs offer instant gratification with a variety of games and stakes.

Truly an embodiment of Minnesota’s entertainment prowess, Grand Casino Mille Lacs stands as a beacon of premium leisure, with the gaming floor at the heart of its allure. Come discover the exceptional blend of dynamic entertainment and traditional charms that make this casino a beloved destination.

Slot Machines and EZ Play Options

At the heart of Grand Casino Mille Lacs lies a vibrant array of slot machines, each offering a unique blend of classic charm and contemporary technology, including the seamless EZ Play options. The vast selection ensures that both novices and seasoned gamblers find their rhythm amidst the melody of cascading coins and digital melodies.

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Wide Variety of Slots

The offerings at Grand Casino Mille Lacs cater to a broad spectrum of preferences. Indulge in a diverse range of themes and denominations that promise to elevate the gaming experience. From nostalgic three-reel classics to the multi-sensory immersion of modern video slots, the casino’s selection is unmatched. The EZ Play “ticket-in, ticket-out” machines amplify this convenience, allowing players easy transitions between games and the flexibility to manage their gaming with efficiency.

The Non-Smoking Slots Area Appeal

Committed to providing a comfortable atmosphere for all patrons, Grand Casino Mille Lacs thoughtfully includes a non-smoking casino area. This sanctuary for non-smokers allows guests to relish their gaming experience in a fresh environment, ensuring that the casino’s appeal extends to every visitor. The non-smoking area represents the casino’s dedication to inclusive, tailored experiences for all guests.

  • Classic Slots: Encounter the timeless pull of the lever and the spin of the fruits and sevens.
  • Video Slots: Engage with interactive narratives and advanced graphic slots that captivate and entertain.
  • EZ Play Machines: Revel in the convenience of streamlined ticketing that simplifies play.

Thrills at the Tables: Blackjack, Poker, and More

The vibrant heart of Grand Casino Mille Lacs is not just its buzzing slot machines; it’s also the green felt of its table games where strategy and chance embrace. Enthusiasts of Blackjack and poker games will find an array of options to test their skills and fortune. For those with the propensity for high roller gaming, the casino’s exclusive High Limit Blackjack section offers an elevated table game experience imbued with luxury and intensified stakes.

To indulge in the timeless pursuit of card games, the casino floor is rich with opportunity. From the swift turnaround of Ultimate Texas Hold’em to the calculated suspense that builds with each card in Three Card Poker, Grand Casino Mille Lacs caters to the seasoned player as well as the curious newcomer. Here, games like Mississippi Stud and Four Card Poker Player Pooled games not only entertain but also often result in windfalls for the skilled or fortunate.

  1. Blackjack: Engage in a variety of Blackjack styles that cater to both adventurous spirits and traditionalists.
  2. Ultimate Texas Hold’em: For Poker aficionados, a game where the excitement grows with the community cards.
  3. Three Card Poker: A fast-paced game combining the strategy of poker with the speed of more instant-win games.
  4. Mississippi Stud: Put your poker skills to the test with this five-card hand game offering progressive payouts.
  5. Four Card Poker Player Pooled: Experience a collective thrill as players contribute to – and win from – a pooled pot.

The High Limit Blackjack sector beckons the daring, providing an oasis for those who seek to court luck with substantial bets. Service in this section is a cut above, with tableside food and drink service and attentive hosts who ensure a seamless gaming experience. Plasma TVs add a layer of luxury and entertainment, making high-stakes gaming not just about the win, but also the premier experience.

  • High-Stake Experience: Revel in the tension and potential of our high stakes tables, designed for those who play boldly.
  • Exclusive Service: Elevate your game with exceptional, tableside services reserved for the discerning player.
  • Personal Host Access: Enjoy the personal attention and convenience offered by dedicated hosts, enhancing the high roller experience.

The allure of Grand Casino Mille Lacs is inseparable from its dynamic table games. Whether it’s a rousing game of Blackjack or a strategic hand of poker, the casino stands as a beacon for thrilling, high-caliber gaming that continues to draw in those who seek the quintessential casino experience.

Bingo and Poker: Traditional and Modern Takes

At Grand Casino Mille Lacs, the thrill of gaming is not limited to the whirring of slot machines and the shuffling of cards at blackjack tables. A prominent feature of this casino’s gaming offerings includes both the classic game of Bingo and the contemporary appeal of poker. Visitors can explore the spectrum of gaming that spans from time-honored traditions to modern-day tournament battles.

