Experience Thrills at Prairie Band Casino & Resort

Immerse yourself in the unforgettable allure of the Prairie Band Casino & Resort, the premiere luxury casino destination nestled in the serene landscape of Mayetta, Kansas. Just a short 20-minute drive north of the capital city, this resort epitomizes the quintessential retreat for those seeking an all-encompassing leisure and entertainment experience. Guests are invited to explore a vibrant blend of live performances, exquisite dining, a top-rated golf course, and the thrill of casino gaming—all under one roof. Embark on an exceptional, dynamic adventure where each visit promises new delights and spectacular memories.

The resort’s recent expansive enhancements not only elevate the standard of luxury but infuse every corner with a sense of wonder and excitement. Savor the opulence of the new suite additions that grant commodious solace and relaxation, or invigorate your senses in the wellness embrace of the full-service spa and salon. Whether you are there to hit the jackpot on the state-of-the-art casino floor, witness an intimate concert setting, or tee off on the picturesque Firekeeper Golf Course, Prairie Band presents an alluring panorama of indulgence that caters to every whim.


Key Takeaways

  • Prairie Band Casino & Resort stands as a sprawling luxury casino destination in Mayetta, Kansas.
  • The resort’s extensive array of amenities creates an extraordinary entertainment enclave in Kansas.
  • With the addition of a new hotel wing, the facility elevates the guest experience to indulgent heights.
  • The 1,000-seat Great Lakes Ballroom provides an intimate ambiance for electrifying live performances.
  • Guest satisfaction shines at Prairie Band, with its 25th anniversary marking a legacy of uninterrupted excitement.

An All-Encompassing Destination

Renowned for its expansive blend of excitement and relaxation, the Prairie Band Casino & Resort has firmly established itself as a beacon of luxury and one of the best casinos in Kansas. With the unveiling of a new hotel wing, this beloved destination continues to enchant visitors with its dedication to comfort, gaming, and comprehensive resort amenities.

Luxury Accommodations and Expansion

The latest expansion of the Prairie Band Casino hotel offers an additional 74 sumptuous two- and three-bay suites, affirming its status as a purveyor of luxury accommodations. This development represents the resort’s commitment to providing not just a place to stay, but an abode of elegance for discerning guests.

Amenities: Spa, Pools, and More

Escaping to the cherished solace of the Prairie Band’s full-service spa and salon becomes a natural response for guests seeking to unwind. The resort’s penchant for pleasure extends to its indoor golf simulators, arcade, and the dual allure of both an indoor swimming pool and hot tub, plus an outdoor pool that beckons guests in warmer seasons.

  • Full-service spa and salon: A sanctuary of rejuvenation
  • Indoor golf simulators: A golfer’s year-round paradise
  • Two pools and a hot tub: Aquatic bliss irrespective of the temperature

Convenient Location in Mayetta, Kansas

Nestled in the heart of Mayetta, the resort promises an experience of convenience fused with splendor. The Prairie Band Casino & Resort is a mere 20-minute drive from the capital city, making it an accessible destination for both Kansas dwellers and out-of-state adventurers alike.

Suite Type Number of Suites Amenities
Two-bay suites 37 Luxurious Space, Modern Accoutrements
Three-bay suites 37 Opulent Living, Enhanced Features

Prairie Band Casino: A Hub of Vibrant Gaming

At the heart of gambling in Kansas, the Prairie Band Casino stands as a luminous jewel of entertainment. After a comprehensive renovation, the casino now boasts a floor that vibrates with energy and hospitality, echoing the proud heritage of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. Its cavernous space is accented with splashes of red and yellow, highlighted by the intricate lighting that casts a warm glow on hopeful faces of gamers seeking good fortune. Amidst this colorful setting, the iconic Fire Eagle logo of the Nation soars, inspiring a sense of belonging and community as visitors engage in their favorite casino endeavors.

As a crowning touch to its array of offerings, an exciting addition is in the pipeline for the Prairie Band Casino. With sports betting gaining legal ground in the state, the casino is poised to launch a cutting-edge sports betting app, anticipated to go live in 2023. This digital leap forward will expand the horizon for gambling in Kansas, offering both seasoned punters and newcomers a sophisticated and convenient way to place their wagers.

Drawn to this oasis of chance and strategy, guests from neighboring states and locales converge on the casino floor, ready for a rendezvous with Lady Luck. Whether they’re entranced by the siren call of the slot machines, the calculated risk of the poker tables, or the electrifying roulette wheel’s spin, the casino caters to every level of gambling enthusiasm.

