Casino Extra Review – Insights and Ratings

Delving into the realm of online casinos unveils a plethora of choices for the discerning gambler, and amid this competitive landscape, Casino Extra emerges as a compelling option. Launched on November 29th, 2017, under the jurisdiction of Curacao, this online gaming hub has steadily cultivated a reputation as a multifaceted platform for both new and seasoned players. This comprehensive casino review aims to provide an in-depth look at what sets Casino Extra apart, examining its diverse range of gaming activities, robust security measures, and commitment to player satisfaction.

With a multitude of platforms encompassing Instant Play, Live Dealer, Mobile, and Mobile Web, Casino Extra caters to varied player preferences and styles. Offering language support in English, French, German, and Spanish, and accepting an array of currencies from USD to EUR, the casino demonstrates its international reach and adaptability. Renowned for its extensive game library and customer-centric approach, Casino Extra prioritizes a top-rated casino review experience. They firmly stand by the notion that trust is not a commodity for sale—reflecting their steadfast policy prohibiting the alteration or removal of reviews in exchange for compensation.

The casino’s VIP program and engagement with a bevy of software providers testify to its dedication to delivering a personalized and dynamic gaming experience. Beneath its entertainment-rich exterior, Casino Extra instills confidence in players through its adherence to fairness, an integral aspect discernible in every facet of the casino’s operations.


Key Takeaways

  • Established in 2017 with a Curacao license, offering a secure gaming environment.
  • Accessible across a variety of platforms, including mobile and live dealer options.
  • Support available in multiple languages, catering to an international clientele.
  • Option for a tailored experience through a comprehensive VIP program.
  • Strong commitment to player trust, with an unalterable customer review policy.

Introduction to Casino Extra

In the dynamic sphere of online gambling, Casino Extra stands tall as a beacon of innovation and trust. Established in the later months of 2017 and upholding a trusted casino review stature, it does not extend its services to players in the United States, yet speaks a universal language of variety and excitement to its international audience. At Casino Extra, the foundation of confidence is built on a transparent review system, wherein the voice of the player reigns supreme, unswayed by business interference.

This honest casino review highlights a blend of both classic and novel gaming experiences, tailoring to a diverse clientele. The portfolio at Casino Extra is a testament to its ability to adapt and evolve, offering a myriad of games accompanied by a suite of bonuses and promotions designed to elevate the overall casino journey.

As we venture deeper into this detailed casino review, one can appreciate the sophistication with which Casino Extra presents its platform—a harmonious balance between aesthetic appeal and user-friendly functionality. Not resting on merely a superficial allure, Casino Extra corroborates its commitment to an in-depth casino review process, assuring players of its steadfast dedication to impartiality and integrity.

  • An establishment heralding from late 2017, enveloped in the aura of a Curacao license, speaks to a high standard of industry compliance.
  • The absence of service to U.S. players, yet an embrace of global patrons, characterizes Casino Extra’s international appeal.
  • A meritocratic approach to user reviews, ensuring that the player narrative remains unaltered and unassailable.
  • A dynamic gaming roster flourishes, alongside a bouquet of promotional riches, awaiting those who step through its virtual doors.

The trust and enjoyment of players remain at the helm of Casino Extra’s ethos. With each twist and turn within its digital walls, Casino Extra aims to deliver an experience that resonates not just as another statistic in the realm of digital entertainment, but as a cherished memory in the minds of those who partake in its offerings.

Exploring the Game Selection at Casino Extra

When stepping into the vibrant world of Casino Extra, a wealth of gaming options unveils itself to both novice and experienced players. This section of our unbiased casino review delves into the rich tapestry of gaming pleasure that Casino Extra promises. With a diverse selection of titles spanning across several categories, the online casino ensures a reputable casino review standing by calibrating quality with variety.

Types of Games Available

The digital floors of Casino Extra are bursting with activity, offering games that cater to everyone’s taste. From the suspense of the Baccarat tables to the communal excitement of Bingo, every game is designed to create memorable experiences. Blackjack, a blend of luck and skill, challenges the strategic thinkers, while Keno attracts those looking for a relaxed yet thrilling chance at fortune. Casino Extra’s Roulette wheel spins with hopeful anticipation, and the diversity does not end there. Throngs of flashy and vibrant Slots beckon, while Table Games offer classic casino ambiance. Exciting Live games bring the brick-and-mortar atmosphere straight to the screen. For poker enthusiasts, Video Poker rounds out the comprehensive selection, delivering a blend of both slot and poker elements for a refined online gaming experience.