State-of-the-Art Bingo Hall

For Bingo enthusiasts, Grand Casino Mille Lacs houses a cutting-edge Bingo hall that stands as a modern shrine to this age-old game. Equipped with the latest electronic games and boasting significant progressive jackpots, the Bingo hall guarantees an engaging and potentially lucrative experience. Sessions run seamlessly seven days a week, catered to both the morning riser and the night owl, making Bingo a premier attraction of the casino.

  1. Daily Sessions: Ensuring enthusiastic players can indulge any day of the week.
  2. Progressive Jackpots: Offering hightened excitement with substantial prizes.
  3. Electronic Bingo: Featuring the latest in gaming technology for an enhanced experience.

River’s Edge Poker Room Experience

The River’s Edge Poker Room beckons poker aficionados, manifesting as a sanctuary where focus and strategy come to the fore. Players are welcomed to a selection of their favorite poker variations, from the globally popular Texas Hold ‘Em to the challenging Omaha Hi-Lo and the intricate strategies of Seven-Card Stud. The poker room offers both cash games and high-stakes poker tournaments, providing opportunities for beginners and pros alike. And with progressive jackpots that begin at $5,000, the stakes are as enticing as the games themselves.

Game Type Buy-In Range Tournament Schedule Progressive Jackpot Starting Point
Texas Hold ‘Em $2 – $4 up to $5 – $60 Check casino schedule $5,000
Omaha Hi-Lo Varying limits Weekly Events $5,000
Seven-Card Stud Structured limits Monthly Tournaments $5,000

Whether it’s calling “Bingo!” at the top of your lungs or going all-in during a suspenseful poker round, Grand Casino Mille Lacs caters to all who crave the exhilarating combination of luck, skill, and the joy of winning.

Diverse Dining Options at Grand Casino Mille Lacs

At Grand Casino Mille Lacs, the array of dining options is a highlight for guests seeking flavors to match the excitement of the casino experience. The four on-site restaurants provide a culinary journey that spans across various cuisines and dining styles, ensuring that every appetite is not just satiated but also delighted. The casino’s emphasis on gastronomic variety plays a significant role in its reputation as a leading hospitality and entertainment destination in Minnesota.

Food connoisseurs will find themselves at home amid the restaurants of Grand Casino Mille Lacs, where dining is an integral part of the resort’s allure. The options range from casual, quick bites to exquisite feasts that could themselves be the main attraction for a night out. Whether it’s an impromptu meal or a planned dining event, the following highlights underscore the diverse, always available Grand Casino Mille Lacs dining experiences:

  • The all-you-can-eat buffet tempts guests with an impressive spread that includes chef-carved meats, Asian stir-frys, comfort classics, and a sweet finale with tempting desserts.
  • 1991 Kitchen offers a homage to homestyle favorites, serving a menu filled with comfort food items that spark nostalgia as well as creative takes on classic dishes.
  • For those who prefer a more relaxed setting with their meal, the Up North Bar and Plums provide a welcoming atmosphere and a menu suitable for a quick, satisfying dining experience.
  • Those in search of a vibrant sports ambience to complement their meal will find the Brand Burger Bar to be the perfect spot with its sports-centric theme, complete with big-screen TVs and a mouth-watering burger menu.

Whether it’s dawn or dusk, the doors to gastronomic delight never close at Grand Casino Mille Lacs, presenting dining choices that keep pace with the round-the-clock thrills of casino life.

Enhancing the grandeur of Grand Casino Mille Lacs is the commitment to providing hospitable service in every dining setting. Carefully curated menus with seasonal ingredients ensure that every visit to the dining establishments here is a fresh culinary adventure. From a hearty breakfast to reenergize after an exhilarating night to a sumptuous dinner to celebrate winnings, Grand Casino Mille Lacs is ever-prepared to elevate each guest’s dining experience.

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As part of the Grand Casino Mille Lacs dining journey, guests are invited to indulge in tastes that are as diverse and sophisticated as the gaming options on offer. This blend of culinary variety within arm’s reach of the gaming floor positions Grand Casino Mille Lacs as an unmatched destination for epicureans and gaming enthusiasts alike.

Unwind and Dine: From Upscale to Casual

After a day filled with the thrill of gaming at Grand Casino Mille Lacs, guests can transition from the vibrant clinks of slot machines to a space designed for relaxation and good food. Brand Burger Bar and Grand Cup & Cone offer varied dining experiences tailored for every guest, whether they’re craving the hearty appeal of a sports bar or the sweet comfort of ice cream and coffee.