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Below is a snapshot of the newly refurbished gaming areas and the services that players look forward to experiencing:

Gaming Experience Ambiance Features Upcoming Additions
Casino Floor Renovated space with vibrant color scheme Sports Betting App
Slots & Table Games Dynamic lighting and Fire Eagle motif Enhanced Digital Integration
Players’ Lounge Warm inviting atmosphere Expanded Betting Options

The Prairie Band Casino’s commitment to excellence in gaming makes it a pinnacle destination, celebrated for its substantial contribution to the thrilling world of gambling in Kansas. As it continues to evolve and adapt to the exciting trends in entertainment, it reaffirms its standing as a leading sanctuary for both the ardent gambler and the casual player alike, eager for a taste of the wild wonder that is casino life.

Rich Entertainment Program

Stepping into Prairie Band Casino & Resort means entering a realm where gaming and entertainment in Kansas are intertwined with the captivating pleasure of live entertainment. It’s a place that radiates enthusiasm, where each event is meticulously crafted to deliver an unforgettable experience. The heart of this excitement is found in the superb layout and intimate setting of their renowned Great Lakes Ballroom.

Intimate Concert Experience

Imagine being so close to the stage that every strum, every joke, and every emotion is not just heard, but felt. The Great Lakes Ballroom at Prairie Band Casino & Resort transforms this imagination into reality, boasting an intimate venue where stars and fans are nearly within arm’s reach. Compliments for the venue are as abundant as the stars that grace it, with patrons regularly lauding the electric ambiance that permeates every show. Here, no seat is distant, and the energy of a live show is amplified, creating an intense and personal concert experience.

Star-Studded Performances and Sold-Out Shows

Throughout the previous year, the resort has been the idyllic stage for a diverse roster of sold-out shows. Hosting a lineup of legendary acts across various genres, from the iconic rock vibes of Three Dog Night to the disco grooves of KC and the Sunshine Band, the venue has established itself as a nexus for premier live entertainment. Comedy’s finest, including George Lopez, have left audiences in stitches, while country music luminaries have serenaded fans under the ballroom’s luminous lights. With a calendar teeming with celebrated acts, the Prairie Band Casino beckons enthusiasts from Kansas and beyond with the promise of illustrious performances and electrifying nights.

Residents and visitors within and outside Kansas are captivated by the enthralling spectacle offered at this premier destination. Each performance is not just a show, but a grand celebration of talent and artistry, leaving attendees yearning for their next visit. The promise of the resort’s 2023 lineup has sparked anticipation and excitement, secured by the certainty that at Prairie Band Casino & Resort, the spectacle of great entertainment knows no bounds.

The Thrill of Gaming in Kansas

At the epicenter of gambling in Kansas, the Prairie Band Casino & Resort offers a gaming paradise that resonates with vibrancy and grandeur. This casino resort in Kansas not only provides a broad variety of gaming options but also an atmosphere that captivates and enthralls its visitors from the moment they step onto the dazzling casino floor.

Enhancing the gaming encounter, the venue underwent a significant refresh, signaling its unwavering dedication to deliver a richly engaging environment for players. As patrons navigate through the sprawling space, they are greeted with a melange of colors and sounds that form the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable gaming session.

Exciting Casino Floor with Vibrant Ambiance

Meticulously designed to enliven the spirit of play, the casino floor at Prairie Band boasts an energetic and inviting ambiance. From the high ceilings adorned with dramatic fixtures to the plush carpeting underfoot, every detail has been considered to create a lively yet comfortable setting for guests. The resort’s elegant interior, paired with cutting-edge gaming technology, fosters the ideal setting for those immersed in the thrill of the chase, whether through the spin of the slots or the anticipation of the cards.

Promotions and Rewards for Players

To further amplify the excitement, the Prairie Band rewards program stands out as a premier facet of the resort’s offering, showering members with a bevy of benefits and exclusive perks. This rewards program is ingeniously crafted to enhance player satisfaction and loyalty, celebrating each visit with the potential for added joy and value. Continuous promotions keep the energy high on the casino floor, with the chance for guests to partake in events and rewards that extend their adventure within this illustrious setting.

