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Welcome to ilani Casino, Washington’s premier gaming destination. Offering a blend of luxury and thrill, this luxury casino resort affords an unrivaled experience in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. As a premier casino resort, ilani invites guests to partake in an assortment of gaming and entertainment activities suitable for all preferences.

Step inside and be dazzled by the vibrant Cowlitz Ballroom, featuring live performances that are second to none, and immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping excitement on the casino floor bedecked with thousands of slot machines and gaming tables. ilani doesn’t just offer a night out, it promises an extraordinary adventure. With opportunities to join the exclusive Momentum program, guests amplify their visit with rewards and benefits tailored to enhance their gaming and entertainment experience at ilani, the beloved gaming and entertainment destination.


Key Takeaways

  • Discover the ultimate luxury gaming resort experience at ilani.
  • Feel the excitement with live entertainment and premier gaming experiences.
  • Become a Momentum member for exclusive rewards and benefits at ilani Casino.
  • Enjoy a diverse entertainment package at ilani, catering to all audiences.
  • Relax and indulge in the lavish amenities offered at Washington’s leading casino resort.

A Premier Pacific Northwest Destination: ilani Casino

Embark on an extraordinary journey of entertainment at the ilani Casino, a jewel among the best casinos in the Pacific Northwest. Nestled in the grandeur of natural beauty, ilani represents a collaborative masterpiece between the Cowlitz Tribe and Salishan-Mohegan, establishing a lavish resort that sets the standard for luxury and excitement in Washington state.

The Cowlitz Tribe’s Pinnacle of Entertainment

Stepping into the ilani Casino, guests are met with an awe-inspiring representation of the Cowlitz Tribe’s cultural heritage. The heart of the casino, the Cowlitz Ballroom, not only showcases intricately designed spaces but also hosts an array of spectacular events. From spine-tingling live concerts to performances by world-class entertainers, ilani offers an event roster that rivals the most prominent entertainment venues in the industry.

Luxurious Gaming and Upscale Amenities

For gaming enthusiasts seeking the premier experience, ilani does not disappoint. With a sprawling, accessible casino floor featuring a remarkable selection of approximately 75 gaming tables and nearly 3,000 slots, it stands as the top-rated casino in Washington state. Elegance meets exhilaration in its dedicated Asian Games section, providing games such as Pai Gow Poker and Midi Baccarat. The dynamic atmosphere continues beyond the casino floor with stylish bars and plush lounges, curating a vibrant nightlife destined to entice visitors of diverse interests.

Below is a glance at ilani Casino’s offerings that contribute to its distinguished reputation:

Feature Description
Casino Floor 100,000 square feet of gaming excitement with slots and tables.
Cowlitz Ballroom A cultural showcase hosting national acts and performances.
Dining Options An array of choices from fine dining to quick bites.
Nightlife Chic bars and lounges for an unforgettable evening experience.
Shopping Venues Boutiques and stores offering a variety of merchandise and souvenirs.
Asian Games Section Dedicated space for popular Asian table games.

Indeed, ilani Casino, developed by the respected Cowlitz Tribe casino in collaboration with Salishan-Mohegan, presents an extraordinary realm of entertainment, gaming, and hospitality. It’s more than just a casino—it’s a comprehensive destination promising to captivate guests with its unparalleled offerings.

Unmatched Gaming Experiences in Washington

At the heart of the Pacific Northwest’s premier gaming and entertainment destination, ilani casino stands as a beacon for enthusiasts seeking the quintessential casino in Washington. This Vancouver Washington casino elevates the standard for an electrifying atmosphere, where every turn offers the potential for legendary play. The robust selection of games ensures that ilani caters to both the novices and the seasoned gamblers all under one roof.

Thrilling Tables and Slot Action

The thrill of the game is palpable as you step onto ilani’s vast casino floor. The sound of chips clinking, the bright flashing of nearly 3,000 slot machines, and the cheering from the crowds gathered around the 75 gaming tables create an immersive experience. The casino’s exclusive areas for Asian Games underscore ilani’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity in gaming, featuring popular games like Pai Gow Poker and Midi Baccarat.

Exclusive Momentum Club Member Benefits

ilani’s Momentum Club adds a layer of excitement to this high-energy gaming and entertainment destination. Membership opens doors to a world of exclusive benefits designed to enhance your ilani experience. Participate in thrilling promotions like the $50,000 Holiday Cash Giveaway, and watch your Momentum escalate with every play, translating into more wins, more thrills, and an array of personalized perks.

