Explore Blue Chip Casino: Gaming, Dining & Events

Amidst the bustling heart of Michigan City, the Blue Chip Casino stands as a beacon of thrilling gaming excitement and sumptuous dining options. This vibrant entertainment destination invites both the high-spirited gambler and the leisure seeker to indulge in its myriad of attractions. Offering more than just a chance at lady luck, the casino provides luxury accommodations that ensure an escape to comfort and elegance after a lively day on the casino floor.


Key Takeaways

  • Blue Chip Casino offers a rich tapestry of gaming with over 1,600 slots and a multitude of table games.
  • Gastronomes can delight in a variety of dining experiences from casual bites to fine culinary creations.
  • Entertainment flourishes here, with live bands, comedians, and performers gracing the stages regularly.
  • Luxurious accommodation options abound, featuring modern amenities for a rejuvenating stay.
  • The casino’s all-in-one approach combines excitement, dining, and relaxation for the ultimate guest experience.

Welcome to Blue Chip Casino: A Premier Destination

Indulge in the luxury and excitement at Blue Chip Casino, a proud jewel of Michigan City and a premier gambling destination. Known not only for its vibrant casino floor but also for its exceptional service, this Michigan City attraction offers an unparalleled gaming and leisure experience. As you step into the casino’s grandeur, you’re greeted by an atmosphere that effortlessly blends the thrill of gaming with the serenity of a vacation getaway.

With doors open round the clock, every day of the week, the Blue Chip Casino welcomes guests eager to test their luck at classic and contemporary games. Beyond the buzz of slot machines and the concentration at the poker tables, you’ll discover a realm dedicated to rejuvenation—the casino’s on-site spa. After an exciting day under the spinning lights, retreat to a domain of tranquility where relaxation awaits.

Featuring a collection of dining havens, Blue Chip Casino caters to every palate, offering flavors that range from quick snacks to sizzling gourmet dishes. Guests can look forward to enjoying a feast for the senses as they dine at various venues, each with its unique ambiance and culinary delights. Even the most discerning of food enthusiasts will find themselves spoilt for choice.

Accommodation here is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Starting from approximately $107 per night, the hotel rooms boast amenities to enhance your stay, including free Wi-Fi, accessibility features, and in-room coffee machines, ensuring a home-away-from-home experience within this luxurious setting.

Feature Description Availability
Guest Rooms Modern, well-equipped accommodations for a restful stay Available year-round
Gaming Floor An extensive array of games including slots, table games, and poker 24/7
Dining Venues Multiple options from casual bites to fine dining Daily, with varying hours by restaurant
Spa Amenities Luxurious spa services for ultimate relaxation Open daily, booking recommended
Online Betting Experience the FanDuel Sportsbook for easy sports betting Accessible anytime

Whether it’s for the lure of the jackpot, the taste of fine cuisine, or the pleasure of premium service, Blue Chip Casino blends all these elements to create a destination that resonates with excitement and relaxation. It’s not just a casino; it’s an experience—one that beckons visitors to return to this shining Michigan City attraction time and time again.

The Thrills of Gaming at Blue Chip Casino

At Blue Chip Casino, the gambling thrill is not just a promise—it’s an everyday reality. Offering a wide array of casino games, it provides both the seasoned gambler and the casual visitor with an environment ripe with excitement and opportunity. From the chime of slot machines to the anticipation surrounding the roulette wheel, each moment in the casino is infused with high-stakes fun and the chance for victory.

As part of the comprehensive gaming experience, Blue Chip Casino incorporates the latest trends and preferences to keep guests enthralled. The inclusion of the acclaimed FanDuel Sportsbook represents their commitment to providing a full spectrum of betting enjoyment. For many, it’s the fusion of classic casino atmosphere with cutting-edge gaming technology that solidifies Blue Chip as a top-tier gambling destination.