Below, find a glimpse of the ongoing and upcoming promotions that add to the allure of gambling in Kansas:

Promotion Type Description Member Benefits
Monthly Drawings Chance to win cash and prizes Enhanced winning opportunities
Exclusive Events Invitations to special events Access to VIP experiences
Bonus Play Complimentary slot play credits Increased gameplay
Rewards Points Points earned with each play Redeemable for dining, stays, and more

The Prairie Band Casino & Resort emerges as an illustrious pillar within the landscape of casino resorts in Kansas, inviting guests to dive into a breadth of gaming pursuits, enveloped in an ambiance of excitement and luxury. Through its compelling promotions and esteemed rewards program, the resort captures the spirit of what makes gambling in Kansas truly extraordinary.

World-Class Dining and Bars

For those who revel in a delightful gastronomic journey, the Prairie Band Casino & Resort extends far beyond its thrilling casino games, offering an exquisite selection of dining experiences that cater to every palate. From the sophistication of gourmet dishes at Three Fires Steakhouse to the inviting atmosphere of Sweet Grass Bar & Grill, the options tantalize taste buds and create unforgettable dining moments. Add to this the indulgence of handcrafted beverages at the chic lobby bar and the vibrance of the Kapi Coffee Bar, guests are assured a culinary adventure that is satisfying in every sense.

Gourmet Cuisines at the Three Fires Steakhouse

At Three Fires Steakhouse, patrons encounter a menu brimming with gourmet cuisines. Each dish, meticulously prepared by expert chefs, features the finest ingredients that promise an upscale dining experience. From succulent steaks to fresh seafood, the flavors are as grand as the atmosphere – elegant and refined.

Casual Eats at Sweet Grass Bar & Grill

For those seeking a more laid-back dining ambiance, the Sweet Grass Bar & Grill presents a rich menu of casual dining classics. With a newly renovated space that’s more than double its original size, guests can enjoy hearty meals and specialty drinks in a relaxed environment that’s perfect for unwinding after an exciting day at the casino.

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Refreshing Drinks at the Lobby Bar and Kapi Coffee Bar

The opulence of Prairie Band Casino & Resort is mirrored in the modern and cozy setting of the lobby bar – an ideal spot for a cocktail or a glass of fine wine. Just steps away is the Kapi Coffee Bar, where the aroma of freshly brewed artisanal coffee, the chill of smoothies, and the zest of fresh-squeezed juices await to refresh and invigorate the senses.

The Best Casinos in Kansas for Golf Enthusiasts

Set against the backdrop of the sprawling Kansas prairie, the Prairie Band Casino & Resort not only stands as one of the best casinos in Kansas but also as a premier sanctuary for golf enthusiasts. With the esteemed Firekeeper Golf Course just a stone’s throw away, Prairie Band Casino offers a unique combination of thrilling casino action and serene golfing escape.

The synergy between the casino and the golf course creates a harmonious retreat for those who wish to test their luck at the tables and then unwind on the greens. The acclaimed Firekeeper Golf Course, acclaimed as Golfweek’s No. 1 public golf course in Kansas, provides a challenging yet picturesque environment for both leisurely and competitive play, weaving through native grasses and offering panoramic views that captivate and challenge golfers of all levels.

It’s not only the guests who find themselves drawn to the allure of the Firekeeper Golf Course; the venue has become a coveted stop for touring performers as well. From country singers to rock legends, the artists often arrange their schedules to ensure they can indulge in a round of golf amidst their vigorous touring itineraries, adding a touch of leisure to their professional journeys.

“They try to get here early so they can play golf across the street before they play that night,” said John Tuckwin, director of marketing at Prairie Band.

As guests enjoy their stay, they have the opportunity to experience the true manifestation of leisure at Prairie Band Casino & Resort, which solidifies its position atop the list of the best casinos in Kansas for those who delight in the fusion of gaming and golfing experiences. With continued enhancements and attention to detail, Prairie Band Casino & Resort remains a distinguished destination, perfectly tailored for the sophisticated tastes of today’s modern golfer and casino aficionado.

Feature Description Appeal for Golf Enthusiasts
Firekeeper Golf Course Golfweek’s No. 1 public golf course in Kansas Top-tier golfing with breathtaking prairie vistas
Proximity to Casino Adjacent to Prairie Band Casino & Resort Convenient luxury: from the slot machines to the tee box
Tour Schedule Preferred stop for touring performers A chance to golf where the stars play

With a seamless blend of gaming excitement and golfing excellence, Prairie Band Casino & Resort is more than a casino destination; it’s a comprehensive entertainment venue that satisfies the high expectations of any visitor, especially for those with a keen interest in golf.