Leading Software Providers and Quality of Graphics

An integral component of our online casino review is the acknowledgment of Casino Extra’s exceptional range of software providers — a commendable total of 83 titans in the industry. This partnership ensures that the games not only are diverse in nature but are also of the highest quality. Each game comes to life with stellar graphics and dynamic gameplay, a testament to the developers’ artistry and technological innovation. With such an extensive array of providers, the assurance of a stable, crisp, and visually appealing gaming session is a given, solidifying Casino Extra’s place as a reputable casino review favorite.

  • Baccarat: A game of strategy and intuition, beckoning the clever and the brave.
  • Bingo: Community and randomness blend for a sociable good time.
  • Blackjack: A stage for tactics and adventure, a blend of risk and strategy.
  • Keno: A number-guessing game that showcases simplicity in exhilaration.
  • Roulette: The emblem of gambling’s heart, a whirlpool of luck and anticipation.
  • Slots: Where narratives unfold on spinning reels, in a world brimming with symbols.
  • Table Games: The cornerstone of casinos, where the roll of dice echoes tradition.
  • Live games: Bridging realities, delivering the casino’s heartbeat to your domain.
  • Video Poker: Where the five-card draw meets the technological marvel.
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Casino Extra Bonus and Promotions

An integral aspect of any online casino review is the evaluation of the bonus and promotion offerings that enhance gameplay and reward player loyalty. Casino Extra stands as a laudable example of such practices—offering an attractive suite of incentives that cater both to newcomers and seasoned patrons of the digital casino floor. In this segment of our Casino Extra Review, we delve into the details of the casino’s bonuses and promotional schemes, aiming to provide potential players with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits they can anticipate.

Detailed Overview of Welcome Bonuses

At the heart of Casino Extra’s welcome gesture lies a 100% bonus paired with 200 Free Spins granted upon the first deposit—a generous start for those venturing into the realm of this esteemed gaming establishment. This welcome package embodies the casino’s commitment to giving players a value-packed onset to their gambling journey.

Weekly and Weekend Promotions

Beyond the initial allure, Casino Extra continues to charm its players with weekly bonuses of 50%, serving as an ongoing incentive to engage in the casino’s myriad of games. The allure intensifies each weekend with additional promotions, delivering a 50% bonus plus 50 Free Spins, ensuring that the thrill of gaming at Casino Extra is a recurrent delight.

Loyalty Rewards and VIP Program

Longevity and frequent play do not go unnoticed at Casino Extra. Through a structured Loyalty Rewards and VIP Program, the casino salutes the commitment of its staunchest players with exclusive bonuses, privileged service, and other perks befitting a VIP status. These programs are designed to offer incremental value, encouraging players to deepen their engagement with Casino Extra’s extensive offerings.

All aforementioned promotions come intertwined with wagering requirements of 40 times the deposit and bonus amount—a necessary consideration for players aiming to convert their bonuses into withdrawable funds.

Promotion Bonus Free Spins Minimum Deposit Wagering Requirement
Welcome Bonus 100% 200 $/€20 40x(D+B)
Weekly Reload 50% $/€20 40x(D+B)
Weekend Booster 50% 50 $/€50 40x(D+B)

As part of our casino promotions overview, we stress the importance of players reading the terms and conditions associated with each bonus to fully understand and leverage these enticing opportunities. The comprehensive promotional strategy at Casino Extra is carefully conceived to enhance the gaming experience and is a significant factor contributing to the positive reception in many casino bonuses reviews.

User Experience at Casino Extra

Embarking on a casino gaming experience should be effortless and enjoyable from start to finish. At Casino Extra, this philosophy is at the core of their design, providing an interface that caters to both the enthusiastic novice and the seasoned casino aficionado. A vital aspect of any online casino review is assessing how user-friendly the platform is. In this vein, Casino Extra excels by offering a navigable and intuitive experience, whether you are thumbing through on a smartphone or clicking away at a desktop.

The commitment to a user-friendly casino review does not end with navigation. Casino Extra ensures that each game is easily accessible and games load smoothly, without frustrating lag or interruption. This focus on usability is matched by the elegant and uncluttered layout, which makes finding your favorite games a breeze.

Gaming on the go is no longer just an option; it is a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. Recognizing this, Casino Extra has developed a responsive site that adapts to various screen sizes and devices. This adaptability denotes a significant stride towards offering a comprehensive casino gaming experience that aligns with the expectations of modern players who seek convenience without compromising on quality or enjoyment.