Brand Burger Bar Sports Haven

For patrons seeking an engaging dining atmosphere that captures the spirit of competition along with their meal, the Brand Burger Bar stands out as a premier destination. As a true sports bar, it features a bevy of big-screen TVs, ensuring that no game is missed while indulging in a selection of savory burgers. The bar’s sports-centric environ is perfect for fans who want to keep an eye on the action while savoring fresh, expertly crafted burgers and an array of beverages.

Alongside classic burger offerings, guests will find an innovative menu designed to satisfy a range of tastes and preferences, setting Brand Burger Bar apart as an upscale yet casual dining gem within Grand Casino Mille Lacs.

Grand Cup & Cone for Sweet Treats

When the desire for something sweet strikes, Grand Cup & Cone emerges as a delightful retreat. Here, guests can enjoy an array of freshly brewed specialty coffee options, from robust espressos to smooth lattes, perfect for a morning start or a post-dinner treat. And for those with a penchant for ice cream, the variety of flavors on offer is a testament to Grand Cup & Cone’s dedication to providing a charming, family-friendly venue.

Adult guests with a taste for indulgence may choose to add a liquor shot to their coffee for an extra kick, exemplifying the versatile offerings and inclusive ambiance of Grand Cup & Cone. This cozy corner within Grand Casino Mille Lacs encapsulates the essence of leisure with its inviting assortment of baked goods, coffee house classics, and creamy ice cream selections.

Accommodations: Premier Comfort at Mille Lacs Hotel

Delight in the unparalleled realm of comfort where the Mille Lacs Hotel accommodations meld luxurious living with contemporary amenities. Grand Casino Mille Lacs ensures a stay where luxury suites become a sanctuary after the rousing excitement of the casino floor. Each detail is meticulously crafted to foster an environment of opulence and repose, making the Mille Lacs Hotel the epitome of indulgence in Minnesota.

Luxury Suites and Modern Amenities

Every suite in the Mille Lacs Hotel is a testament to grandeur, offering spacious lodgings richly appointed with modern amenities designed to offer comfort worthy of royalty. Guests are greeted by sumptuous interiors, plush bedding, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems—a serene backdrop for both relaxation and reflection. The commitment to providing guests with an extraordinary stay is evident in every corner, aiming to surpass expectations and enhance the casino resort experience.

  • Spacious Interiors: Open and inviting spaces to unwind in solace or celebrate wins with friends.
  • Plush Bedding: Luxuriant linens and cushions provide the ultimate sleep experience.
  • Entertainment Systems: Cutting-edge technology keeps guests entertained within the comforts of their private retreats.

Entertainment and Relaxation Amenities

The entertainment and relaxation amenities at Mille Lacs Hotel exemplify a resort dedicated to comprehensive guest satisfaction. The swimming pool, encircled by a stunning rock waterfall, invites guests to a unique aquatic environment for unwinding. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the 24/7 fitness center, equipped to maintain wellness routines during their stay. Reflecting true cinematic luxury, the hotel’s four-screen movie theater offers an array of current films in a state-of-the-art viewing environment.

  1. Swimming Pool with Rock Waterfall: An oasis for both leisure and relaxation, inviting a refreshing escape.
  2. 24/7 Fitness Center: A dedication to wellness, providing guests with the tools to maintain their health regimen away from home.
  3. Four-Screen Movie Theater: An array of film selections provides guests with a leisurely escape to the world of cinema.

Together, these features create a retreat that reflects both the excitement of Grand Casino Mille Lacs and the repose offered by the luxury accommodations of Mille Lacs Hotel—perfectly encapsulating the harmony of exhilaration and tranquility.

Events and Entertainment: Live Performances and More

Amidst the glimmering slots and gaming tables, Grand Casino Mille Lacs stands as a beacon of entertainment in Minnesota, presenting a varied spread of live performances and vibrant events to enrich the visitor’s experience. From soulful concerts to stand-up comedy, each event is crafted to offer unforgettable moments that resonate with the audience long after the last applause.

Entertainment options at Grand Casino Mille Lacs extend beyond the ordinary, transforming each visit into a dynamic escapade of cultural and artistic expression. The venue boasts two expansive grand ballrooms, each capable of adapting to a myriad of event setups to cater to the grandeur of every occasion that it hosts.