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Game Type Description Momentum Club Benefits
Slot Machines Nearly 3,000 options, including classic favorites and the newest titles. Free entries into draw games and promotions, plus Status Points with each play.
Table Games An assortment of 75 tables offering BlackJack, Roulette, and more. Earn benefits and rewards as you spend time at the tables.
Asian Games Dedicated spaces for games like Pai Gow Poker and Midi Baccarat. Exclusive events and promotional offers for fans of Asian Games.
Sports Betting State-of-the-art sports betting venue at Stadium Sports Bar & Grill. Unique betting options and special promotions for Momentum members.

Discover the ilani casino experience where luxurious ambiance and jubilant cheers create an unforgettable visit. It’s not just about trying your luck; it’s about being part of a gaming adventure that promises both the thrill of victory and the pleasure of entertainment in Washington’s illustrious gaming and entertainment destination.

ilani Casino’s Entertainment Lineup: Shows and Live Performances

As a prominent gaming and entertainment destination, ilani Casino offers more than just thrilling casino action—it’s a hub for live entertainment. At the center of ilani’s vibrant cultural scene is the 30,000-square-foot Cowlitz Ballroom, an exquisite venue that headlines numerous national acts and captivating live shows.

What sets ilani apart is the variety and caliber of performances that guests can enjoy. The schedule is replete with artists spanning various genres, ensuring an electrifying atmosphere every visit. Whether it’s the soothing melodies of a master pianist at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse or the high-energy beats of a rock band at Line & Lure Seafood Kitchen & Tap, there’s a live performance tailored for every taste.

Here’s a snapshot of the upcoming entertainment roster, revealing that ilani’s commitment to live shows adds a remarkable dimension to the ilani casino experience:

Artist Date Venue
Scott Stapp January 21st Cowlitz Ballroom
Luke Albright December 12th Line & Lure
Crescendo Skye December 14th Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse
Kit Taylor December 15th Cowlitz Ballroom
Trent Beaver December 15th Line & Lure

With free live entertainment and a lineup that constantly showcases fresh, new acts and cherished favorites, ilani Casino affirms its status as not only a casino of choice but as an inclusive live entertainment venue that beckons visitors from all over the Pacific Northwest—and beyond.

Culinary Delights at ilani Casino

At the heart of ilani Casino, a premier casino resort, lies a culinary empire that rivals the world’s world-class dining options. The resort’s dedication to fine dining is evident in every dish presented to its guests, whether they crave the rich flavors of Italian cuisine or the classic American burger.

From Fast-Casual Eats to Fine Dining

The gastronomic journey at ilani spans a spectrum from the quick and comforting bites at Smashburger to the refined and elegant offerings at Bella Vista. Each restaurant within the resort is a testament to ilani’s commitment to quality, providing a diverse range of dining experiences that cater to every occasion and every palate.

Exquisite Wines and Crafted Cocktails

No gourmet experience is complete without the perfect accompaniment of a fine wine or a meticulously crafted cocktail. At ilani, the beverage selections are curated with as much attention to detail as the menu items themselves. Visitors can elevate their dining experience with pairings from an extensive collection of wines or let loose with artisanal cocktails that are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the taste buds.

Beyond the ambiance and flavorful offerings, ilani ensures that every meal is complemented by an unparalleled level of service. Here’s a closer look at some of the dining options available to guests:

Restaurant Cuisine Ambiance Signature Offerings
Bella Vista Italian Elegant and romantic Hand-made pasta, premium Italian wines
Smashburger American Casual and fast-paced Classic burgers, fries, and shakes
Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse Steakhouse Upscale and sophisticated Dry-aged steaks, craft cocktails
Line & Lure Seafood Lively and dynamic Freshly sourced seafood, local brews

Whether enjoying an intimate dinner at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse or a lively meal at Line & Lure, each dining venue within ilani is a chapter in a culinary storybook, filled with moments of delight and discovery. Above all, ilani casino’s ambrosial offerings are a celebration of flavors that ensure each visit to this premier casino resort remains a memorable one.