Exciting Variety of Casino Games

With every visit to Blue Chip, patrons uncover a treasure trove of games. The expansive floor beckons with both time-honored favorites and fresh offerings:

  • Blackjack tables where strategy meets luck
  • The mesmerizing spin of the Roulette wheel
  • Craps tables that capture the essence of casino excitement
  • Contemporary video poker machines for those looking to play at their own pace

Gamers of all preferences will find their niche here, amidst the lights and sounds of unending action.

Live Poker Tables and the FanDuel Sportsbook

The live poker scene at Blue Chip is one of camaraderie and adrenaline. Tables are always teeming with activity, as players from all walks of life come together to call, raise, and fold in a quest for the pot. Additionally, sports enthusiasts can revel in the excitement of sports betting with FanDuel’s Sportsbook, where live games take on an extra layer of excitement with the added thrill of potential winnings.

Award-Winning Slots Experience

Frequently, the heart of any casino’s allure is its slots experience, and Blue Chip is no exception. From classic reels to advanced video slots, each machine offers a unique story and the potential for a windfall. The casino’s slot collection is ever-evolving, featuring:

  • Winner of “Best Variety of Slots”
  • The latest pop-culture-themed games
  • Progressive slots with life-changing jackpots
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One need only listen to the chorus of jubilant sounds from the winners to comprehend the magnitude of excitement these slots can deliver.

Blue Chip Casino’s commitment to excellence in gaming is evident, offering everything from the tactile feel of cards at live poker to the digital sophistication of the FanDuel Sportsbook. This dynamic environment ensures that whether you’re a serious gambler or looking for a night of fun, the game floor is ripe with possibilities for an unforgettable experience.

Blue Chip Casino’s Culinary Delights

At Blue Chip Casino, the opportunities to indulge in diverse culinary creations are as abundant as the chances to win big at the slots. With a dining scene that boasts a variety of atmospheres and menus, guests are invited to embark on a gastronomic journey that caters to every craving, whether for fine dining or casual fare.

Savor the Flavors at Top Restaurants

Dining at Blue Chip Casino is an experience designed to satisfy even the most refined palates. For guests looking for an elegant dining environment complete with gourmet dishes, William B’s Steakhouse stands as a top restaurant that sets the standard for fine dining. Reflecting an unwavering commitment to quality, this venue presents a menu replete with prime steaks, fresh seafood, and an extensive wine list.

Casual Eats and Delectable Steaks

The allure of Blue Chip Casino dining extends beyond the fine dining establishments to include casual eats that promise a delightful gastronomic experience. Venues within the casino offer an assortment of options for those seeking a relaxed meal amidst their gaming adventures. However, guests should be aware of specific restaurant hours and prepare for some dining spots to be closed on certain weekdays, with others presenting limited menus.

Unwind with a Drink at the Bar/Lounge

After savoring steaks or enjoying casual bites, guests can transition to the sociable ambiance of a bar and lounge, perfect for sipping crafted drinks and unwinding. As integral parts of the Blue Chip Casino dining experience, these establishments serve as social hubs where stories are shared, laughter is drawn, and drinks are enjoyed, culminating in a well-rounded encounter with luxury and pleasure.

Blue Chip Dining Experience Cuisine Type Atmosphere
William B’s Steakhouse Steakhouse & Fine Dining Elegant & Sophisticated
Casual Dining Venues Variety – From Deli to Fast Fare Relaxed & Accessible
Bar & Lounge Drinks & Bar Snacks Lively & Social

With an impressive array of dining choices, the Blue Chip Casino offers an unparalleled experience that goes beyond gaming to encompass some of the top restaurants, casual eats, and vibrant bar and lounge scenes in the region. Whether seeking succulent steaks or simply looking to enjoy a drink with friends, Blue Chip Casino provides options to make every visit unforgettable.

Entertainment: Live Shows and Events

Blue Chip Casino stands unparalleled not only for its vibrant gaming options but also as a powerhouse for live entertainment. From the charming heartland vibe of local bands to the show-stopping allure of A-list acts, this venue is a melting pot for an eclectic range of performances. Comedy nights ensure a roaring burst of laughter, while eclectic events keep the calendar colorful and endlessly varied.