To further enhance the user experience, Casino Extra includes an array of features for personalizing your gaming environment. From customizable settings to saved favorites, every effort is made to ensure that your return to the casino feels welcoming and tailor-made just for you.

  • Intuitive interface streamlined for ease of use and quick navigation
  • Responsive web design accommodating desktop and mobile platforms
  • Customization features fostering a personalized and engaging gaming journey
  • Smooth and uninterrupted gameplay across all games and interfaces

Bringing together a smooth, adaptive experience with a variety of games and customization options, Casino Extra positions itself as a frontrunner in providing an optimal online casino review experience. The dedication to user satisfaction evident in these design choices shows that at Casino Extra, the player’s experience is paramount.

Security and Licensing at Casino Extra

In this crucial section of our in-depth casino review, we focus on the essential aspects of security and licensing that embody the trustworthiness and reliability of Casino Extra. As players consider their safety a top priority, understanding the licensing information and security measures in place at Casino Extra becomes increasingly important. This licensed casino review will provide transparency to players seeking assurance about the regulatory compliance and security protocols of the casino.

Casino Licensing Information

Operating under the jurisdiction of Curacao, Casino Extra assures players of its adherence to the industry’s legal and regulatory frameworks. The Curacao license is a seal of approval that underscores the seriousness with which the casino approaches its operations, highlighting their commitment to maintaining the trust of their patrons. This level of regulatory adherence is a cornerstone for any secure online casino review and offers a level of reassurance that is paramount when selecting an online gambling destination.

Security Protocols and Fair Play Assurance

Casino Extra’s dedication to creating a secure gaming environment extends far beyond just licensing. SSL encryption technology stands guard over player data, safeguarding sensitive information against unauthorized access and ensuring transactional security. At the heart of the casino’s ethos is an unwavering commitment to fair play, demonstrated through regular testing of games and software. These audits ensure that the Random Number Generators (RNGs) produce truly random outcomes, reflecting openness and unbiased gameplay. Third-party verifications are part of Casino Extra’s protocol to confirm their claims of fairness, bolstering its reputation as a licensed casino review protagonist.

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Security Feature Description Benefit to Player
Curacao License Represents legal compliance with online gambling regulations Confidence in the legitimacy of the casino
SSL Encryption Protects player data during transmission Security of personal and financial information
Game and Software Testing Ensures fair play through RNG verification Guarantees fairness and unbiased results
Third-Party Audits Independent checks for consistency and compliance Validates casino’s claims of security and integrity

By steadfastly following these rigorous security standards and licensing prerequisites, Casino Extra emerges as a leading choice for players who prioritize a secure online casino review. Their transparent practices in these domains foster a dependable and safe gaming atmosphere that resonates with the values sought after by discerning casino enthusiasts globally.

Casino Extra Mobile Gaming

In the era where mobility equates to convenience for many casino enthusiasts, Casino Extra has embraced this trend by offering a robust mobile gaming platform. This transition towards mobile-focused user engagement ensures that players have the versatility to indulge in their gambling pastimes without the tether of a stationary setup. Notably, Casino Extra does not restrict this experience to a native Casino Extra mobile app, but rather, extends the reach of its gaming paradise through a user-friendly mobile web version, compatible with a wide range of devices.

Mobile App Availability and Compatibility

While some competitors may offer standalone applications, Casino Extra distinguishes itself by forgoing a dedicated app in favor of a universally accessible mobile website. This approach enables seamless connectivity to its extensive library of games for users on Android and iOS devices alike, affirming its status within many a mobile casino review. The assurance lies in the responsive design of the mobile site, which adapts perfectly to the form and function of various smartphones and tablets, ensuring an experience that is as engaging as it is agile.

Mobile Gaming Experience Compared to Desktop

When comparing the mobile and desktop experiences, the sophisticated optimization of Casino Extra’s mobile site stands out. The casino excels in curating an environment where the transition from desktop gaming to mobile is not only imperceptible in terms of performance but also enriches the player’s journey with convenience and ease of access. This seamless integration of user-friendly mobile gaming asserts itself as a key factor in Casino Extra’s service offering, creating an experience that competes favorably with desktop-based play.

As user behavior gravitates increasingly towards mobile usage, Casino Extra’s dedication to providing a high-quality, adaptable gaming environment resonates with the desires and expectations of players globally. The brand has crafted a narrative within the mobile casino domain that adheres strictly to player-centric values, focusing on accessibility, performance, and the ever-important enjoyment factor intrinsic to mobile gaming endeavors.