Whether it’s a high-energy rock concert, a corporate function, or an intimate acoustic set, the adaptable event spaces at Grand Casino Mille Lacs provide the perfect backdrop for an array of entertainment spectacles. This versatility is highlighted by an inventory of technically outfitted platforms ideal for hosting events at Grand Casino Mille Lacs that leave lasting impressions.

Event Category Description Venue Capacity
Concerts Varied musical genres from rock to jazz Up to 1,600 attendees
Comedy Shows Stand-up acts and comedic performances Adjustable based on event
Corporate Events Conferences, seminars, and business meetings Multiple configuration options
Special Occasions Weddings, anniversaries, and celebrations Customizable for intimate or grand setups

By infusing each event with unparalleled excitement and a touch of grandeur, Grand Casino Mille Lacs asserts itself as a leading destination for top-tier entertainment options in the region. This dedication to immersive, high-caliber entertainment contributes to its allure, making it not only a haven for gaming enthusiasts but also for those who appreciate the vibrant pulse of live performances.

With every show and event, Grand Casino Mille Lacs cements its reputation as a haven for those in pursuit of outstanding entertainment experiences. This is where memories are made, laughter is heard, and the spirit of Minnesota’s entertainment is celebrated.

Outdoor Activities: Exploring the Rich Surroundings

Grand Casino Mille Lacs not only offers an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience but also serves as the perfect basecamp for those eager to explore the exhilarating outdoor activities that Minnesota is renowned for. The casino’s proximity to Onamia, set amidst the state’s picturesque backdrop, creates an inviting playground for both adventure-seekers and nature lovers.

Adjacent Recreational Opportunities

Guests at Grand Casino Mille Lacs are invited to step out of the vibrant casino lights and into the embracing arms of nature. The surrounding area teems with recreational opportunities, offering a wide range of activities that can suit anyone looking to immerse themselves in the essence of the great outdoors. From leisurely pathways to rigorous trails, the local topography is perfect for invigorating hikes, mountain biking, and photography pursuits that capture the indelible spirit of Minnesota’s natural landscapes.

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For those who prefer the fairways, nearby golf courses provide a serene environment where one can enjoy the fresh air and natural greenery while taking on the challenges each course offers. Fishing enthusiasts can cast their lines into the region’s abundant lakes and rivers, renowned for their fresh catch and tranquil settings.

Incorporating Minnesota’s Natural Beauty

There’s a splendid synergy between the exciting indoor atmosphere of Grand Casino Mille Lacs and the tranquil beauty of Minnesota’s outdoors. Visitors can round off a day of gaming with evening campfires under the expansive northern sky or take early morning canoe rides on the shimmering waters, truly blending the best of both worlds.

For guests eager to explore local wildlife, bird watching opportunities abound, providing glimpses into the fascinating avian life that thrives here. Nature trails through verdant forests offer chances to spot regional flora and fauna, turning a simple walk into an educational journey into the heart of Minnesota’s biodiversity.

Ultimately, the opportunity to indulge in outdoor activities complements the casino’s offerings, providing a well-rounded experience that enriches the visitor’s stay. By integrating recreational opportunities that harness Minnesota’s natural beauty, Grand Casino Mille Lacs proves to be more than a gaming destination—it’s an invitation to embrace the outdoor splendor that makes Minnesota truly unique.

Promotions and Events: What’s New at Grand Casino Mille Lacs

The allure of Grand Casino Mille Lacs is not limited to the gaming floor’s shimmering slots and felt-topped tables. Year-round, the casino is abuzz with casino promotions, special events, and seasonal happenings, designed to elevate the gaming adventure and reward the casino’s valued patrons.

Regular Casino Promotions

For guests seeking to maximize their chances at winning or simply to get more bang for their buck, Grand Casino Mille Lacs offers a plethora of casino promotions. These promotions run consistently, giving guests ample opportunities to earn extra play credits, cash prizes, and other exclusive rewards. With promotions often changing, returning guests will find new ways to enhance their casino experience each visit.

Seasonal and Special Events

Seasonal celebrations and special events at Grand Casino Mille Lacs transform the usual gaming environment into a festive and engaging atmosphere. Catering to a variety of occasions, from holiday festivities to special gaming tournaments, these events encourage guests to immerse themselves fully in the communal spirit and excitement that only Grand Casino Mille Lacs can offer.