Blue Chip Casino entertainment is the pulse of Michigan City’s nightlife, ensuring guests can experience top-tier shows without ever stepping off the property. The Stardust Event Center, renowned for its excellent acoustics and state-of-the-art facilities, becomes a stage for memories that resonate long after the night ends. Be it a night out filled with chuckles from up-and-coming comedic talent or an eve wrapped in the melodic harmonies of live shows, your search for entertainment bliss ends here.

Highlighting the dynamic nature of events at Blue Chip Casino, the lineup is a testament to its dedication to variety and quality. Booking chart-topping acts and performances throughout the year, Blue Chip Casino ushers in an atmosphere where every night is a chance to witness performance art at its finest:

  • Distinguished A-list acts touring the nation make their stop here, offering guests a brush with fame and spectacle.
  • Local bands bring a genuine flavor of Indiana’s music scene, showcasing the talent nurtured within the community.
  • Comedy shows pepper the calendar, featuring both seasoned stand-ups and the stars of tomorrow.

The commitment to offering a pantheon of live shows and memorable events cultivates a space where the spirit of entertainment flourishes. No matter the taste – be it smooth jazz, electrifying rock, or slapstick humor – Blue Chip Casino stands ready to deliver an evening of unrivaled enjoyment.

Curious about what to expect during your visit? Take a sneak peek at the expected entertainment lineup:

Event Type Expected Experience
Concerts Audiences can immerse themselves in tunes from legendary musicians and fresh faces in the music industry.
Local Bands Feel the heart of Indiana’s music, from soulful blues bands to energetic indie groups.
Comedy Nights A lineup of comedians ready to split your sides with their sharp wit and entertaining storytelling.

Every scheduled event is meticulously prepared to ignite excitement and transport audiences to a world of magnificent rhythms and hearty laughter—this is entertainment at Blue Chip Casino at its most sublime, turning moments into memories worth cherishing.

Luxurious Accommodations at Blue Chip Hotel

At the heart of an unforgettable experience at Blue Chip Casino hotel lie the luxurious accommodations provided within its two distinct towers: the contemporary Spa Blu Tower and the classic Blue Chip Tower. Known for their elegance and meticulous attention to detail, both towers boast a range of luxury suites designed to transform every stay into a sojourn of comfort.

Stay in Style: Spa Blu Tower vs. Blue Chip Tower

Capturing the essence of modern sophistication, the Spa Blu Tower rises as an exemplar of luxury living. Its suites, resplendent with contemporary decor and state-of-the-art facilities, cater to those with a penchant for the finer things in life. Contrastingly, the Blue Chip Tower offers a timeless retreat, its accommodations enveloped in a cozy, classic ambiance that beckons guests with its warmth and charm. Both towers promise an array of complimentary amenities to enhance each guest’s stay, ensuring a seamless blend of style and convenience.

Unwind with Complimentary Amenities

The indulgence continues as guests are treated to an array of complimentary amenities designed to amplify the serenity of their stay. From the comfort of their rooms, visitors can connect with the world through complimentary Wi-Fi, bask in the glow of flat-screen TVs featuring an array of channels for entertainment, and experience tranquility in bedding that whispers promises of restful slumber.

A Good Night’s Sleep: Room Features

The accommodations at the Blue Chip Casino hotel are not merely spaces to rest but bastions of relaxation where every aspect is crafted for comfort. The plush bedding invites weary travellers to a haven of rest, ensuring a good night’s sleep. The rooms, complete with convenience in mind, feature amenities such as tea and coffee makers, ironing facilities, and luxurious toiletries that add a touch of home to the hotel experience.

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Accommodation Feature Spa Blu Tower Blue Chip Tower
Room Ambiance Modern and Sophisticated Classic and Cozy
Suite Amenities High-end, Contemporary Comfortable, Timeless
Complimentary Services Wi-Fi, Premium Bath Products Wi-Fi, Premium Bath Products
Entertainment Flat-screen TV, Wide Channel Selection Flat-screen TV, Wide Channel Selection
Bedding Deluxe, Plush Linens Deluxe, Plush Linens

While traversing the exciting landscape of the Blue Chip Casino hotel, guests can retreat to their personal sanctuary in either the Spa Blu Tower or the Blue Chip Tower. Each offers a unique experience, woven with the luxury and comfort synonymous with the Blue Chip name.