Casino Extra Review: Deposits and Withdrawals

When considering an online casino review, a player’s ability to conduct efficient casino transactions stands out as a pivotal aspect. At Casino Extra, the commitment to furnishing customers with a spectrum of Casino Extra payments options underlines the platform’s dedication to convenience and accessibility. This section unveils the streamlined deposit and withdrawal procedures in place, reflecting the casino’s user-friendly and secure financial environment.

Range of Depositing Methods

Casino Extra understands that diversity in payment methods is essential to cater to a global audience. To accommodate the varied preferences of its players, the casino offers a suite of depositing methods designed to suit a wide range of needs. Gamblers can fund their accounts using reputable options such as EcoPayz, MasterCard, Rapid Transfer, Visa, Volt, and Wire Transfer. These payment methods assure not only swift and straightforward transactions but also the security expected from top-tier casino operations.

Withdrawal Process and Limits

An efficient withdrawal process is vital for players to access their winnings promptly, which Casino Extra ensures with its effective protocols. The casino prides itself on an expedited withdrawal system that handles requests usually within 24 business hours when using e-wallets, exemplifying efficient casino transactions. A weekly withdrawal limit of $/€4000 is set, while maintaining a minimal withdrawal amount, underscoring Casino Extra’s emphasis on transparent and fair financial dealings.

Payment Method Type Deposit Time Withdrawal Time
EcoPayz E-wallet Instant 0-24 hours
MasterCard Credit/Debit Card Instant 3-5 business days
Rapid Transfer Bank Transfer Instant 3-5 business days
Visa Credit/Debit Card Instant 3-5 business days
Volt Instant Bank Transfer Instant Not Applicable
Wire Transfer Bank Transfer Not Applicable 5-15 business days

Casino Extra Customer Support Services

In the sphere of online gaming, the significance of dependable customer support cannot be understated. A comprehensive casino review invariably examines the efficacy of player support as a critical component of the user experience. Casino Extra, while it may not offer real-time interaction options such as live chat or phone support, strides ahead with an organized email response system designed to tackle customer inquiries promptly and efficiently. This player support review intricately details how Casino Extra’s customer service endeavors to compensate for the absence of instant communication channels.

The primary port of call for Casino Extra’s customer service is their dedicated support email address: [email protected]. Despite the constraints associated with email communication, the casino’s customer support team is steadfast in its commitment to address and resolve player issues with due diligence and speed. The streamlined approach to email support is indicative of Casino Extra’s resolve to maintain high standards of player assistance and satisfaction.

Understanding that customer support is more than just a service—it is a crucial touchpoint with players—Casino Extra applies a meticulous method to manage and respond to customer communications. This system ensures that, although not immediate, email support is an effective medium for resolving customers’ queries thoroughly, thereby maintaining the edge in player support.

While some gamers may prefer the instantaneous nature of live chat or the reassurance of voice communication, the email support at Casino Extra embraces the responsibility to make every interaction count. Each query received is treated with importance and clarity, striving for resolutions that align with players’ expectations and the casino’s service policies.

Support Feature Availability Response Time Quality of Service
Email Support 24/7 Within a few hours Detailed and personalized assistance
Live Chat Not available N/A N/A
Phone Support Not available N/A N/A

In conclusion, the Casino Extra customer service pivot towards a potent email-based support system reveals attentiveness and dedication towards the players’ well-being. As documented in this player support review, the Casino Extra team channels its efforts to ensure that the integrity of customer support is never compromised despite the lack of real-time interaction methods.

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An In-Depth Look at Casino Extra’s Reputation

Within the vibrant marketplace of online casinos, the stature of an establishment is heavily influenced by the candor and volume of its player feedback. Casino Extra, a platform renowned for its player-centric focus, has garnered an amalgam of player ratings, reflecting a mosaic of player experiences. These ratings, essential in carving the reputation of online gambling platforms, serve as a beacon for potential players seeking trustworthy gameplay environments. As such, a comprehension of the collective player sentiment provides invaluable insight into the establishment’s standing in the industry.

Player Ratings and Feedback

When one pores over the Casino Extra player feedback, it becomes evident that the casino hosts a varied compendium of perspectives. Players’ anecdotes span the gamut from accolades for the game selection and user interface to constructive criticism on customer support channels. On the whole, the accumulated ratings sketch an average that not only encapsulates the broad spectrum of individual experiences but also solidifies Casino Extra’s repute as an option worth considering by the online gambling community.

Integral to maintaining transparency and cultivating a respected casino review profile, Casino Extra centers these player ratings as a benchmark for performance evaluation and continual amelioration, thus ensuring that the platform evolves in alignment with player satisfaction and industry benchmarks.