Event Type Description Date(s) Special Features
Summer Extravaganza Seasonal promotional event with increased jackpots. June – August Themed games, entertainment, and prizes.
Holiday Giveaway A special event featuring prize draws and giveaways. December Festive decorations, bonus play options.
Anniversary Celebration Commemorating Grand Casino Mille Lacs’ opening. Anniversary Date Anniversary-themed gaming promotions, special guest rewards.
New Year’s Bash A celebratory event to ring in the New Year. New Year’s Eve Live entertainment, midnight surprises, promotional play.


In the heart of Minnesota, Grand Casino Mille Lacs stands as a landmark of entertainment and a premier gaming sanctuary. From the clang of slot machines to the hushed intensity of the poker tables, it offers an impressive variety of high-stakes thrills and leisurely pursuits. The resort complements its gaming attractions with diverse dining venues, luxurious hotel suites, and a spectrum of live entertainment options, all designed to cater to an array of tastes and preferences. The Minnesota destination embodies not just the chance for lucky wins, but a full-bodied experience that encompasses every enjoyment of casino resort living.

Grand Casino Mille Lacs has firmly established itself as more than a mere stopover; it is a comprehensive destination where every visit promises new adventures. It continues to evolve, always refining and expanding its offerings to ensure the guest experience remains unmatched. Whether it’s a day trip or an extended stay, visitors depart with the joyful satisfaction of time well spent, memories made, and maybe even pockets a bit heavier. It’s a testament to a Minnesota destination where excellence is not the goal, but the standard.

With its steadfast focus on delivering a truly grand experience, Grand Casino Mille Lacs beckons travelers from across the United States to discover the richness of a premium casino scene in the serene backdrop of Minnesota. This establishment not only persists as a pillar in the community, providing economic vitality and cultural depth, but also as a beacon of hospitality that reflects the genuine spirit of the Midwest.


What gaming experiences does Grand Casino Mille Lacs offer?

Grand Casino Mille Lacs provides a variety of gaming experiences, including nearly 1800 slot machines, table games like Blackjack and poker, and a Bingo hall. There’s also the River’s Edge Poker Room for a range of poker games and tournaments.

Are there hotel accommodations available at Grand Casino Mille Lacs?

Yes, guests can enjoy stay at the Mille Lacs Hotel which features 494 rooms and suites equipped with modern amenities, offering luxury and comfort.

Can you tell me about the entertainment options at Grand Casino Mille Lacs?

Beyond gaming, the casino offers an array of live performances, events, and activities throughout the year in its two grand ballrooms. There’s also a four-screen movie theater and a swimming pool with a waterfall.

What types of dining options are available at Grand Casino Mille Lacs?

The casino features a selection of dining venues, including a buffet, the 1991 Kitchen, Brand Burger Bar, and Grand Cup & Cone, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Are there non-smoking areas on the gaming floor?

Yes, Grand Casino Mille Lacs has a designated non-smoking area for guests who prefer to enjoy their gaming experience without exposure to smoke.

What facilities and amenities does Grand Casino Mille Lacs provide beyond gaming?

The establishment boasts a fitness center, child care services, an arcade, a retail shopping area, electric car charging stations, and various dining and entertainment amenities.

Is there an area designated for high rollers?

High-limit players can enjoy gaming in the exclusive High Limit Blackjack area, which offers elevated experiences including tableside service and host access.

What outdoor activities are available near Grand Casino Mille Lacs?

Visitors can engage in a number of outdoor activities such as golfing at nearby courses, exploring scenic trails, and enjoying Minnesota’s natural beauty around Onamia.

How does Grand Casino Mille Lacs offer a diverse gaming experience?

There is a broad range of games from slot machines and EZ Play options to a variety of table games and poker formats, along with progressive jackpots and regular tournaments.

What promotions and events are typically offered at Grand Casino Mille Lacs?

The casino regularly hosts a variety of promotions offering guests chances to win, as well as seasonal and special events throughout the year for entertainment and engagement.

What makes Grand Casino Mille Lacs a premier gaming destination in Minnesota?

It’s the casino’s dedication to providing an extensive gaming experience, luxury accommodations, diverse dining options, and robust entertainment and recreational activities that make Grand Casino Mille Lacs a premier destination.

Are there accommodations for guests with electric cars?

Yes, Grand Casino Mille Lacs provides electric car charging stations to accommodate guests with electric vehicles.

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