Pamper Yourself at Spa Blu

Escape into a world of serene indulgence at Spa Blu, nestled within the renowned Blue Chip Casino. This oasis of tranquility offers a variety of pampering and luxurious spa treatments designed to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. With a focus on holistic wellness, Spa Blu allows guests to unwind and rejuvenate in an environment that caters to their every need, ensuring every aspect of their visit enhances the Blue Chip Casino spa experience.

From massages that soothe the deepest layers of muscle to facials that brighten and revitalize the skin, Spa Blu’s comprehensive menu of health and beauty services is crafted with customization in mind. Each guest is welcomed into a calming atmosphere where they can select treatments that align perfectly with their personal wellness goals. The highly-skilled therapists at Spa Blu are committed to creating a bespoke experience, utilizing an array of techniques and products that embody luxury and quality.

Treatment Category Service Offerings Benefits
Massages Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Relief from stress and muscle tension
Facials Anti-Aging, Hydrating, Brightening Skin rejuvenation and enhancement
Salon Services Hair styling, Manicures, Pedicures Complete beauty care and confidence boost
Specialty Treatments Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Body Wraps Targeted wellness and holistic health

Spa Blu takes pride in its serene ambiance that extends into each specialized treatment space. Individual lounges, steam rooms, and whirlpools ensure that privacy and personal attention form the cornerstone of the spa philosophy. Every visit to Spa Blu promises a restorative journey, where the worries of the outside world dissolve in the harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit. For those looking to extend their journey to wellness, a fully-equipped fitness center and a full-service salon are available, making Spa Blu a comprehensive destination for those seeking a tranquil retreat from the everyday.

  • Personalized treatment plans tailored to individual preferences
  • Use of premium products and innovative spa technology
  • Meticulously designed spaces for complete immersion in comfort
  • Thoughtful amenities that enhance the overall spa experience

Revel in the elegance and sophistication that is Spa Blu, where each guest’s pursuit of peace and wellbeing is fulfilled with the utmost care and artistry. Embark on a sensory voyage at Blue Chip Casino’s esteemed spa, and leave feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to embrace the vitality of life with newfound energy.

Meeting and Banquet Facilities for Every Occasion

Whether you’re planning a professional corporate event or a joyous wedding celebration, Blue Chip Casino’s meeting and banquet facilities provide an eminent backdrop adaptable for any event. Among these facilities stands the acclaimed Stardust Event Center, renowned for its versatility and advanced features. The prime Indiana location, combined with the hotel’s comprehensive services, positions Blue Chip Casino as the quintessential venue for affianced couples, businesses, and special occasions.

Plan Your Next Event at the Stardust Event Center

Recognized as one of the most prestigious meeting facilities in the region, the Stardust Event Center emerges as the jewel in the crown of Blue Chip Casino’s event offerings. Equipped to house large conferences, industry expos, and grand soirees, this state-of-the-art venue charts the course for eminent celebrations and high-stakes corporate events.

Corporate Functions and Special Gatherings

Blue Chip Casino distinguishes itself as a preferred destination for corporate events. From enlightening seminars to critical business meetings, the banquet facilities are engineered to provide an environment conducive to idea exchange, networking, and corporate success. Special gatherings, including charity events and award ceremonies, find an accommodating home amidst the flexible configurations and tech-ready amenities.

Weddings and Celebrations in a Prime Location

Couples in search of a wedding venue that marries sophistication with charm will find Blue Chip Casino’s offerings to be matchless. The scenic location, exceptional catering options, and customized service packages coalesce to create a wedding experience engraved in the memories of all who attend. Envision exchanging vows in an elegant setting, then dancing the night away in a ballroom tailored to your heart’s desires—a fairytale wedding is within reach.