Shop, Engage, and Revel at ilani Casino

As a premier casino resort, ilani casino stands out not just for its exceptional gaming but also as a Pacific Northwest shopping destination where every visit promises a novel experience. ilani’s selection of retail options extends from unique regional keepsakes at the Cowlitz Trading Post to the irresistible allure of designer apparel and accessories.

Cowlitz Trading Post and More

Among the many retail stores ilani takes pride in, the Cowlitz Trading Post stands prominently as a shopper’s go-to for items that carry the essence of the region. With a treasure trove ranging from souvenirs that speak of the Pacific Northwest’s spirit to daily essentials that cater to every traveler’s needs, this venue is designed to complement your visit.

Ruby Blue and the Best of Retail

Ruby Blue elevates ilani’s retail experience with its dazzling array of fine jewelry. Whether marking a special occasion or simply indulging in a touch of luxury, Ruby Blue offers pieces that are as unforgettable as your time spent at ilani. Meanwhile, the Marshall Rousso store beckons fashion aficionados with its latest trends and classic styles, making ilani a complete shopping haven.

Shopping Destination Offerings Highlights
Cowlitz Trading Post Regional souvenirs, apparel, gifts, daily essentials A one-stop-shop encapsulating the Pacific Northwest culture
Ruby Blue Exquisite jewelry Elegant designs perfect for special occasions and gifting
Marshall Rousso Fashion apparel and accessories On-trend selections for a stylish wardrobe update

Ilani casino presents more than games and entertainment; it’s an experience that satisfies one’s desire for variety and quality shopping—making it a celebrated Pacific Northwest shopping destination.

ilani Casino’s Upcoming Events and Promotions

At the heart of the luxury casino resort, ilani casino captivates visitors with its dynamic array of upcoming events and promotions. The casino’s dedication to creating an award-winning casino experience is exemplified by its enticing lineup of opportunities for guests to immerse themselves in high-stakes fun.

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Stay Ahead of the Game with ilani’s Promotions

Guests of ilani casino have learned to expect the unexpected, as the venue regularly rolls out exciting gaming promotions designed to thrill and reward. The diverse promotional schedule keeps the gaming experience fresh and captivating, ensuring that each visit to ilani is full of potential lucky moments.

Momentum Escalates with Holiday Giveaways and More

Members of ilani’s exclusive Momentum program are treated to a world where each visit brings them closer to incredible wins through promotions like the $50,000 Holiday Cash Giveaway. As participants engage with the various games, they accrue points and gain entries into drawings that could see them walking away with grandiose prizes, adding to the allure of this luxury casino resort.

Event Name Description Date Momentum Benefits
$50,000 Holiday Cash Giveaway A chance to win a share of $50,000, with a grand prize of $40,000 in cash. December 1st – 17th Members receive a free entry daily and additional entries for every Status Point earned.
Grand Finale Drawing An exhilarating conclusion to the festive promotion with immense cash prizes. TBA Exclusive entry options for Momentum members to amplify their winning chances.
Member-Only Events Special events tailored for Momentum members, offering unique advantages. Varies Access to members-only gameplays, luxury rewards, and tailored service.

By interweaving thrilling gaming action, generous promotions, and an esteemed loyalty program, ilani casino seamlessly crafts an award-winning casino experience for every guest. As the excitement builds through each event and giveaway, ilani solidifies its reputation as a premier destination for those in pursuit of fortune and fun.

Luxury Accommodations and Hospitality at ilani Casino

Matching the excitement of gaming with sumptuous living, ilani casino is poised to introduce a monumental addition to its grandeur with the development of a new hotel, set to be the epitome of luxury accommodations in the region. Expected to be one of the best casinos in the Pacific Northwest, ilani’s commitment to excellence is not just a promise, but a deliverance of a four-diamond service experience.

New Hotels Delivering Four-Diamond Experiences

The anticipation grows as ilani announces the construction of a 14-story hotel that is set to redefine the standards of luxury. As guests look to immerse themselves in the enchanting views of the Pacific Northwest mountains, this new establishment will serve as a haven for those seeking serenity and indulgence. With around 300 beautifully designed rooms, offering a harmonious blend of comfort and elegance, ilani is expected to become the quintessence of exquisite stay.

Pampering Guests with a Variety of Amenities

With a vision to cater to every guest’s needs, the new hotel at ilani casino is imagined to offer a myriad of amenities tailored towards complete relaxation and pampering. Visitors can anticipate luxuriating in spacious suites, unwinding at the full-service spa, and making a splash in the swimming pool. The pinnacle of this experience resides at the top-floor restaurant, where dining will be accompanied by mesmerizing mountainous vistas.