Upgrades and Innovations at Casino Resort in Kansas

Stepping into the future with a vision rooted in progressive development, the esteemed Prairie Band Casino & Resort consistently pioneers in delivering an unmatched guest experience through its significant upgrades and innovations. Situated comfortably as a top casino resort in Kansas, the property leads with a commitment to technological advancement and enhanced guest amenities.

The resort’s dedication to growth is prominently showcased through the redesigned gaming floors and hotel lobby, illustrating a forward-thinking approach steeped in innovative technologies.

Renovated Gaming Floors and Hotel Lobby

Bearing witness to the evolution of luxury gaming, visitors to Prairie Band Casino & Resort are greeted by upgraded gaming floors that reflect elegance and excitement. The extensive renovations provide an inviting atmosphere with the use of vibrant colors, enhanced lighting effects, and an artful blend of traditional and contemporary design elements. Coupled with a welcoming and revamped hotel lobby, the resort captures the essence of modern hospitality and sets the tone for an exceptional stay.

Technological Enhancements, Including Sports Betting App

Keeping pace with the dynamic world of gaming, the resort has augmented its experience with technological enhancements integral to contemporary leisure pursuits. This includes the impressive development of a sports betting app, poised to become a significant addition to the gambling landscape in Kansas. Such innovations not only bolster the resort’s reputation as a leading casino destination but also cater to guests’ burgeoning demand for digital and interactive entertainment options.

As Prairie Band Casino & Resort continues to redefine the quintessential casino experience with state-of-the-art offerings, it confidently affirms its status as an industry beacon in Kansas, where tradition and innovation coalesce to create a unique and exhilarating entertainment milieu.

Guests’ Favorites: Luxury Casino in Kansas

At the epicenter of luxury and entertainment, Prairie Band Casino & Resort has transformed the concept of a luxury casino in Kansas, offering an exemplary experience that is reflected in the guests’ favorites. The newly minted hotel wing stands as a beacon of elegance, propelling the establishment to new heights of guest satisfaction and opulence.

New Hotel Wing with Suite Offerings

The allure of a sophisticated sanctuary is realized in the expansion of the Prairie Band Casino hotel, unveiled to jubilant acclaim. The addition of 74 state-of-the-art suites has taken the guest experience to unparalleled levels of comfort and style. These inviting spaces are meticulously crafted to provide an atmosphere of grandeur and serenity, ensuring that every stay is marked by tranquility and an undoubted touch of splendor.

Suite Category Amenities Distinct Features
Luxury Suites High-end furnishings, modern amenities Personalized guest services, extra space for comfort
Deluxe Suites Exclusive access to resort facilities Elegant design, privacy emphasis
Premium Suites Top-tier entertainment systems, plush bedding Panoramic views, bespoke interior decor

Feedback from Patrons and Revisit Intentions

Authentic testimonials from guests who have experienced the grandiosity of Prairie Band Casino & Resort are testament to its preeminence in guest satisfaction. Patrons continuously voice their commendation for the attentive service, the breadth of leisure and gaming activities, and the sheer indulgence of the accommodations. Such is the enchantment of their stay that many have expressed a keen desire to return, beckoned by the joyful memories of their lavish getaway.

“There’s no match for the level of luxury and entertainment found here. We’ve already planned our next visit!” – A delighted guest

Gaming and Entertainment in Kansas Beyond the Casino Floor

The Prairie Band Casino & Resort enriches the cultural tapestry of Kansas with an array of annual events and seasonal festivities that spotlight the state’s vibrant community spirit and dynamic entertainment scene.

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From the echo of laughter at outdoor concerts to the buzz of anticipation around sports betting in Kansas, Prairie Band Casino & Resort is at the forefront of creating moments that resonate throughout the year. As seasons change, the resort morphs to celebrate the unique flavors of each period, continuing a tradition of multifaceted leisure that respects both heritage and innovation.

Annual Events and Seasonal Festivities

Annually, the resort transforms to host a diverse lineup of events, attracting visitors with the charm of Kansas’ seasonal celebrations. The successful food truck festival is one such event, where culinary delights meet the high spirits of live entertainment under Kansas skies. This festive gathering embodies the communal essence of annual events in Kansas, offering a taste of local flavors and showcasing the talents of regional artists.