Event Space Features Capacity Suitability
Stardust Event Center State-of-the-art audiovisual, flexible space Up to 1,200 guests Conferences, expositions, grand weddings
Montgomery’s Meeting Rooms High-speed internet, ergonomic seating Small to medium-sized groups Workshops, corporate meetings
Sam’s Town Ballroom Elegant décor, customizable lighting Medium to large gatherings Galas, special celebrations

Blue Chip Casino’s meeting and banquet facilities stand ready to host your next significant event. With the splendid Stardust Event Center and additional bespoke spaces, guests are assured that every detail is managed with precision and care, allowing them to focus on the momentous occasion. Whether it’s for weddings, corporate events, or other special occasions, the convergence of luxury, service, and location at Blue Chip Casino forms the perfect setting for events that leave a lasting impression.

Dive into Local Attractions Around Michigan City

The excitement at Blue Chip Casino extends beyond its gaming floors to the myriad of attractions that Michigan City has to offer. Perfectly positioned, the casino provides easy access to the city’s best beaches, parks, shopping, and cultural hotspots. Embrace the opportunities for regional exploration and discover the enchanting surroundings that enhance every visitor’s experience.

Discover Nearby Beaches and Parks

Moments from the casino’s doors, Michigan City’s pristine beaches beckon. Washington Park Beach offers sandy shores and stunning views of Lake Michigan, ideal for a day of sun and relaxation. Nearby parks, like the tranquil Washington Park itself, form the city’s green lungs, providing a natural retreat for leisure and outdoor activities. Adventure awaits at every turn, promising encounters with the beauty and serenity of Michigan’s cherished landscapes.

Shops and Cultural Points of Interest

For those with a penchant for shopping and culture, Michigan City delivers. Delight in the variety of boutique finds at the Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets or explore the local shops for unique treasures. Culturally, the city thrives with venues like the Lubeznik Center for the Arts, housing contemporary exhibits that stir the soul. Each cultural point of interest offers a deep dive into Michigan City’s rich artistic and historical tapestry.

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A Guide to Exploring the Region

Embark on a journey of regional exploration to fully appreciate the charms of Michigan City. From maritime marvels at the Old Lighthouse Museum to the historical architecture of the Barker Mansion, there’s a wealth of knowledge and wonder to be uncovered. Use the convenient location of Blue Chip Casino as your starting point for a venture into the diverse attractions that Michigan City proudly presents.

Practical Information for Guests

Preparing for a stay at Blue Chip Casino means having access to comprehensive Blue Chip Casino information that ensures guests an experience of ease and comfort. Ensuring a seamless visit, from room booking to the moment you check out, is part of the exemplary guest services that Blue Chip Casino offers.

Check-in at the casino hotel begins at 4:00 PM, allowing guests to settle into their accommodation and start enjoying the amenities right away. For the departure, check-out is conveniently set before 11:00 AM. These timings cater to guest convenience and ensure ample time for housekeeping to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness—one aspect of the policies designed for guest safety and satisfaction.

Recognizing the needs of today’s travelers, the hotel enables guests to compare rates and book rooms through various trusted travel sites. Whether planning for a weekend getaway or a week-long retreat, visitors can find accommodations that fit their preferences and budgets.

For those inquiring about special deals or themed packages, Blue Chip Casino is responsive to provide tailor-made offerings. These may include sightseeing excursions, spa retreats, or even full event packages—each designed to make your stay memorable and rewarding. Below is a concise table detailing key information for an effortless experience at Blue Chip Casino:

Information Category Details
Room Booking Online through travel websites or directly with the hotel
Check-In Time 4:00 PM
Check-Out Time 11:00 AM
Enhanced Cleanliness Regular sanitization and cleaning of guest areas
Guest Services 24/7 front desk support, concierge, and bespoke packages

With a focus on guest experience, the Blue Chip Casino ensures that every aspect of your stay is considered and catered for, from arrival to departure. These conveniences reflect the dedication to hospitality and service that makes Blue Chip Casino a favored destination.