Amenity Details
Luxury Suites Expansive and elegantly furnished spaces designed for supreme comfort.
Full-Service Spa A rejuvenating retreat offering a full range of spa treatments and services.
Swimming Pool A tranquil pool area providing relaxation and family-friendly fun.
Top-Floor Restaurant An exclusive dining venue featuring panoramic views and gourmet cuisine.

Embodying the ethos of hospitality, ilani is dedicated to creating an unparalleled experience that extends well beyond the casino floor. The new hotel is a testament to ilani’s mission to provide an oasis of luxury where guests can create memories that last a lifetime.

ilani’s Strategic Location: Easily Accessible for Pacific Northwest Adventures

Nestled near the picturesque cities of Vancouver and Portland, ilani casino serves as the perfect start point for visitors looking to experience the grandeur of the Pacific Northwest. Proximity to a host of local attractions and easy access from multiple transport hubs make the Vancouver Washington casino not just an entertainment hub but a gateway to regional exploration and adventure.

Discover Local Attractions Near ilani Casino

Those looking to enrich their visit to the renowned casino in Washington will find themselves spoilt for choice with a variety of nearby attractions. Cultural landmarks rooted in history offer engaging excursions, while the natural beauty of parks provides picturesque retreats, all just a stone’s throw from ilani casino. Here are some must-visit local sites:

  • Esther Short Park: A historic 5-acre haven of greenery, just 25 minutes from ilani.
  • Forest Park: Over 5,000 acres of luscious woodland complete with hiking trails, only 54 minutes away.
  • Fort Vancouver Historic Site: A dive into the Pacific Northwest’s history, and a mere 20-minute drive from the casino.
  • Waterfront Renaissance Trail: A relaxing path along the Columbia River, 27 minutes from ilani’s excitement.

Combining the thrills of gaming with the richness of Washington’s cultural and natural attractions creates a comprehensive entertainment experience for visitors of the ilani casino.

Making the Most of Proximity to Vancouver and Portland

The exciting urban landscapes of Vancouver and Portland lie in close proximity to ilani, expanding the options for guests looking to explore the city sights. Discover the Oregon Zoo’s wildlife, delve into the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, or take a leisurely walk in Tom McCall Waterfront Park. For book enthusiasts, Powell’s City of Books in Portland is a literary treasure waiting to be explored. The convenient location strengthens ilani’s position as the apex Vancouver Washington casino, providing an unparalleled base from which to launch your Pacific Northwest adventures.

Explore the Pinnacle of Leisure at ilani Casino

Few destinations capture the essence of a top-tier entertainment experience like the ilani Casino. As Washington state’s prestige gambling and leisure venue, ilani stands as a paragon amongst the premier casino resorts across the country. By marrying opulent design with an extensive variety of gaming, live entertainment, and dining options, ilani has become the luxury casino resort that others aspire to emulate.

Why ilani Casino Stands Out as a Top-Rated Gaming & Entertainment Destination

ilani casino has demonstrated, time and again, its unparalleled ability to deliver exceptional experiences steeped in luxury and adventure. Beyond the glittering lights and the sound of jackpots, ilani’s cultural richness and collaborative genesis between the Cowlitz Tribe and Salishan-Mohegan shine through, offering a unique dimension of authenticity that resonates throughout the resort.

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It’s not merely a place to take chances on the casino floor; it’s a world-class environment where every detail is crafted to elevate your stay. From the enthusiastic claps around the roulette wheels to the velvety notes serenading the halls from the grand Cowlitz Ballroom, ilani provides a tapestry of vibrant engagements that make it the luxury casino resort of choice.

Experience it All: Gaming, Entertainment, Luxury, and More at ilani

For those who seek the thrill of the game in a setting of complete indulgence, ilani casino encapsulates that quest. The casino plucks at the heartstrings of both casual and serious gamers with its expansive selection of slots and table games. Simultaneously, it sweeps guests off their feet with sterling live acts and culinary delights that impress even the most discerning palates. ilani’s dedication to creating moments of exhilaration and relaxation ensures that the escape to this splendid premier casino resort leaves a lasting imprint on its guests.