Sports Betting and Outdoor Concerts

With the legalization of sports betting, the landscape of entertainment has evolved, and Prairie Band Casino & Resort is capitalizing on this exciting development. Ensuring that guests have access to contemporary forms of amusement, the resort’s upcoming sports betting app will soon provide a modern twist to the gaming experience.

Further bringing the thrills of entertainment al fresco, plans for outdoor parties and concerts poised next to the new pool and deck area reveal a venue that’s eager to make the most of Kansas’ fair-weather months. As the sun sets, the stage lights up, beckoning the community to gather for evenings filled with music, camaraderie, and the starlit ambiance of outdoor concerts.


As a vibrant tapestry of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation’s rich heritage, Prairie Band Casino & Resort epitomizes the quintessence of an all-encompassing entertainment destination. It stands testament to an unyielding commitment to deliver an elite luxury gaming experience and the epitome of relaxation. With its nuanced blend of indulgent accommodations, diverse dining selections, and dynamic calendar of events, the resort transcends the ordinary to offer guests an exceptional kaleidoscope of delights.

Witness the evolution of this gleaming oasis as it continues to unfold, introducing innovations and capturing the imagination of those who visit. The thoughtful integration of modernity with the spirit of the Potawatomi presents a unique destination where culture and contemporary entertainment converge. As it forges ahead with expansions that broadens its appeal, Prairie Band Casino & Resort remains rooted in the values of the Potawatomi, creating an ambiance where warmth and grandeur are interwoven with every aspect of your stay.

The unwavering pursuit of superior guest experiences ensures that this Kansas landmark will continue to sparkle in the national spotlight, inviting admiration and drawing visitors from afar. Whether you seek the exhilaration of a royal flush, the serenity of a sunset golf round, or the vibrations of live music reverberating through an intimate ballroom, your quest for the ultimate leisure destination ends at the gates of Prairie Band Casino & Resort, a treasure amidst the endless prairie skies.


What entertainment options are available at Prairie Band Casino & Resort?

Prairie Band Casino & Resort provides a variety of entertainment options including a rich program of live performances in the Great Lakes Ballroom, featuring sold-out shows from renowned musicians and comedians, as well as gaming and casino-related activities, a full-service spa, indoor and outdoor pools, and a top-rated golf course, Firekeeper Golf Course.

What type of accommodations can I expect at Prairie Band Casino & Resort?

Guests at Prairie Band Casino & Resort can expect luxury accommodations with the addition of 74 new two- and three-bay suites, following a significant expansion, enhancing the comfort and elegance of the resort experience.

Does Prairie Band Casino & Resort offer any special promotions for casino players?

Yes, Prairie Band Casino offers a range of promotions and an exclusive rewards program for players, incentivizing gaming with various perks and benefits that enhance the overall experience on the newly revamped casino floor.

Are there any fine dining options at Prairie Band Casino & Resort?

Yes, the resort offers world-class dining options, including gourmet meals at the Three Fires Steakhouse and more casual dining experiences at the Sweet Grass Bar & Grill. Additionally, the lobby bar and Kapi Coffee Bar serve a range of artisanal drinks and refreshments in a cozy, modern setting.

Is Prairie Band Casino & Resort suitable for golf enthusiasts?

Absolutely, the resort is perfect for golf lovers, featuring the Firekeeper Golf Course, which is recognized as the number one public golf course in Kansas. This provides an opportunity for both casual and serious golfers to enjoy their day on the green.

Has the gaming floor at Prairie Band Casino recently been upgraded?

Yes, the casino floor has undergone a significant renovation to upgrade its design and gaming offerings, creating a modern and vibrant environment that reflects the distinct culture of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation.

Are there plans to introduce sports betting at Prairie Band Casino?

Prairie Band Casino is keeping up with industry trends and anticipates the launch of a sports betting app in 2023, further diversifying the gaming options for guests.

What other entertainment experiences does the resort offer beyond the casino?

The resort extends its entertainment offerings with a variety of annual events and seasonal festivities, such as a food truck festival and plans for outdoor concerts and parties in the new pool and deck area, enriching the entertainment experience beyond traditional casino attractions.

How does Prairie Band Casino & Resort reflect the heritage of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation?

The resort proudly represents the heritage of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation through its cultural motifs, the design of the casino floor, its incorporation into the resort’s overall ambiance, and its commitment to providing an authentic and luxurious gaming experience.

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