As your guide through the dynamic world of Blue Chip Casino, we’ve highlighted the unending stream of Blue Chip Casino excitement, providing gamers, vacationers, and adventurers alike with every reason to plan a casino visit. This haven of high-stakes thrills, culinary mastery, and spirited entertainment anchors itself as a must-see casino destination in Michigan City. Wrapping up your itinerary here ensures a tapestry of experiences, from the rush of the jackpot alarm to the idyllic calm of luxurious spa treatments.

Plan Your Visit and Embrace the Excitement

Whether you’re drawn to the energetic sounds of slot machines, seeking an epicurean journey through diverse dining venues, or attending an illustrious event, this destination responds with unparalleled offerings. For those contemplating the perfect blend of gaming and relaxation hub, Blue Chip Casino stands out as an enticing escape. Crafting your stay here is not simply a matter of accommodation—it’s about curating a richly vibrant experience steeped in enjoyment and luxury.

Discover Why Blue Chip Casino is a Must-See Destination

From the moment you enter the grandiose facade to your reluctant departure, the Blue Chip Casino weaves an unforgettable narrative of delight and pleasure. Beyond its walls lies a city replete with coastal beauty, shopping escapades, and cultural landmarks, inviting a broader exploration of its charms. Mark your calendars for Michigan City, where Blue Chip Casino awaits to define what a premier casino resort can offer—a testament to why it claims its status as a must-see destination.


What types of gaming options are available at Blue Chip Casino?

Blue Chip Casino offers a variety of gaming excitement including over 40 table games, such as blackjack, roulette, and craps, 8 live poker tables, and more than 1,600 slot machines. The casino also features the FanDuel Sportsbook for sports betting enthusiasts.

Are there dining options available for all preferences?

Yes, there are numerous dining options available at Blue Chip Casino, ranging from casual eats to fine dining experiences. William B’s Steakhouse offers sizzling steaks, while other venues provide a diverse array of casual options, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate.

What kind of entertainment can I expect at Blue Chip Casino?

Blue Chip Casino is an entertainment destination hosting a variety of live shows and events. Visitors can enjoy performances by local bands, renowned A-list acts, comedians, and nostalgic acts at the Stardust Event Center and other venues within the property.

What are the accommodation options at Blue Chip Casino Hotel?

Guests can choose from two luxurious accommodation options at Blue Chip Casino: the modern Spa Blu Tower and the elegant Blue Chip Tower. Both offer a variety of rooms and suites with comfortable features, including complimentary Wi-Fi and plush bedding.

Can I book meetings or special events at Blue Chip Casino?

Yes, Blue Chip Casino provides versatile meeting and banquet spaces suitable for a wide range of events. The Stardust Event Center and other available rooms are ideal for corporate meetings, special celebrations, and weddings, in a prime Michigan City location.

What spa services are available at Blue Chip Casino?

Spa Blu at Blue Chip Casino offers luxurious spa treatments, including massages, facials, and salon services. The spa promotes relaxation and rejuvenation with a service menu tailored to individual needs.

What attractions are located near Blue Chip Casino?

Located in Michigan City, Blue Chip Casino is close to various attractions, including beautiful beaches, scenic parks, shopping districts like the Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets, and cultural venues such as art centers and museums.

What is the price range for hotel accommodations at Blue Chip Casino?

Pricing for accommodations at Blue Chip Casino Hotel and Spa starts from around $107 per night, but this may vary depending on room types and booking periods. Guests can compare prices and book rooms through various travel websites.

Are there any special deals or packages available at Blue Chip Casino?

Blue Chip Casino often offers special deals and packages, which may include events or spa services. Guests are encouraged to inquire about current promotions to make the most of their stay.

What measures is Blue Chip Casino taking for cleanliness and sanitization?

The Blue Chip Casino Hotel and Spa places a high priority on guest safety by implementing enhanced cleaning and sanitization procedures across the property to ensure a clean and secure environment for all guests and staff.

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