Expert Ratings and Endorsements

Beyond the player base, Casino Extra finds its practices and offerings subject to the analytic lens of industry connoisseurs. Expert analysis from leading top-rated casino review sites furnish a broader, more objective viewpoint, comprehensively dissecting all facets of the casino’s operations from game fairness to financial fidelity. These endorsements and critiques, grounded in professional assessments, provide a well-rounded narrative of Casino Extra’s industry posture and help reaffirm its position as a respected entity amongst competing venues.

Aspect Reviewed Player Feedback Highlights Expert Review Highlights
Game Selection Diverse and appealing catalogue of games High marks for variety and quality of game providers
User Interface Positive remarks on ease of navigation Commendation for intuitive design and mobile responsiveness
Customer Support Mixed reviews, calling for more real-time support options Recommendations for additional support channels to enhance user experience
Financial Transactions Praises for swift deposits and withdrawals Affirmation on security and efficiency of payment processing

The interplay between Casino Extra player feedback and expert ratings shapes not only public perception but also the standards to which the casino is held accountable. In summation, the convergence of players’ personal encounters and the dissection by authorities in the field culminate in a well-founded narrative that endows Casino Extra with its respected status in the domain of online gambling.


In the grand tableau of the online gambling world, Casino Extra has established itself as a distinguished platform, offering a myriad of gaming experiences and vibrant opportunities to engage in digital leisure. This Casino Extra Review reaches its denouement with a clear consensus—Casino Extra exemplifies a well-appointed online casino that emphasizes a variety in its game offering, tempting players with generous bonus structures, and prioritizing security with committed safeguards.

While the absence of immediate customer support channels such as live chat or phone support is noticeable, this minor shortcoming is balanced by the overwhelmingly positive player feedback and expert endorsements that shed light on Casino Extra’s competencies. These affirmations underscore the fact that Casino Extra is a trusted casino worthy of players’ consideration and participation. The final thoughts on this online casino review echo the sentiments of a community that values integrity, user satisfaction, and a high caliber of gaming content.

As this trusted casino review conclusion is rendered, it becomes evident that Casino Extra stands as a testament to what modern online casinos can offer. It delivers a notable blend of innovation and classic charm, catering to the diverse tastes of the gambling aficionados. With insightful knowledge on the casino’s observance of licensing requirements, its selection of top-tiered games, mobile adaptability, and efficient transactional processes, this comprehensive review serves as an essential guide for those poised to explore what Casino Extra has to offer.


When was Casino Extra established and is it licensed?

Casino Extra was established on November 29th, 2017, and operates under a Curacao license ensuring it adheres to online gambling regulations.

What languages and currencies does Casino Extra support?

The online casino provides language options such as English, French, German, and Spanish and accepts a variety of currencies including USD, EUR, AUD, and more.

Can businesses pay to alter or remove reviews at Casino Extra?

No, Casino Extra has a policy that businesses cannot pay to alter or remove reviews, as it values the trust of its players and aims for transparency.

What types of games are available at Casino Extra?

Casino Extra offers a broad selection of games including Baccarat, Bingo, Blackjack, Keno, Roulette, Slots, Table Games, Live games, and Video Poker.

What bonuses and promotions does Casino Extra offer?

Casino Extra provides various bonuses and promotions such as a 100% bonus with 200 Free Spins on the first deposit, weekly bonuses of 50%, and weekend promotions with a 50% bonus and 50 Free Spins, along with loyalty rewards and a VIP program.

What are the wagering requirements for bonuses at Casino Extra?

The wagering requirements at Casino Extra are generally 40 times the deposit and bonus amount for most promotions.

Is Casino Extra available for mobile users?

Yes, while Casino Extra doesn’t offer a dedicated mobile app, its mobile web version is optimized for a quality gaming experience on both Android and iOS devices.

What deposit methods are accepted at Casino Extra?

Casino Extra accepts various deposit methods which include EcoPayz, MasterCard, Rapid Transfer, Visa, Volt, and Wire Transfer.

How does the withdrawal process work at Casino Extra?

Withdrawals at Casino Extra are streamlined for efficiency, typically processed within 24 business hours for e-wallets, with a weekly limit of $/€4000 and transparent minimum withdrawal conditions.

What customer support services does Casino Extra offer?

Casino Extra currently offers customer support through email communication, with their support email being [[email protected]], while it doesn’t provide live chat or phone support services.

How can I find out more about Casino Extra’s reputation?

The casino’s reputation can be assessed through player ratings, feedback, and expert analysis available on various online casino review platforms.

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