As the dusk falls on a day of spirited gaming and sensory pleasures, the reasons why ilani is revered as a top-rated casino in Washington state become crystal clear. It isn’t merely the chance to win or the anticipation of the next show; it’s the sum of all its parts—the laughter, the satisfaction, the sense of being at the center of an expansive universe of leisure—that creates the ilani phenomenon; a spectacle of luxury that beckons and beguiles.

Contact Information for ilani Casino

For those planning to envelop themselves in the luxurious tapestry of a premier gaming and entertainment destination, ilani Casino emerges as the veritable crowning jewel. Situated conveniently within the vibrant embrace of the Pacific Northwest, ilani provides an array of services to ensure every visit is seamlessly orchestrated. Whether it be hosting an event that leaves an indelible mark or immersing oneself in the nonpareil gaming experience, ilani’s comprehensive amenities promise an experience beyond compare.

At ilani Casino, accessibility remains a cornerstone. Effortless to reach from the region’s central hubs or the nearby PDX airport, detailed access instructions are a simple inquiry away. Event organizers, business professionals, and promoters are enticed to utilize the myriad of flexible venues and premium in-house services. Each event is transformed into a narrative of success, with bespoke options ranging from private dining and spirited happy hours to opulent private gatherings. The casino’s dedicated team ensures every detail is meticulously curated, providing a celebration of ease and elegance.

To discover more about how ilani can accommodate your desires or to commence planning an event that stands as a testament to sophistication, please direct your inquiries to (360) 887-6563. For those seeking to infuse their visiting narrative with refined luxury or arrange an engagement of discerning taste, request for proposals and further information can be effortlessly submitted through ilani’s official channels. The anticipation of collaboration with ilani Casino awaits, where dreams are woven into the fabric of reality.


What gaming options are available at ilani Casino?

ilani Casino offers a luxury gaming experience with approximately 75 gaming tables, nearly 3,000 slot machines, and exclusive spaces for Asian Games such as Pai Gow Poker and Midi Baccarat. Additionally, the sports betting venue at Stadium Sports Bar & Grill adds to the thrilling gaming action.

Are there any live entertainment options at ilani Casino?

Yes, ilani Casino’s 30,000-square-foot Cowlitz Ballroom hosts national acts and live shows across various genres. Guests can also enjoy live music at venues such as Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse and Line & Lure Seafood Kitchen & Tap.

Does ilani Casino have dining options?

Absolutely, ilani Casino offers a diverse dining landscape, from fine dining experiences at places like Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse to casual fare at Smashburger. The dining options cater to all tastes and include Italian cuisine, freshly sourced seafood, and a range of crafted cocktails and premium wines.

Is ilani Casino part of any casino membership program?

Yes, guests can join ilani’s exclusive Momentum program to enjoy additional benefits and rewards. This includes free entries into promotions and accruing Status Points that can lead to bigger prizes.

Can I find shopping options at ilani Casino?

ilani Casino is a shopping destination as well, with a variety of stores including the Cowlitz Trading Post for souvenirs and daily essentials, Ruby Blue for exquisite jewelry, and Marshall Rousso for trendy fashion apparel.

What promotions does ilani Casino offer?

ilani Casino regularly features a range of promotions, such as the $50,000 Holiday Cash Giveaway and the Grand Finale Drawing. Momentum members enjoy even more exclusive benefits and chances to win big.

Will there be new accommodations at ilani Casino?

Yes, new luxury accommodations are planned, with a 14-story hotel that will provide around 300 rooms, a top-floor restaurant with views of the Pacific Northwest, and amenities including luxury suites, a full-service spa, and a swimming pool.

Where is ilani Casino located?

ilani Casino is located near the city of Vancouver, Washington, making it easily accessible for exploring the Pacific Northwest’s numerous attractions, as well as close to Portland, Oregon, for additional cultural and recreational activities.

Why is ilani Casino considered a top-rated gaming and entertainment destination?

ilani Casino stands out due to its comprehensive offerings that span gaming, live entertainment, dining, and shopping. Developed by the Cowlitz Tribe and Salishan-Mohegan, ilani prioritizes luxury, excitement, and an award-winning experience, making it a premier destination in the Pacific Northwest.

How can I get in touch with ilani Casino for more information?

You can contact ilani Casino at (360) 887-6563, or visit their official website to submit requests for proposals or get additional details regarding events, dining, or other services they offer.

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